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200,000 and Something

When I first started blogging, nearly two years ago, I posted once a week. And I let all 3 of my readers know that by announcing it in my right sidebar. At that time, I only had one sidebar. It went something like, “I post once a week, usually on Monday, blah, blah, blah.”

I mean, how much can one write about poop, boogers, vomit, and menstrual cramps?

Well, quite a bit, actually. If you were to peruse my archives.

And then, after about a week, I noticed that my palms would start to sweat. And then I implemented my two posts a week policy. Updating my sidebar, of course.

Comments began appearing. From people other than my family saying, “QUIT TALKING ABOUT ME!” That just fueled my little writing fire.

Before I knew it, I was posting five days a week. And had acquired a rather unnatural tic. Again, updating my sidebar, to keep my reading audience of 4 well informed.

Now I post at least 6 days a week. I try to take Sunday off, but I’m a full blown blogging addict, so it’s hard not to keep pressing “publish.” Even if the content is both embarrassing and inappropriate.

On Tuesday, I noticed that my sitemeter was at 199,250. I did some quick math in my head calculator and surmised that #200,000 would come occur sometime Wednesday.

And the really weird loser part of me wanted to watch it happen. But I missed it, since it turned to 200,000 some time while I was sleeping.

So, thank you #200,000. I would have thrown a party, if I had been conscious.

And usually, just prior to menses, I get all emotional. My husband has another word for it, but this is a family friendly blog and all.

Anyhoo, when I’m “emotional”, I get rather reflective. And I want to thank you all for stopping by 200,000 and something times. And for taking the time to comment. You brighten my day and often leave me giggling. And thank you for all your encouragement.

I just don’t tell you all that enough.

And listen, it’s totally okay if you lurk. I’ve had several people in this last week stop in and say “hello” after lurking for many months. I’m just glad you’re there.

But, if I start posting, say twice a day, my family may have me committed to a Blogoholics Anonymous type recovery program.

Which actually may be a nice change of pace.

So, I can finally write that book.


37 Responses to 200,000 and Something

  • Ha! First comment, hee hee. In one way I do hope you get to write that book, in another way I don’t want you to have to be committed to do it. Thanks for all the laughter! 🙂

  • i’m one of the 200000!

  • That’s a cool milestone. Congrats!!

  • Wow! 200,000!

    And I feel lucky if I get 1,000.

  • Congratulations!! Maybe, I’ll get to 200, 000 some day. 😉 I really do love your blog. There are 4 blogs that I have to read absolutely every morning before I do anything else, and you are one of them. 🙂 Then, I check my blog to see if anyone actually left a comment. Now, let the homeschooling commence. 😉

  • Congratulations! Your blog is fantastic, I read it as part of my daily dose of humor and peruse the archives when I need a pick-me-up 😀

  • I admit that I’ve been a lurker. When I get on my computer every morning, I’m always eager to see what new bit of blogging you have for each new day! Thank you for making me smile.

  • If you are an addictive blogger then the rest of us breathe a sigh of relief- as we are addictive readers…I kid you not- you are a part of my morning routine!!! I get up, have a glass of OJ, check my e-mail and then your blog! Here’s to the next 200,000!!!!

  • Me too! You start my mornings off with a chuckle. And a great perspective on my own life. After all, it coulda’ been worse! 🙂

  • I’m so glad you’re a blogging addict -your posts are my daily humor fix 🙂 I’m addicted to reading but not so good with the commenting.

  • I’m glad you’ve developed this particular addiction. You’re great at it! Keep it up.

  • We really need to start some type of self-help group. But I’m glad you’re addicted because you make me laugh.

  • I’m gonna echo a couple people – I’m glad you’re addicted to blogging, cuz I’m addicted to coming and reading every day! I go home and talk about you like we see each other every day! Thanks for the grins and giggles..and outright bahas!

  • Dee Dee,
    You are such a HOOT! I really enjoy your blog and read your blog 6 days a week! Thanks for all your fun post!

  • Well, I think I can only take credit for about 50,000 or so…


  • I’m so glad the frogs let you live to see 200,000. Here’s to many more!

    Posts and readers, I mean. Not frogs.

  • I’ve already got a title for you: “Frogs, Flatulence, and Early-Morning Workouts”. After it’s published, I promise I’ll be one of the first 200,000 to buy it!

  • I love your blog and read it everyday. I have been since around Thanksgiving, so thats over 100 from me.
    It’s amazing when you realize people not even related to you are interested in your life, isn’t it.
    Happy 200,000.

  • Thanks for sharing all the booger, vomit and cramps (and frogs) with us. 200,000 is a pretty exciting number!

  • I LOVE your blog…I stop by at least once a day just for a laugh….I for one wouldn’t mind you blogging a couple of times a day:) Ya’ know sometimes ya just gotta laugh!
    and you always make me laugh.

  • Very exciting. I’m so glad I found this. I will be hanging around but fair warning I wont just lurk.
    For one thing it’s a learning opportunities and another thing I have been looking for a place on the internet with Christian women that are Down To Earth!
    Third I talk a ton!

    That is why I like your blog, very down to earth,
    Thank you for taking the time to do it.

  • At the rate I’m going, I approximate that in the year 2011, I’ll finally reach that milestone.

  • Your blog is a must read for me, as is blogging in general. I may be addicted…but I can control it, really! (Don’t all addicts say that?)

    And I can’t imagine ever getting that many hits but a girl can dream. 🙂

  • Congratulations! I’m happy to be one of the 200,000+.

  • I loved reading this post. I just recently started blogging. I post something once or twice, maybe three times a week. I also have a sitemeter and right now most of my readers are family. You have encouraged me to keep blogging (which I am also getting addicted to) and that eventually maybe I’ll have a non-related reader or two! Keep doing what you’re doing….I truly enjoy your blog!

  • I was #200,000. You may send the door prize directly to me. You’re welcome.

    And thank you for sharing so much of yourself in such an entertaining way that you keep me coming back for the laughs. Not AT you, but WITH you… um, yeah. Hey look! A box of Thin Mints!

  • If I can prove I was #200,000 will you send me a present?

  • Hi. How are you?

    I guess I have digressed, as I blog must less than I used to, especially when I am writing, I don’t seem to be able to do both. But the novel is coming along, so I am trying to catch up.

    Have a great March!!

  • I am nowhere near 200,000, but I am with you on the addiction. I don’t always post daily, but I am posting more than when I started!

  • Do you ever dream about blogging? I can get paniced that I misspelled a word or said something stupid and got booed in blogworld. Just me?? Phooey. 🙂

  • Let me just say, I have the most awesome commenters on this side of the blogosphere!

    And Joanna, no, I have never dreamed about blogging. However, now that you’ve put it in my head, I’m certain that tonight I will! 🙂

    I have blogged about my dreams, though.

  • You are too funny, I am new at this blogging thing, but hope to get better at it soon…..

  • Congratulations! Keep up the good work my friend, I enjoy coming around here. I’m suffering some blogging addiction problems myself and need to figure out what I’m going to do about that. Somethings gotta give you know.

  • 200,000?! That’s almost a quarter of a million. That’s huge. Congratulations.

  • Congrats! I love your blog! It’s really funny.

  • Congratulations! We love your blog so we keep coming back 🙂

    I know what you mean about being a blogoholic. I’m supposed to be slowing down on posting but when I look a my blog, there aint much slowing down happening 😉

    Happy Monday!

  • It’s my first time here, and I didn’t even lurk. So, hello! Great blog you’ve got here. I’ll be back to visit!