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3 Minute Slow Cooker Pot Roast


Update: Something horrible has happened, and I lost Mr. Linky and all the links. I’m trying to fix it. Through tears. I owe my mental cuss jar a couple of dollars.

Updated Update: I re-entered everything. I now have a stutter. If I got anything wrong, or forgot someone, I apologize.

I started Saturday Stirrings because I was spending most of my life in the kitchen anyway. Which is okay. Keeps me closer to the chocolate.

Oh, and I have developed a fondness for cooking. And eating.

Also, I have found some of my favorite recipes through other bloggers. Another wonderful benefit to being apart of this vast blogging community.As you know, last week I opened up Saturday Stirrings to invite you all to join me via Mr. Linky. Or in the comments section, if you don’t have a blog. And thank you for participating! That was fun.

Now onto this week’s recipe. This is one of the easiest crockpot recipes I’ve ever used. And it’s really really good. It’s called the “3 Minute Crock Pot Recipe” because it really only takes 3 minutes to throw together. Gotta love that.

3 Minute Crock Pot Roast

8 Oz. Sliced Mushrooms

2 to 3 Lbs. Boneless Chuck Pot Roast

1 Envelope French Onion Soup Mix *

1/2 C. Dry Red Wine

Guar or Xanthan (for thickening) **

*Most Onion soup mixes contain MSG. I did find that Campbells makes a dry onion soup mix that is MSG free.

**I find this at the health food store. You could also use corn starch.

Give the slow cooker a shot of cooking spray. Dump the mushrooms in the bottom of crock pot and plunk the roast on top of them.

Mix together the soup mix and wine, and pour it over the whole thing. Slap on the lid, set the timer to Low, and forget about it for 8 hours.

When finished, fish out the roast (carefully, it will be very tender), and use the guar or xanthan to thicken up the juices in the slow cooker. Serve this gravy with the pot roast.

Easy, easy, easy…..and very impressive.You can do some great things with the leftovers of this one. Shred the beef in a sauté pan, add some BBQ Sauce, and you’ve got Sloppy Joes. Also, I’ve sautéed the beef with some peppers and onions, some of the sauce (adding BBQ Sauce if needed) and served over noodles.

This is another one of Dana Carpender’s amazing recipes from her “15 Minute Low Carb Cookbook.”


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