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Not Complaining About Florida Today

sundaysnippets.jpgI lived in Los Angeles for ten years. I still miss it. Miss my girlfriends. Miss my BFF, Kathy. Miss the weather. Miss the mountains. Miss the best garlic pizza in the history of all pizzas from Jacopos.

But, today, I’ll not complain about living in Armpit, Florida. Because, here in Florida, I can homeschool my children amid much support. The lawmakers in our fair state understand that as parents, we have the right to oversee our children’s education. And if we choose to teach them ourselves, we have a system in place to make sure that they are receiving a good education. A system of checks and balances, that include testing and/or home evaluations.

The statistics stand on their own. The homeschooled children in Florida and across the country, are certainly keeping up, and exceeding the educational standard set by our school systems. We have a lot of options. And help.

I have been following the homeschooling issues that Californians are facing. It seems that the California Court of Appeal recently decided that it is illegal for a family to homeschool, unless a parent is a certified teacher.

There is a petition put out by HSLDA for advocates of homeschooling to sign to support the “depublishing” of this ruling. To sign it, click here.

Also, at the bottom of the petition are a number of websites you can check out to become better familiar with this situation.

Homeschooling requires a lot of sacrifice, commitment, and dedication. And it’s not for everyone. Many children thrive and do extremely well in a public or private school setting. But it’s a very personal choice. Let’s keep the decision as to what is best for the children, in the parent’s hands. Not the government.

My 2 cents.


This public service announcement is coming to you from the comfort of my bed. Well used kleenex are strewn about me, and my beloved bottle of Nyquil rests on my night stand.

The pestilence is once again residing in our home. It has taken down the three children and the main care provider.

Pray for us, that we don’t drive each other insane.

It would be a very short drive.

25 Responses to Not Complaining About Florida Today

  • I don’t homeschool my kids but I couldn’t agree more that the decision should be with the parents. That is terrible.

  • I don’t homeschool but that is just plain crazy.

  • I just read your 100 things, and I think it is hilarious. A good way to wake me up on daylight savings am. I sent it to my bff, whose husband is in Iraq-thanks for making her smile too. I don’t homeschool, but I am on your side with this issue. Have the test results have been low with the CA homeschool kids?

  • We live in a state with no requirements. I keep records anyway (because I’m a list-maker, checker offer kind of gal).

    Wave as you pass on the road south. I HAVE COMPLETELY LOST MY VOICE, my nose..my throat…my eyelashes…hurt. Sniffle.

  • Wow.

    Please tell Fiddledaddy he has my sincere sympathy. It is almost as awful being the last well person in the home as it is to be sick!!!

  • Oh dear… I hope you feel better soon.

  • Ridiculous! Why fix what isn’t broken? It doesn’t make any sense.

    I hope this decision is “depublished” soon!

  • When we moved to Michigan in ’89 it was illegal to homeschool in that state. Did it anyway. Great rejoicing in 1993 when several cases came before the state Supreme Court and homeschooling carried the day. What’s up with California? Are the judges on the Appeals Court that DUMB???!!!

  • Rather than rant on for days about how I feel on this- I’ll make two points and welcome discussion:

    1. The government states I have a right to choose whether to carry or kill my unborn child. Yes, I have no right to decide how i would like to educate them?

    2. Please point out to me where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights it states the government has the responsibility to educate my child.

    As a native Californian, I’m disgusted with the decision and the broad handed brush this judge decided to use.

  • I used to be a California girl too! I’ve been following the hsing situation in Cali as well and both dh and I have signed the petition. Of course all of my Yahoo groups are going crazy with discussions as well. I understand from some that California, like Georgia, hired “emergency teachers” back a few years ago to fix a shortage. I include the word “teachers” in quotes because many of them were not certified. AND they’re still in the ps system “teaching!” Seems like Cali might look at their own teachers before looking into the homes!

  • Kelli,

    And that is reason #231 why I love you, my friend.

    Preach on, sister!

  • I homeschool and totally agree. A parent has the right to make the best choice for their own child whether it is homeschooling or other schooling.

    I hope you all feel better quick!

  • As a certified teacher who is now homeschooling, I will say that there are many things I learned in my education classes that are very useful in teaching my own kids. I *don’t* think it’s necessary to have that training to be an effective homeschooler, though. I’ve seen both fabulous and horrible certified teachers and fabulous and horrible homeschool teachers, so a certificate isn’t the guarantee the CA courts would have us believe. What I would love to see is a voluntary, optional class that would teach parents some education basics specifically geared to homeschooling. Now *that* would be far more useful than a certificate!

  • I completely agree with you, Dee Dee.

    I was “discussing” this very situation with a couple of women yesterday, and they said they felt there needed to be “something” in place to make sure homeschooled kids are getting educated. Their words were, “Who are the advocates for the kids who AREN’T being taught, but the families homeschool?” I responded with, “When I taught in public school (without my certificate, because I was still going to school for it) I was not allowed to hold a student back, because it ‘might hurt his feelings.’ This kid was in 5 grade and could not even read on a first grade level. Aparently the thought of being 18 and not able to fill out a job application was not a concern for them, as long as I didn’t hurt his feelings. So, who was THAT child’s advocate?” They had no response.

    I thank God everyday we have the Homeschooling freedom we do in Texas. 🙂

  • Signing the homeschool petition! My baby is only 3 months old, but I would love to have the right to homeschool if I choose to when he gets to that age! My little boy has such a nasty cold right now, too- his second one in a month- I hope I can avoid getting it somehow!!!

  • I love that you are bringing this out in the open yet you are so kind to the others of us who do send our children to public school. You are so right that each child is different. I appreciate your take on this.
    My confession, I stopped reading another blog because of how she talked about public school. It made me feel like I was doing a disservice to my children by sending them there. I’m a mom who volunteers weekly to see the teacher and the children my son comes in contact with. I LOVE our little country school.
    long post that is basically a thank you for knowing what is right for one may not be right for the other.

  • Hi DeeDee,

    Remember me? It’s been so long since I’ve commented or even lurked around the blog world! I went and had a baby, so my time has pretty much been eaten up by this new person in my house! 🙂 Plus, my work outside the house! Reading blogs has sadly fallen to the wayside. 🙁

    Anyway, great post! I hadn’t heard about California’s ruling, but I’m going to go read about it now! Thanks for keeping us informed! As a public school teacher who loves her career, I am also a strong supporter of homeschooling! I have several friends who homeschool and I think they’re doing a fabulous job and their kids are getting an incredible education.

    Ahhhhh, it’s so nice to be back. I’m going to go catch up on all your posts! 🙂

  • Did you see Gov. – well, I was going to spell his last name, but I can’t–

    Governor Arnold S. had some good statements about it all; made me more hopeful!

  • Nothing to do about homeschooling…
    Pimple? I use good ole toothpaste on mine at night. Zaps it in a few days. Colgate is the best. And cheap!!

  • If you read the judge’s decision (HSLDA has a link to it) you will discover that the crux of the issue has nothing at all to do with what you and I consider education. That judge had no interest in the children’s academic program, or how they would score on tests etc.

    What Judge cared about was that the parents were refusing to put their children in a situation that would allow their worldviews to be shaped by the CA Public Education people.

    Read Judge’s arguments. It is absolutely incredible. It’s about the state having a more legitimate claim to the minds of children than their own parents do.

  • I don’t currently have children, but if/when I do, I’ve always been very curious about homeschooling and definitely would like to check it out when the time comes. And I agree with you, definitely a situation for the parents to decide, not the government, but the government is always sticking its nose where it isn’t wanted and doesn’t belong.

  • I find this absolutely unbelievable. How can ANYONE even START to believe that outlawing homeschool is Contitutional? Of course, that is assuming that people find the Constitution “valuable” and “relevant”-which so many people anymore seem not to.

    My family and I are unschoolers so not only do we homeschool our children but we do not plan on administering or submitting them to any standardized tests, nor will we be keeping records of any kind. It’s a personal preferance thing, but our decisions wouldn’t change REGARDLESS of what the laws in our state or even our country are were or will be, because we believe that it is our Constitutional and God given right to educate our children as we see fit without the interference or regulation of the government.

    Sorry, I’ll blog about this on my own page so stop monopolizing yours. Thanks for the heads up though 🙂

  • This article states it pretty clearly. Thought you’d like to read it.


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