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Good Medicine

I took Emme and Cailey to a swim play date at two of their girl cousins’ house. A good time was had by all, until the sisterly bickering took a nasty turn.

“MOM, she RUINED my turn on the raft.”

“I did not, it was MY turn.”

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Bicker, bicker, bicker, bicker.

“OW. OW. OW. MOM, she peenched me.”

(BTW, Peench is southern for “pinch”. My fault. Drives Fiddledaddy insane.)

I ordered my offspring out of the pool, scanned the elder sister for “peench” marks, and told them to get dressed without another word.

“MOM, she’s singsonging.”

Somebody kill me.

The drive was fraught with attitude and tension. I explained to them that their behavior was unacceptable and embarrassing. Two sisters should LOVE one another. And I told them that someday they would grow up to be the very best of friends, and that they would both call me every single week to apologize for their childhood behavior.

Just like I call my dad every single week. Just to apologize. And thank him for not sending me to military school. In the Alps.


Two small voices were barely audible from the back seat. “We’re sorry mom. Will you forgive us?”

I sigh, remembering that my brother and I were much much worse.  “Of course I will.”

I arrived home looking distraught and disheveled. Fiddledaddy took one look at me and said, “Something came for you while you were gone. It’s in your medicine cabinet.”

I dropped my purse on the floor and raced into the bathroom with renewed stamina. Upon opening the medicine cabinet, this is what greeted me on the top shelf:


Fiddledaddy picked them up for me at Lowes. No, our Lowes does not stock Thin Mints. I wish….then I actually could live at Lowes. But rather, on the way out. From the little waif selling them from a folding card table.

Hallelujah, and God bless the Girl Scouts of America. And Fiddledaddy.

You should know that I’ve worn out the hinge on my bathroom cabinet. And in the process, I polished off an entire column in one afternoon.

A personal best, to be sure.

Now I’m utterly ashamed. (Not really.)

I could just peench myself.

Confess, which are your favorites, and how many have you ever eaten in one sitting?


51 Responses to Good Medicine

  • Thin Mints.

    From the freezer.

    A whole column.

    And I haven’t seen a single. stinkin’, Girl Scout in town this year.

    I’m dying.

  • Thin Mints. . .I think 4?

    Somehow they can not be in the house without the rest of the clan “sniffing” them out. . .

    . . .and then they are all gone.


  • Thin mints from the freezer, eaten one or two a day so as to not drive my blood sugar up. Do you know what self control that takes? If I can do that, why aren’t I a size 10?

  • A whole column of Thin Mints.

    My favorite though are the peanutbutter ones….but there aren’t as many in the box as the Thin Mints, so I purchase them on the principle that I am saving money…

  • I have to let you know the correct terminology for what you called, “polishing off a column.”

    I learned this from a top notch seller of Girl Scout cookies after telling them I ate a whole column.

    You are apparently supposed to say, “I did a tube.”

    Any Girl Scout or avid eater in the midwest will know what you are referring to.

    I have done many, many tubes in my day.

  • Caramel De-lites (or Samoas, as I used to know them).

    And is it bad that I want to say, “Well, it’s not like I ate the WHOLE BOX or anything!” ?

    Because that would be a lie.

    (But in my defense, I was pregnant at the time and I am the only one who likes the Carmel De-lites. Talk about a blessing AND a curse.) 🙂

  • ACK! The bickering! My children are getting good at it. One friend of mine, whose girls are now grown and good friends (see??) once tied her girls together till they could stop arguing. You might want to try it.

  • I love your amarican girl guide cookies!!! Did you know that in Canada they are only the fake oreo cookies( well at least the last time I looked into them) they are so not good and a disapointment in comparisone to your U.S of A cookies.

    I think I did your Saturday Mr. Linky wrong. Does my post have to be on Sat? I’m sorry. feel free to e-mail me and tell me how it sould be done I am new to blogging.

  • He is an incredible man, to have them in the medicine cabinet. Love it.

    I can do a row of Samoas easily, and I’ve definitely had many, many thin mints in one sitting. The miracle of my week? We’ve had 3 boxes of GS cookies here for four days; not a single cookie has been eaten. But I think I may have some for breakfast.

  • I ordered a box for each member of my family – single serving as far as I’m concerned.

    My silly son says “pince” or a crab has “pincers”. And no “g” in finger. May be his British accent. It’s certainly not his Okie DNA.

  • hey I am not proud…It was samoas (used to be known as carmel de lites around here) and it was a whole box. To my defense that was BEFORE I had kids when I used to be able to eat anything and never work out and never gain. Then I had 3 kids in 4 years, karma sucks. lol.

  • Thin Mints, absolutely. I think there are only two servings in a box, though. That’s why they’re in those little sleeves. 🙂

  • Thin mints. I eat them by the sleeve.

  • Thin Mints used to be my favorite, but somewhere along the way Trefoils overtook them. I have eaten an entire sleeve, which sounds terrible, but is actually a huge show od restraint in not eating the entire box.

  • We always polish off a box in one day. With 9 people in the house, if we only went through one box in the day, it would be a record.

  • Thin Mints are the favorite hands down! How many in a sitting? Probably 10, cuz I put them in a shake and they are oooohhhh sooooo good that way. But, alas, I’ve given up sugar for Lent this year, which means no Thin Mints for me!

  • Do-si-dos are my downfall. And I have eaten a whole column in one sitting. Thankfully, I haven’t seen a girl scout this year!

  • Samoans…a whole box when I was pregnant over the course of one day – and when I finished the box? I looked like a Samoan.

  • I don’t know if there’s many people in the world that DON’t blow through an entire column of thin mints. If they’re out there, I don’t wnat to know.

  • We are a mixed family. We buy both Samoas and Thin Mints.

    And the medicine cabinet as a secret hiding place for your drug o’ the moment? Genius.

  • I have to tell you…I used to be an avid reader (because you are so dang crazy), but due to an asudry of things I lost track of your site. I found it again and am thrilled but had to crack up because the last post I read was when you threw a bunch of cookies away and ended up going back for them! That’s crazy in my book… 🙂

    I’m still waiting for the cookies I ordered!

  • I loved the lemon ones they used to have, but they no longer make them. Last year, when I saw the girls in front of my Albertsons, I was ready to take home every box of the lemon cookies that they had on hand (I wish I was kidding…I’m totally serious), and they broke my heart when they told me they were no longer making them. I’m still not over it.

  • Oh I really love Samoas and TagAlongs, but the Thin Mints win out every year. I once polished off a whole column from the freezer by myself. However, I am 5 months pregnant, so I may set a new record this year!

  • Thin Mints out of the freezer. Yum!

  • THIN MINTS……efinately my fav!!! A close 2nd would be Do-Si-Dos. And I have eaten an entire column in an evening….btw, I need me some cookies… so if anyone out there in blogosphere lives in dfw please let me know where I can get me some girl scout cookies!!

  • I love the Girl Scout Samoas. We keep them in the freezer and every time I walk by I have to grab two. And I walk through the kitchen a lot.

    Which is why I haven’t purchased any for at least three years.

    But then, I only have one child (so far) so no bickering. So I don’t really NEED them… yet.

    What a sweet and thoughtful hubby. 🙂

  • Totally with you on the ‘whole sleeve of Thin Mints in one afternoon’. Those and the peanut butter sandwich cookies are my favorites, and my husband won’t buy them anymore because I eat them all! 🙂

  • My brother & I constantly argued when we were kids. Now, when my kids bicker, or are mean to each other, it breaks my heart. When they are kind & helpful to each other, it warms my heart. I think God designed it this way so we would know how He feels.

  • Samoas, which we called Caramel Delights when I was a scout, always have and always will be my favorite. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I have polished off an entire box in one sitting.

  • This is torture – what is the matter with you people? Are you TRYING to ruin my diet??!!! Thin mints frozen, one at a time, taking a little trip to the freezer each time. Maybe that extra excercise will help balance it out. But I always get Samoas too and no one else eats them around here, so I usually have to demolish them quickly so I”m not so tempted. Do you think that helps?

  • Thin Mints. The first tube scarfed down in one sitting. The second tube a couple of cookies at a time, only because of the tummy ache from the first tube. I also love the shortbread cookies but I can only eat 4 or 5 at a time preferably with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

  • Up here in NY, we get the Girl Scout cookies in the fall. My favorites are Caramel DeLites (aka Samoas) and Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalongs to some of you) and I know my cookie info. I’ve been my daughter’s cookie mom for the last three years!! I have several boxes in my freezer, but not my or my family’s favorites – those are gone in no time!!

  • Oh, D2… I’m sorry to hear that you are living my life as well. Oh the bickering and complaining.

    I just told The Girl that if she could not treat her brother with kindness and love, then that meant that she couldn’t sustain friendships outside the home either. So no friends could come over to play.

    It’s amazing how quickly she changed her tune towards him.

    Thin Mints. All the others are just a waste of sugar.

  • You gotta love the southern accent. I live in Texas and use to babysit a girl that said “crowns” instead of crayons. Even though I’ve lived in Texas most of my life that was a new one for me and it took me forever to figure out what she was saying.

  • Oohhhh..I want my Girl Scout Cookies…where are they hiding?

  • Thin Mints, an entire column (easily) in one sitting, and I used to hide them in my panty drawer. Then the whole family figured out where they were and no one was ashamed to go retrieve them. We switched to the freezer. No luck. My latest hiding place is in a ziplock bag in the 25 pound bag of dog food. Buried deep. Some things are just not meant to be shared.

  • my girls sold girl scout cookies this year. we’ll be picking them up for distribution on friday. girl scout cookies are not my favorite. i prefer fresh, hot, gooey cookies. or none at all.

  • My favorites are the ones that used to be called Samoans and I cannot call them anything else! Thin Mints run a close second.

    I haven’t seen anyone around here selling them. Where are all the Girl Scouts?!

    And “peench” should be outlawed. My husband used to say it all.the.time. until I finally broke him of the habit. What was merely annoying in him would be unbearable from my 3 girls. It’s pinch or nothing around here.

  • Caramel De-lites and I could eat the entire box. Which is precisely why I don’t buy them 😛

  • The Jubilant household tends to inherit boxes of girl scout cookies from Granny and Grampa, so I never have to buy them. Major bonus. And Granny always makes sure there are Thin Mints for me and the peanut butter sandwich cookies for the kiddos. Occasionally a box of Samoans gets thrown in the bunch which I hide without remorse. My “hiding” place is my nightstand. The hubby knows it, the kids know it and no one dares go there. Train ’em early, I say!

  • whatever the chocolate covered peanut butter ones are – tagalongs?

    LURV the bathroom cabinet hiding place.

    And your comment on BigMama was hilarious. I scrolled up … and sure enough, you were right >:)

  • One of the few types of cookies I ever buy for me are the Thin Mints. They go in the freezer with MOM written on it – and nobody touches MOM’s cookies.

    I picked some up recently – finished them off within the week… sure wish I’d gotten more than 2 boxes.

    I may have to go hunting me some girl scouts.

  • Thin Mints….entire box….especially right out of the freezer. I saw the waif in front of the Walmart and went in the side door. My boys thought that I was being mean. I thought that the waif was.

  • I can definately eat a sleeve. I wrap the extra boxes in freezer paper and label them as liver before I hideing in the bottom of my chest freezer. It’s a miracle that my family never realizes that we don’t eat liver. Perhaps they are afraid that I might cook it if they mention seeing the packages.

  • I LOVE that they are in the medicine cabinet! He is a keeper. 🙂

    My favorite are the sugar cookies, which the no longer sell. I once at an entire box in one sitting.

    Now, my favorite are the thin mints, from the freezer. 😉 I can, and have, polished off a whole column in one day.

  • It’s a direct tie between Thin Mints and Samoas…and I plead the fifth on the second part 😀

    Do Girlscouts come out at different times in different places? I haven’t seen any here yet, usually they materialize sometime in March to barricade our Safeway. (wolves in sheep’s clothing I tell you…they know exactly how cute they are)

  • That’s wonderful that Fiddledaddy knows that Thin Mints belong in the medicine cabinet because they are the perfect remedy for the “headaches” of life.

    Wish the Girl Scouts would start selling gluten free versions of their cookies so I could indulge again. 🙁

    I used to LOVE Dreyers ice cream Special Editions of Girl Scout cookie ice cream. Now THAT is heaven on earth. Thin Mint ice cream. And the caramel chocolate one. I was always mixing up Samoas and Tagalongs and once bought the wrong ones. I would add more cookies to the ice cream though.

  • Well, I haven’t eaten Girl Scout Cookies in years (but I remember loving the ones with chocolate and peanut butter…), but with 8 children, sibling bickering is a constant battle at our house. I’ll never forget when one came to me complaining their brother had called them peanut butter. I told her to call him jelly and tell him they’d make a good sandwich. 🙂

    And if you have to hide the cookies… put them in an empty broccoli bag in the freezer. No one will find them there.

  • Ahhhh Girl Scout cookies, I put in my order and have yet to see them yet…. But I love me some Thin Mints, and Samoas! And I have “done a tube” or two myself!

  • I’m very late answering this, but I can’t pass it up. Much the same way I can’t pass up a box of Trefoils. Yes, those plain shortbread cookies are the bane of my existence. I love them so. I’ve loved a whole box of them in one sitting before. It’s sad really. Sad but good.