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The Smeller’s The Feller

My son has a very heightened sense of smell. He must first inhale the aroma of any object before he will touch it, and most certainly before he will dine on it.

I actually think we’re making progress. When he was a bit younger, smelling wasn’t enough. Much to my horror, he use to, without warning, drop to his belly and lick the ground. At church. At Wal Mart. The sidewalk. The more well traveled, the better. And he was fast, people. I was often unable to scoop him up before his tongue made contact.

He also went through a fun little faze which included licking electrical wall outlets. And sadly, he had already figured out how to extricate the baby safety covers.

This was a period of my life when I stepped up my prayer time.

Lately, he has even deemed his own aroma most unpleasant, and has taken an early interest in potty training. I say “early” because my girls didn’t potty train until after their 3rd birthday. And as would be the first to tell you, he’s more interested in the potty, than the actual training.

Water games can be fun.

Yesterday, he approached the toilet and before I could open my mouth to stop him, he bent down and sniffed of the toilet seat.

At this point, I was awfully glad we had passed the licking faze.

Our trips to the zoo are now fraught with drama. For two reasons. Jensen has declared the zoo “too stinky” for his delicate sensibilities. He holds his nose through much of the exhibits. Which can be problematic if you haven’t quite mastered breathing through your mouth.

yearoffrog_2.jpg The second problem we now have is that our intrepid zoo has come up with a new exhibit. I just received this flyer in the mail. Announcing “The Year of the Frog.” To honor my phobia of that 4 letter word that begins with “F” which I have recently sworn to you that I will no longer write about.

This is the same zoo which brought us the “Vulture Exhibit” last year.

Bravo, zoo people. More tax money well spent.

When we cancel our zoo membership, and we most certainly may, I will write on the line under “reason”
1. too stinky
2. too horrifying

Stupid stinky frogs.

The House of Fiddle is just a mixed bag of phobias.

16 Responses to The Smeller’s The Feller

  • Just think.

    You could build a wall around your house and charge admission.

    Marketing materials just need some tweaking…

  • My two-year-old is also nasally aware…he will go up to perfect strangers and say, “You smell…”

  • LOL! I can’t imagine your horror of seeing your son lick the floor everywhere! My husband has an amazing sense of smell (when he is not sick). He cooks by smell. He starts cooking and then adds spices until it smells right. To me, it always smells the same. I have learned to just let him go because when he is done, it always tastes great!

  • I really enjoy’s your story, phobia’s are the spice of life! I have been told that I have a few myself!!

  • You’ve seen Ratatouille, yes? Your son is SO going to be a chef!

  • Maybe if you’d just take a big sniff of the frogs, they might grow on you! Lean down REAL close next time and use your smeller!

  • Cindy,
    That is just plain MEAN! 🙂

    I’m seriously considering just that. I’ll make more money than I would with the lemonade stand I was planning.

  • My middle child once was a licker and screamer and still is a smeller–she likes to tell people whether they smell good or not and often, when sad or upset, cuddles up and sniffs my elbow. Better than my arm pit at least.

    The good news is that with the enzymes and omega 3 it has diminished and as she gets better at communicating how she feels she sniffs things less. (She also CANNOT handle crowds–too many smells and too much noise. She will run off or throw a fit if we do not remove her–which if your son has similar issues as he seems to, would explain the screaming in stores–she used to do that too. She still prefers home but at least she no longer screams when we go out. :))

  • I don’t think we are renewing our zoo membership either. I’m pretty sure that we are being stalked by a white Bengal tiger, and after that tiger incident over Chirstmas in California, I don’t trust his enclosure.

  • This is too funny! My 10 year old daughter also has a super-nose. I wrote a post about it once too, about how she will start gagging and crying out of the blue, claiming there is a terrible odor in our house. She’s convinced there is rotting salami under the fridge, even though we’ve never had salami in our house. It can indeed be frustrating. (But kinda funny!)

  • My 19 month old just started licking the floor – can’t figure that one out. ‘Bout makes you stroke out if you’re out in public, though…. not that the house is much better..

  • 3. Too non-lickable.

    Although I’ve heard some frogs can be quite interesting to lick….

  • Ummm… not to alarm you, DeeDee, but I saw this snippet from CNN and immediately thought of you. (I hope I did the link correctly!)


    Imagine if you were leaving the comfort of your Cretaceous-era cave in the wee smalls, in chic animal skin workout gear, and you came face to face with that!

    Yikes! 🙂

  • Gotta say that you had me at “lick.” My three and a half year old has begun licking the floor. And he must visit the bathroom of every building he enters. Luckily the two have yet to coincide.

  • Oh my goodness Dee. My sides hurt from laughing. Ain’t motherhood wonderful?!
    And in case you haven’t heard the news about the GIANT FROG, you really should read about it here: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,331104,00.html
    Glad you don’t have to content with those big boys?! 🙂

  • I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago, and I’m glad I did. I needed a good laugh, and a good trip down memory lane. My son (who is 9 now) was a licker. I hated letting him get down and walk in public because before he’d take that first step he’d drop to the ground to have a taste. Until now I thought he was the only child that felt the need to lick every outlet he found.