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So I Have One Little Vice

coffeecup.jpgIt took me years to actually order something online. I just couldn’t trust this whole computer commerce business. Just a passing fad. No way was I going to willingly give up my credit card number. To a computer screen.

Never gonna happen, my friend.

Then, desperation set in. We had moved to Armpit, Florida. From Los Angeles. And there were no Starbucks.


I had just a slight addiction. Only one. And it was to caffeine. I did manage to find a little coffee shop that I liked. But since a blended frozen mocha concoction was costing over $4.00 a shot, I became increasingly aware that my addiction was going to have to be curbed, or I would be forced to wear my control top panty hose over my head to ensure anonymity as I knocked off Fred’s Bank & Trust.

And control top pantyhose are not cheap.

Fiddledaddy did a little stealthy research for me, and discovered the brand name of the coffee drink mix that I so desperately craved. It was Big Train Coffee Company. And it was not sold in stores. Anywhere. On earth.

Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet. I think the rest of your ideas are a little fruity, but the internet was a really good one. Good show.

Fiddledaddy searched and found me an online store that carried my favorite beloved coffee drink mix. My reluctance to shop online disappeared as if by magic. I whipped out my credit card so fast, the magnetic strip was compromised.

nsa-mocha.jpgAnd since this week’s edition of Works For Me Wednesday is all about favorite online stores, I’m here to share. I order the Big Train “No Sugar Added Mocha” mix in the 3.5 bag from an online store called “Everything Coffee and Tea.”

A very nice guy named Bob, has quickly and efficiently kept me supplied with my favorite coffee drink for the last few years. Which I now enjoy. Every. Single. Day.

After I make a pot of morning coffee, I save 8 oz. of it in the freezer. When it gets a little icy, I toss it in the blender with a couple of packets of Splenda, a scoop of Mocha Mix, and a little more crushed ice.

wfmwsmall.jpgGives me a reason to get out of bed everyday.

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