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I Miss My Flintstone Chewables

The only time I’ve been diligent about taking my vitamins has been when I’ve been pregnant. Or when my vitamins are in the shape of 60’s cartoon characters.

A few weeks ago, I turned on my kitchen TV and Oprah was on with Dr. Oz. I like Dr. Oz. More than I did Dr. Phil. Way more. I believe that he does his homework and really knows what he’s talking about. And cares about his patients.

Besides. He wears scrubs on national TV. Not expensive Armani suits. I like that.

Anyhoo. The show was dedicated to holding onto your health for as long as possible. And since I have entire body parts falling off of me, I perked up my ears. And when he started talking about vitamins, I got out my pencil and started writing.

I’ve been avoiding vitamins simply because I don’t know what I’m doing. I had no idea what I needed. I know I needed something. My gynecologist tells me that every time I go in for the annual scraping. Just didn’t know what.

I took copious notes, and here’s what I came up with:

As a currently menstruating woman who is over 40, (and I’m not bitter, but praying for menopause) I need the following vitamins:

•Baby Aspirin – 162 mg. = 2 per day (by the way, they are no longer packaged as “Baby Aspirin” anymore, but rather, a low dosage aspirin.

•Vitamin D – 1000 mg.

•Multivitamin (with iron) and 5000 units of Vitamin A (cut in half, taking half in the morning, and half at night.)

•Calcium – 600 mg. (with Magnesium 200 mg.) to avoid getting “stopped up.”

•DHA/Omega 3 – 600 mg.

Here’s a tip that Dr. Oz didn’t give. Don’t take your 3 hungry children to the store when you need to linger over all the vitamin labels. And for the love of all that is good, don’t forget your reading glasses.

wfmwsmall.jpgGo here for more vitamin information at Oprah.com.

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24 Responses to I Miss My Flintstone Chewables

  • You’ll get a kick out of this but I still take a Flinstones chewable every day! I have bought lots of vitamins only to let them expire after years and years of not taking them! I hate to swallow pills! I’ve found that I look forward to taking my Flinstones each morning with my boys!!! I wrote down all the info you posted but really dread the thought of swallowing 5 pills!! We should invent one pill that has all of that in it and let Oprah and Dr Oz market it for us!!! (Oh, and it must be chewable!)

  • I have 2 of Dr Oz’s books – I read them cover to cover and refer to them often. Good investment! I need to figure out vitamins for me too. Thanks for the reminder!


  • I saw the show, too. I love Dr. Oz. He makes everything so EASY to understand and explains why we should or should not do something. . .

    I take prenatal vitamins even though I’m past menopause. I think they are the best on the market! I always felt good taking them while I was pregnant so why not take them now? I originally started taking them again to help my hair grow faster after my surgeries and haven’t stopped. I don’t know if I want to take baby aspirin. . .but I take Calcium and Vitamin E every day, too. And my medicine.

    A little “Works for Me Wednesday” tip. I put my pills in a shot glass every morning and put it near my coffeemaker so I don’t forget. I have to take my medicine separately from vitamins so I do it in two stages, several hours apart.

  • Girl, stop praying for menopause. Trust me on this.

  • My favourite show with Dr. Oz was the one where he showed the tape worm. Totally sick and yet I couldn’t look away. (…at this point all I can think of are the possible weight loss benefits of ingesting a tape worm. ) Did he happem to mention weight loss vitamins??

  • Vitamin D is good stuff. My great aunt is living with us and she was all sore, achy, and unenergized. She read about vitamin D deficiency being linked to fibromyalgia and other things. She started taking 3000 mg a day and I swear I can’t get her to sit down. She is a new lady. I’m taking 2000 mg and it helps me get through the day without a nap.

  • Low dosage aspirin is a very popular recommendation, but research the side effects. The most common are intracranial and gastrointestinal bleeds. The benefits may outweigh the risks, but it’s good to know the risks.

  • Hey, if you really miss your chewables –Nature’s Plus makes an adult-multivitamin that is chewable and rather tasty. It’s pineapple flavored but doesn’t seem to bother me even though I am allergic to pineapple. And I like powdered Magnesium or Cal-mag-fizz–you can drink either of them which is really nice if you already have to take a pile pills in the morning (I take 4 supplements daily for RA as well.)

  • Be careful what you pray for. I’m 44 and have been dealing with hot flashes for 4 years. Not fun for me or anyone who lives with me. I also just discovered I have severe osteoporosis, so take that calcium—everybody!

  • This blog is fun, glad I found it!

    I hate taking pills but I just found out I need to be taking several things.

    I really have to make myself swallow those things, yuck but at 46 it’s best to do it!

  • If you find any vitamins that don’t make you want to wretch 10 minutes after taking them let me know. And yes, I’ve taken them with food, with milk, at bedtime, before meals and after meals. Vitamins are yucky. I’m hoping they will come out with a vitamin patch one of these days.

  • cute blog :0)
    saw you on cwo!

  • Hey I must have watched the same show. I got my vitamens at the health food story, the ladies there are so helpful. I then went to visit a sister and talked her into trying vitamens, we then proceeded to Walgreens with my kids in tow. It wasn’t fun and she finally gave up and said she would try the healthfood store later-by herself.

  • That’s great info, thanks Dee Dee!

  • Sounds like you’ll be joining the rest of the FL population, having your daily pill dispenser on the kitchen table to remind you to take your meds. hahaha

  • I’ve recently jumped on the vitamin/supplement bandwagon too. I’m taking folic acid, vitamin D, a multi-vitamin, manesium, cod liver oil, glucosamine chondroitin (I have genetically crappy joints), and chromium piccolate (supposed to calm sugar cravings-I’ll tell you if it works after I’m no longer menstrual.) I’m finally starting to take steps to get my health in line. It’s all about baby steps!

  • I love the shotglass idea. I found myself in Walgreens purchasing one of those day of the week pill holders. Feeling very old lady-ish.

  • Oh. My. Goodness. I about fell out for the recliner when I read “annual scraping.”
    Too funny. And just the picture I needed in my head all evening. Or not.

  • Wonderful advice…I will feed my kids first!

  • I can’t believe how many people don’t take vitamins! I have since I was in my twenties.

    Menopause…what’s that? I think I’ll still have my period at 60 as long as I keep taking the “8 essential sugars”. I am in my mid fifties and don’t have any signs of menopause unless I quit taking them for several months (which I did). When I started using them again, I had regular cycles again. I’m not sure how I feel about maybe never going thru menopause, but I do like looking 15 years younger than I am.

    If you really hate taking pills, there is a company that sells liquid vitamins and minerals (separately) and you literally do take them in a shot glass. The minerals come in three different flavors. I have used them for years and loved them.

  • Hmmm…. Denise, what do you mean by the “8 essential sugars”? I don’t know if I want to keep having my period until I’m 60 but that 15 years younger thing sounds appealing!!! And can you tell us the name of the liquid vitamin company? Thanks!

  • I’m quizzing Denise about this “8 essential sugars” business. I’ll let y’all know when I get more info.

  • Had to LOL at your praying for menopause comment! Girl- are ya going through perimenopause yet? Holy guacamole- mood swings, hair falling out, mood swings, sleeplessness, did I mention mood swings! LOL!!!! Being an over 40 year old woman (by7 months to be exact) I know where you’re coming from!!!

  • There are lots of vitamins out there that will go straight through you and not much gets absorbed. So it’s better to do more research than just pick something up at the store. I get mine at my chiropractor’s office. They are over 85% absorbed. Lots of over the counter stuff is less than 20%. My sister also recommended another supplement for those hormonal rages/crying jags/homicidal tendencies. It’s from Nutriwest, called DSF formula.