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Be Careful Who You Idolize

While it was not my intention for this post to be about American Idol, since I’m thinking about it, I’d like to give my predictions for the final 4. There’s nothing scientific about my calculations. These are just my favorites. After 4 cups of coffee.

•David Cook
•David Archuleta
•Brooke White
•Carly Smithson

These guys have the most star potential. In my humble opinion. But then, I still dig The Captain & Tennille. Now, Michael John deserves a spot in the top 4, but, he needs to seriously step up his game. I know he’s got it in him. If he did this, he could replace either of the Davids.

Now, back to the post.


Someone in this house, who shall remain nameless, has been giving me untold grief about my choice in pretend boyfriends. Particularly, my 4 decade long relationship with Donny Osmond.

Although, as my 8 year old is fond of saying, “Just because someone has touched you, doesn’t mean you know them.”


Anyhoo. I happen to know, that certain someone that I live with, had a thing for MaryAnn from Gilligan’s Island. While, he’ll be the first to admit that Ginger had it goin’ on, he prefers his women a little more down to earth.

What he’s doing with me, I’ll never know.

maryann.jpgIt brought me inappropriate pleasure to point out this particular news story to him.

Followed by a head waggle in his general direction.

I believe it is safe to say that Donny Osmond has never sparked a doobie.

I am just sayin’.

So. In your youth, who was your pretend boyfriend? (Or pretend girlfriend, for all two of my male readers.)


48 Responses to Be Careful Who You Idolize

  • Well for the longest time it was Pete Brady. Then he was replaced by Kirk Cameron. Ahhhh yes… memories.

  • This is SUCH a good question! In high school my pretend b.f. was definitely Luke Perry!

    But as a child I wanted to marry Cyndi Lauper. Really. My mother was very patient with this one!

  • This is really dating myself, and for the life of me I can not remember his name, but I still know what he looks like.

    One of the Paramedics on Emergency 1…..

  • As soon as I saw Harrison Ford as Han Solo it was over for me. (“You like me because I’m a scoundrel . . .” – oh yes, yes I do)

    Even Rob calls him my BF, although he’s looking a little ragged around the edges these days. And he got an earring. An earring! (would Han Solo have an earring? I don’t think so)

    Despite that, you can never forget your first love . . . *sigh*

    (Hmmm, I wonder where our Star Wars DVD is? . . .) 🙂

  • Mary Ann has gone bad? I had no idea.

    I admit I had a thing for MacGyver at one point. I mean, he was kind of cute, but he could make absolutely anything from some string, a paper clip, and 2 9-volt batteries. I like a practical guy, I guess.

  • Oh, I’m sorry – didn’t you know? Donnie was MY boyfriend. He sang Puppy Love to me every day and I kissed the Donnie doll while the Marie doll watched. So clearly, he loved me. But I gave him up a few years later when I split my time between Andy Gibb and Shaun Cassidy.

    My current imaginary boyfriends are Tom Selleck, Kix Brooks, Naveen Andrews, Henry Simmons and Anthony Bourdain. Clearly, I’m a tramp.

  • Mine was Shaun Cassidy! I only had one album and it was his. I think he only had one album too!! You know “Da Do Run Run Run” – you can’t forget that classic!!! Nowadays, my husband swears I have a thing for Kiefer Sutherland. I beg to differ. I would never go for a chain smoking alcoholic jailbird!!! But Jack Bauer, well, that’s another story! Any man who can save the world while talking on his cell phone and flying a plane and has a voice that sounds much like Donald Sutherland… well, he gives me goosebumps!!!

  • I’m really dating myself, but I liked Bobby Sherman, Davy Jones of the Monkees, and David Cassidy in my teens.

  • Oh my goodness, there were so many… 🙂

    I just knew I would marry Shaun Cassidy one day, and then he was later replaced with C. Thomas Howell after I, you know, “grew up” . What? Isn’t 14 grown up? 🙂 Then he was replaced with Kirk Cameron, and then George Strait. 🙂

  • I prefer older men. My current boyfriends are Sean Connery and Victor Garber. But mostly Victor. He makes me happy.

  • Jon Bon Jovi- the funny thing is the fact that he’s been married for a million years to the same woman makes him more attractive.
    I might have to fight Alexis for Kirk Cameron- I was so in love with him. He hasn’t aged at all!

  • Scooch over on the Donnie couch. He was a hottie in the 70’s and he’s a hottie in his 70’s. Ok, not 70. But he’s 50. I’m 50. We’re a match! Swoon!

    And my other one is Ace Young. And John Travolta. Ok, I have three.

  • C. Thomas Howell from The Outsiders (He played Ponyboy). I wrote him a letter when I was in the 4th grade and he actually sent a postcard back. I still have it.

    Nick from Duran Duran….I know…everyone else thought John or Simon were cute, but I always liked Nick.

    Now I lean more toward Colin Firth and Kyle Chandler; however, neither measure up to the Hottie who’s sittin’ no my couch right now.

    Fun post…I needed this today. Thanks.

  • mmm…donny osmond…in a loin cloth…in joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat…mmm…

  • It was always Donny. I had big plans for him and our new life in the Beverly Hillbillies mansion that I didn’t realize was just a set and not really a house but I’d give my eye teeth for that see-ment pond!

    And I am so going to go see College Road Trip – he’s in it! If I was in Armpit, we could go together. Instead, I’m in Antarctica ))Michigan((( so we can’t. But, I’m seriously considering a “field trip” with my kids – not to Armpit but to the theatre!

  • Just went back and read some comments – Emergency Paramedics – Johnny Gage? Be.still.my.heart. Start an iv with D5W. I tell you, I thought that was a MIRACLE drug! They all got it and worked wonders! It had to have been Johnny – the other paramedic looked “squirshyish”.

    What about Danko on The Rookies or Robert Urich on SWAT. ::hand between teeth::

  • Everyone else in my middle school(middle school concept had just hit) was into one or another of the New Kids on the Block. For me, it was all about MacGuyver. I guess I liked older men, too. And sheepish grins!

  • Ladies… what about John Stamos? Remember when he was Blackie on General Hospital? My, my… he made made my adolescent heart swoon when I got home from school & clicked on the TV. By the way, no remote… actually had to turn on at the TV. This is mind boggling to my kids! Doesn’t quite do it for me anymore now though. Mel Gibson is my pretend boyfriend in this so called adulthood.

  • I about fell out of my chair when I saw that article yesterday…. I LOVE Johnny Depp..I know he’s weird and you never know how’s he going to look – but I fell in love with him on 21 Jump Street and I LOVE, LOVE him as Captain Jack. Shaun Cassidy plastered my walls when I was a teenager! Did anybody read Tiger Beat?
    Hey Aimee! Did you know Harrison Ford got that earring because Jimmy Buffett told him it would look good?!

  • when I was a pre-teen it was Donny and David Cassidy. After I hit teenage years it was Rick Springfield and KC of the Sunshine Band.

  • Go David Cook!!

    My current pretend boyfriend is Carter from HGTV (used to be on TLC’s “Trading Spaces”.). Don’t know his last name. Just know he is one fine specimen of a man! (And, no worries, he’s not a SECRET pretend boyfriend–dh approves. I guess.)

  • After having just read the other comments, I feel I must add just one more–I agree with so many of you!!

    Jon Bon Jovi. Remember on the “Livin’ On a Prayer” video where he would reach his hand out to the audience when he sang, “Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear.” Oh, but that was me in my dreams!!

    And MacGyver. Still to this day when we’re watching a show and someone is in some sort of predicament, I just shake my head and say, “They really, really need MacGyver!”

    Kirk Cameron. Ah….Mike Sever. Did you know he has a new movie coming out. Go to fireproofthemovie.com.

    OK, I’ll stop!

  • Well DeeDee, do I need to even answer this question? I know you know already!

    But before Donny came into the picture I had a huge crush on Steve McQueen. And Bobby Sherman too. Oy, I am so showing my age right now!

    Did you know that if you sign up for a free membership st Donny.com you’ll get e-mails “from” him? You ought to do that to show your daughter that your pretend boyfriend is writing you! LOL!

  • Okay, Sean Connery is a must as is Hugh Jackman. William Peterson on CSI is cute and Matthew McConnahey has great abs but I like men to wear deodorant. Aren’t fantasies great!!

  • Well I have to say that her smoking pot doesn’t surprise me. I know many people who are grandparents who grew up in the 60’s that still smoke it. I do hope they quite before they get caught. People tend to think that recreational/social smoking isn’t a big deal, but obviously it is, they just haven’t been caught yet.

    When I was a teen I had a fee heart throbs. Ricky Schroeder who lost his cuteness, Also Rick Springfield, have no clue where he is now, and Michael Jackson, all before he changed his manly appearance. Men who look feminine aren’t my thing. 😛

  • Ok I had to google him, it seems Springfield is still performing. lol


  • What do you mean who WAS my pretend boyfriend?! My pretend Boyfriend now is Clay Aiken. All others were just prelude… 😉

  • Shaun Cassidy, C. Thomas Howell, John Stamos such fond memories! What about Scott Baio?? The first concert I ever went to was SHAUN CASSIDY!! My walls were covered with these guys! Rick Springfield does still perform, he was back on General Hospital not to long ago.

  • Mine was Kirk Cameron. His poster hung on my bedroom door until I left for college, as I recall.

    And on AI, Brooke and Carly are my two favorites as well.

  • Oh, Ricky Schroeder…I forgot about him! How could I? Silver Spoons–I remember taking a Polaroid of the TV screen…not that I didn’t have a MILLION “Teen Beat” posters of him! My girlfriend and I tried to get his phone number from the operator once (we lived in LA). Yeah, right!

  • Oh, I have had so many. Donny Osmond, Davy Jones, Ralph Macchio (you know, the Karate Kid), Andy Gibb (for a while and then back to Donny), and one of the Bay City Rollers ( I have no idea what his name is…some boyfriend, huh?) I have moved on from all those silly child friends and now I am married to my husband, Toby Keith!!! Unfortuately, he doesn’t realize that we are married and have kids together!!!!

  • Kirk Cameron – he was the only poster on my wall 🙂

  • First of all, I think it’s interesting that Jensen has his eye on the older chicks. How cosmopolitan of him. 🙂

    Second, I’m very fickle with my AI choices. One good performance and I’m all “Oooohh, you’re gonna win!” One pitchy note and I’m like, “You are DEAD to me!” Clearly, I’m the one to look to for predictions.

    And C, my list of fantasy boyfriends is long and weird. Some of the all-time faves:

    Parker Stevenson (c’mon! Frank Hardy!)

    Weird Al (you’ve seen my profile photo, yes? We’re kindred spirits.) (And no, I’m not even kidding. He’s cute!)

    Grand Goodeve (David Bradford, Eight is Enough)

  • ok, me and my real BFF would spend part of every sleepover arguing over who was cuter – Bo or Luke Duke of the Hazzard variety. then I went all rocker in HS and had posters of Peter Frampton and Jon Bon Jovi on my closet door. a few years ago my dh was amused by my interest in Val Kilmer in The Saint. right now I think a little Matthew McConnaughy would do the trick. thanks DeeDee, this was way fun!

  • hee hee I was in love with Kirk Cameron of course, and for some odd reason I had a HUGE thing for Christian Slater.
    For now, it is David Boreanaz.

  • What a great question! I too had a big crush on Donnie Osmond, but then I also wanted to be Marie and I would’ve been his sister…and that would’ve been weird. Oh well.

    Later I liked Parker Stevenson from the Hardy Boys show. My sister liked Shawn Cassidy and we couldn’t like the same boy. Again weird.

    Later still I liked Tom Selleck. He lived in Hawaii. He drove a cool car. He had a mustache. The total package. *snort!*

    After that it was Sean Connery. I guess as I got older, the men did, too.

    Love your blog. 🙂

  • I have to agree (and age myself, too) with Barb –

    Bobby Sherman – life size poster on the back of my door – kissed it daily!
    Davy Jones – why did Marcia, Marcia, Marcia (Brady) get to kiss him?
    David Cassidy – I got kissed by him!

    and Donny, of course! Been kissed by Donny, too….however, after the concert “afterglow” (sweat) smelled heavenly from Donny and well, David…let’s just say he really needed a shower!
    Oh, and another strange love – Peter Noone from Herman & the Hermits.

  • I vote for Orlando Bloom. Just don’t tell him my real age.

  • Of course it was Donny Osmond and David Cassidy ..marina

  • Andy Gibb!!! I was his biggest fan. Until my best friend got a puppy and named it after him. Some friend.

  • Well I also dabbled with Donny for a shortwhile, but from the age of about 15 Paul McCartney was my secret boyfriend. We used to spend hours in conversation, or him singing Yesterday to me…..he was a wonderful fantasy b/f and then he went and spoilt it all by marrying someone 4 years younger than me!!! :-0

    Oh agree with your Top 5 although I would swap out Carly for Mr Aussie….but I think David Cooke may well be the dark horse

  • I loved Donny. And I would like to go see the G rated movie he’s in with Raven Symone, and no one will go with me. My 19 year-old son said, “I think this is the movie where Donny does drugs–drink caffeinated drinks.” Smart aleck.

  • Ralph Macchio… and no, I don’t know why.

  • I had it bad for Bo Duke. Then I see him on Smallville – dude still has it going on! Until they killed off his character. Sigh

  • You know, except for the bloodshot eyes she looks pretty darn good for 69.

  • When I was about 5 years old, I fell in love with Zoro. I told my mom I wanted to marry him when I grew up, and she told me he would be an old man by then…maybe even dead. It totally broke my heart. That’s about the extent of my TV crushes.

    Of course, there are plenty of attractive actors, but I don’t believe in thinking romantically about anyone other than hubby. If I were to pick one actor I think has the ideal face, it would be Tom Cruise.

  • Well, make me the third male reader! Hee hee…..

    I got two words: Toni Tennille.

    In 1976, this nine year-old couldn’t miss her Monday night TV variety show…..and I put up with that Captain guy. 🙂

  • Well, I’m only 18 so technically some of you could be my mom thus the fact that my TV bf’s could also be your children… =)

    -boyfriend #1 was Michael from “Barney” …I was about 3 or 4 and told my mom I wanted to jump into the TV and kiss him and marry him…I was probably 8 before I realized I couldn’t.

    -boyfriend #2 was Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT) from “Home Improvement”…my sister and I both had the hots for him…he looked just like my cousin who is a year older than me. My sister used to jump on my cousin and try to kiss him…yikes…poor kid.

    -boyfriend #3…it was probablt a tie between Uncle Jessie on “Full House” and Kyle Chandler from “Early Edition.”

    -current TV boyfriend is Mark McGraw…he’s one of the carpenter’s on HGTV’s Spice Up My Kitchen and, no, he’s not married. I checked. Twice.

    I would be so bored if I didn’t have an imagination. =)