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Dancing Lineup Revealed

After weeks of anticipation, the Dancing with the Stars lineup has been revealed.

And I can barely contain my disappointment.

I think the network has been playing “fast and loose” with the term “stars.” For starters, I’ve never heard of most of the upcoming cast. Further, none of them, to my knowledge, have ever been arrested, or landed in rehab. And everyone knows, to ensure success in Hollywood, you’re nobody until your mug shot has been splashed across Entertainment Tonight.

Without further fanfare, the following is the cast for the Dancing with the Stars season, set to premiere March 17th.

Telenovela star Cristian de la Fuente

R&B singer Mario

Magician Penn Jillette

Actor Steve Guttenberg

Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater Kristi Yamaguchi

Former tennis pro Monica Seles

NFL Player Jason Taylor

Actress Shannon Elizabeth

Radio/TV personality Adam Carolla

Actress Marissa Jaret Winokur

Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin

Actress Priscilla Presley

To further add salt to my wounds, I had heard from a number of reliable sources (Access Hollywood, People Magazine, National Inquirer) that Donny Osmond would be featured this season.

If you will notice, he was not mentioned.

I hang my head in sadness.

Since I’ve now sworn off Survivor, and am likely to jettison Dancing with the Stars as well, all of my reality TV hopes and dreams will have to be pinned on American Idol. A tall order, to be sure.

Simon Cowell, don’t let me down now, buddy. Randy, dude, do your thang. And Paula, well, just be there.

24 Responses to Dancing Lineup Revealed

  • I too was disappointed in the new season line-up. Last season several of the contests “jumped out at me” when I read the line up. I was so excited to see several of them dance. This time, eh…

  • Well that’s the stinkiest line up I’ve ever seen! Not sure if I’ll watch or not since Donny won’t be on. Grrr. Double grrrr!

    As far as American Idol goes there is a young man named Luke Menard that is in the final 24. He is from right here in Crawfordsville, Indiana! How cool is that? I hope he makes it to the final 12 for sure!!!!

  • I’ve only heard of 5 of those people! I wonder if Penn will dance upsidedown?

  • Priscilla Presley, Actress?? I agree, I was let down too. Athletes or oldies? Not too inviting.

  • I am really curious to see how Marlee Matlin will do, being deaf. It isn’t impossible, as former Miss America Heather Whitestone proved by dancing ballet as her talent. But it surely takes a bit more to keep up since you can’t hear the music cues.

    Wasn’t planning on watching, but I might have to now. Hmmmm…

  • I just left that line up on the web and I’m with you! WHO are these people! Even with their lists of credits I don’t have a clue who most of them are! Penn’s kind of a big guy for dancing – don’t ya think???

  • I think Kristi Yamaguchi is a ringer. And nobody wants to see Steve Gutenburg in those spandex outfits.

  • I totally agree about how loosely they throw the term “star” around. lol I was not surprised to see marlee Matlin on there I had heard her name for a few weeks, I was just glad not to see another pixie dust model on there again. Truthfully although I like Donny Osmond too….I am kind of sick of the osmonds for awhile. marie really ruined a lot for me with this show last year. Nice lady but not a dancer.

    hey you forgot….there is no one from 90210 this season? lol

    other then the few people you mentioned that you knew I did not know anyone else either. lol

  • oops I forgot to add that if you click on the link too my blog you can see my own post on this subject. I picked apart a few flaws I think they have lol.

  • Marissa Jaret Winokur? She’s the shoe-in if you ask me. I saw her on Broadway in Hairspray and the girl can bang the boards!

  • You know, everyone always complains about the line-up, every season. But we get sucked in all the same. I mean, Apolo? Helio? We got behind these people eventually. Do not give up hope. 🙂

  • This may be the end for me. But, I’ll say it.


    There. It’s out there.

    I was so incredibly sick of the whole Donny and Marie thing by the end of last season that I Was sick he was being considered.

    But, that doesn’t mean I’m at all enthralled with any of the people announced last night on Bruno vs Carrie Ann.

    Frankly, if the the “announcements” scenes were any indication as to how lame the season will be, I think I’ll DVR SpongeBob.

  • I actually knew 9 of them, and I would so watch just for Marissa…talk about small but mighty!!

  • Steve Gutenburg? Come on!

  • I’m a HUGE DWTS fan and I’m more than disappointed as well. Seriously, what’s with that! I know I’ll end up still watching though because the professionals are now almost more famous than the stars if you ask me, I love them! Especially the little Julianne number, so cute!

  • WHAT?? I didn’t even know the show was coming back again so soon! It seems like only yesterday that Marie fainted. Is Penn the one that talks or the other on? I can see mega interest in Marlee Matin- how will she hear the music, etc. (Right? She’s deaf, right? I don’t have the wrong person, do I? Oh brother. You are forcing me to go read about these people.)

  • Really they should change the name to Dancing with the D-List.

  • I have been following your blog religiously for months and I came across this article today and thought you might find it interesting..


  • I blog about Dancing with The Stars in detail every season, but I don’t think I am going to be able to get too excited about this line up…actually, I am rather disappointed in it. I hope that at least one of them can bring it to the table like Helio and Julianne did last season!

  • I know 4 of the names. After that, anh.

    And seriously, American Idol can do without Paula too. She’s just he eyecandy in between the guys. Maybe this will be the year that she contributes something worthwhile to the comments…

  • Correction… I know 6. I can’t count.

  • The announcement seemed like an anticlimax after the huge build up. Not that I watched the Dance War thing, the commercials were way more than enough.
    I think I’ll probably watch DWTS anyway. What else am I gonna do while eating popcorn?

  • Seriously, that was like wah, wah, wah (which I realize makes no sense when written, but can you hear it in your head…no, just me?)

    And no Maksim to enjoy either. Lame, lame, lame.

  • Oh great – Kristi Yamacrotchie. And yes, I called her that in my day – back when I thought hubs considered her a cutie. Whatever. It wasn’t a proud moment but at least I’m honest!

    And Priscilla Presley – is she not geriatric yet? I’m pretty sure she’s getting the senior citizen discount at the golden arches. Just sayin.

    And Marlee? I’m no expert on this but doesn’t it help to hear the music?

    I “heart” Steve Gutenberg. I will tune in to see him…and hope I’m not disappointed.