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A New Man In My Life

The plumber stopped by the other day. With him, entered a new dishwasher. Because the dishwasher that came with our house when it was thrown together built broke.

Let us all now pay our respects to the dearly departed dishwasher with a moment of silence.



Good riddance stupid ugly black and white dishwasher. Go take up space in a land fill, why doncha.

So, the plumber unwrapped a pretty shiny white new and improved dishwasher. That holds all my tall tumblers on the TOP rack. Where tumblers belong. And shhhhhh. It’s quiet. I can actually carry on a conversation while it’s running. In the same room. I can now say, “Get to bed, American Idol is on.” Without the yelling.

However, once the plumber left, I became painfully aware of how dingy my white cabinets looked next to the squeaky clean white dishwasher. Because when the house was thrown together built, I was child-free, and thought that white countertops and white cabinets would go very nicely with cheap white linoleum.

Someone should have knocked a bit of sense into me with the stupid stick.

Since I had emptied the cabinet under the sink so that Mr. Plumber could install this new appliance which would revolutionize my life, I noticed a box, with one lonely cleaning pad inside. My SIL, Trish, had given me a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Pad to try, telling me it was simply wonderful and my life would never be the same.

I threw it under the sink and forgot about it for the next 4 months. Because I’m a hard sell. And it would mean that in using it, I’d have to actually, you know, clean something.

I picked it up, and got down on my hands and knees to get the plumber’s eye view, but without the plumber’s crack. Okay, he didn’t have a plumber’s crack. NOT that I was looking or would have noticed.

Frankly, I was horrified at the depths to which my housekeeping skills have sunk. I wet the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Pad and started scrubbing.

Oh. My. Goodness.

mr-clean.jpgIT WORKS REALLY REALLY WELL. With very little effort, on my part. And I couldn’t stop. I went around the kitchen, and even took the two year old yogurt off the walls.

Did I just admit that out loud?

I immediately called Trish to thank her. She had forgotten about it, and to celebrate, she reached under her sink and grabbed one as well. Later she called me very excited, “HAVE YOU TRIED IT ON YOUR FLOOR?”

She has listened to me gripe about cleaning (or not cleaning) my cheap white linoleum nearly every day for 9 long years. I dropped to my knees and began wiping the floor while on the phone.


Then she said, “And I think this thing comes in a mop, too!”

“SHUT UP!!!”

At that point, we realized that we both probably need to get out more.

And so, I will be heading out to Sam’s Club to purchase an industrial sized box of these magic cleaning pads. And throw in the mop, too.

Mr. Clean, in the immortal words of Keith Partridge, I think I love you.

While doing my research on this product (translated: looking for an image to post) I found that this product definitely needs to be kept away from children. Kids have received abrasive type burns when they’ve rubbed the pad on their own skin.

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30 Responses to A New Man In My Life

  • You may as well hit me with that stupid stick while your at it. We bought our couch while I was pregnant with our first child. A beautiful light sage color. 5 yearrs and 3 boys later…what were we thinking?

  • I love my tall dishwasher AND Mr. Clean. They are what keeps my insane life from taking over my world.

  • This is my favorite cleaning tool! It works wonders on grout and the kids don’t seem to mind using it either!
    Oh, we made the light couch mistake as well before children, and we did it with light rug color too…oops! Live and learn!
    I enjoy reading your blog…keep it up!

  • I do love my Mr. Clean, two words: permanent marker!

    But I don a rubber glove to use it, those kid pics you mentioned freaked me out.

  • Aw, shucks–too bad you have to keep it out of the hands of your little vacuum boy! Until you noted the dangers of the Mr. Clean pad, I had it in mind to suggest you have HIM do your scrubbing!

  • The Magic Erasers are just that – Magic! Many a day (and countertop) has been brightened with that nifty little gem.
    Oh, and check out snopes.com about the burning of the skin – not to worry.

  • I don’t know if you have a Dollar Tree in Florida, but you can buy the “off brand” of them two for a dollar. LOVE the eraser!

  • Mr. Clean is the man!!
    My favorite spot to use it is on the handle of the fridge that has little grooves and looks disgusting.

  • I think we had the same dishwasher…we replaced ours 2 weeks ago. I can now have a quiet conversation in the kitchen while washing dishes at the SAME TIME. Amazing. I, too, have white counter tops that came with the house…I will definitely have to try that eraser thingy.

  • I love the magic erasers. I think they really use magic in them because I also had years old stains that wouldn’t come off with anything – even bleach – and they worked.

  • Are those not the coolest things ever!? I had no idea they came in a mop! Be careful though. My mom used the little ones on her linoleum and it took the shine off!

  • try it on white baseboards too 🙂

  • …but what am I so afraid of?

    I’m afraid that I’m not sure of

    a love there is no cure for!

    Oh, yeah, I love me some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! And the mop? It’s my new pretend boyfriend. We get seriously down to some Stray Cats (Hello? ’80’s much?) and, when I’m of a mind to clean (read: when company’s coming) I have some seriously clean floors.

    Bring on the happy!

  • Ironically, I just bought some last night for my stovetop. I, too, am a hard sell. My SIL has been telling me to get one of those for TWO YEARS! I actually think I might try it now.

  • Do you think the Magic Erasers would work on the wrinkles-blemish combo many of us have going on?

  • Oh Mr. Clean…I call him my “real husband” because HE cleans instead of holding the couch down like my hubby. lol. In any case I could go on forever about Mr. Clean Magic Eraser…here is another tip…it is GREAT on glass shower doors. The only problem is that once I used it on my glass shower door I could see myself naked in the shower…I have since stopped using it on the shower door, but use it for the floor, cabinets, the ugly brown rings around my burners on my old stove, it really does get crayon off the wall too. I could go on forever but I will stop there. Congrats on your new found friend!

  • OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD! Mr. Clean just worked on my flat stove top!

  • I also love Mr. Clean. I have NOT had the same love for the generic version I had tried. Specially love it in the bathroom shower.

  • Hallelujah for mr.clean!! Have you tried it on your bathtub???

  • OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We just bought a fixer upper and the kitchen is disgusting! I sware the previous owners NEVER cleaned after the cooked! Our dishwasher just went up after we bought it as well so we will be investing in a nice, quiet one too!

    So nice to know other women are going through the same things…and even better that you just introduced a new man into my life!!


  • Wow! Now I have to try it on my floor! We know from experience (last week) that it will take markers off the wall and CARPET and will also take chapstick off the wal (this week). Magic Eraser is my friend!

  • Where the heck was this post last year when I still had crappy white linoleum floors that were all scratched and dirty and impossible to clean? It could have saved me a complete kitchen remodel. 😉

    I had no idea the eraser came in mop form. Dang!

  • I, too, have a crush on Mr. Clean’s magic erasers for all the reasons previously mentioned. One other thing I love about them is that you can clean without using chemicals – which for some people is more important than others. But why use chemicals if you can get the job done as well or better without them?

  • I think they also make one special for cleaning the bathroom. Your welcome.

  • I hate my dishwasher! It’s loud, and guess what – it doesn’t wash dishes!

    I was sold on the Mr. Clean pads until this line:::

    “I found that this product definitely needs to be kept away from children.”

    I don’t buy any cleaning product that my children can’t use . . . I am, afterall (according to them) the most mean ogre-type mother on the planet for insisting they help keep the house they live in clean. I don’t know how they stand to live with me 😉

  • We used to have a dishwasher just like that. Ugh!! I do love a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! Love, Love, Love them. My kids love using them. Luckily they’ve never tried using them on themselves. 🙂

  • Not only when the kids have rubbed it on their own skin. Say, for instance, that a very excited mommy has realized that it will take permanent marker off the walls (!!!). Then, several days later an older brother just happens to write on a younger brother’s head with a permanent marker. Then, imagine if you will, that the mommy should happen to remember the wonder of the magic eraser on the permanent marker on the walls. Well, that’s as far as I’m going, but suffice it to say that it ain’t just the kids who are using it on themselves…

  • And yes, it will leave a nice red scabby sore on skin. *hanging my head in shame*

  • OK, I’m sold. Next time I’m in the mood to clean my cabinets, I’ll grab Mr. Clean. It may be a while.

  • What, no pictures of said ugly dishwasher leaving in shame? No pictures of the yogurt free area? What’s the world coming to?!