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Another One Bites The Dust

Reason #243 why the lizard population is declining in our neighborhood:

Emme: “MOM! I caught another lizard in the front yard.”

Cailey: “YES. And she let me hold it. It was my first time ever!”

Emme: “But then it’s eye popped out.”

Me: “Oh,” I offer weakly as I begin to pat down little pockets. “And then what did you do with the lizard?”

Emme: “We let him go. But, he ran into the street and got run over.”

RIP, one eyed lizard, RIP.


8 Responses to Another One Bites The Dust

  • De-lurking to giggle. My DD is a great lizzard catcher also. Living in FL with spiders the size of my fist, I shiver in fear of what “critter” she and her brother will find next. Last week I hear, ” Mom, come look at the great frog skeleton we found!” Squemishly I ask where they found such a treasure. “It was in the pile of stuff that the owl threw up.” Gag. (We have a wild owl that hangs out in out yard.) “Go wash your hands! With Soap! Twice!”

  • You should have set those two on that frog.

  • I’m not sure how I found my way to your blog, but this was hysterical. It sounds so much like something that could happen at my house!

  • That is too funny! My nephews lived in Africa for a year when they were little (by brother and sister-in-law were missionaries). The children there would chase lizards (there were tons of them!) with sticks and stab them with the sticks. How gross is that?!

  • When we moved here and saw our first lizard, I tried to get the kids to help me catch it. They wouldn’t and it got away. They also haven’t helped me catch frogs. Although, now my youngest has a frog, he might help now. He has a slight frog obsession.

    So somehow we always get the opposite of what we want, right? I couldn’t wait for the kids to start brining me lizards and they won’t touch them and yours are waging lizard-cide in the neighborhood.

  • Oh the many life lessons that can be learned from a lizard whose eye popped out and got run over!


  • Ewwwww…gross! This post had me giggling and gagging at the same time!

  • Makes me miss FL…=) there are no lizards in TN.