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I’m a Little Bit Country, She’s a Little Bit Rock and Roll

We were visiting my in-laws a couple of weeks ago. Fiddledaddy came into the kitchen to show me a DVD he found on his parent’s media shelf. They have great entertainment over at the House of Grandfiddle. We borrow DVDs all the time. It’s better than the library.

And they hardly ever charge me with a late fee.

donnymarie.jpgThe DVD that has been in their home, without my knowledge, is “The Donny and Marie Christmas Show.” Circa 1978. I grabbed it out of his hand and shoved it in my purse.

“Let’s get outta here before they miss it!” I stage whisper, not letting the screen door hit me on the way out.

A busy couple of days followed, so it sat untouched on my kitchen counter. Just so that I could admire the cover while I slaved away in the kitchen.

Emme wandered through the kitchen and spotted it. Picking it up, gazing at the cover, she inquired, “Mom, can I watch this while I take a bath tonight?”

The girls enjoy long luxurious baths with entertainment on special occasions. Special occasions like when I need a few moments of peace and relative tranquility. And the DVD player is WAY OUT OF A DRIPPY HAND’S REACH. So, put your phones down.

That evening, quiet ensued as Emme watched “The Donny and Marie Christmas Show, 1978.” in it’s entirety. From the comfort of the masterbath garden tub. I found every excuse in the world to wander in and linger over the easy banter sung between all 58 Osmonds. Remember, this was 1978. I know from the recent appearance on Oprah, that the family has grown into something like 2045 members strong.

A fact not lost on Mitt Romney opponents.

I tripped merrily down memory lane. The impossibly high waisted jeans, high feathered hair, and Donny. Way before he became a grandfather. Sigh.

The next night the scene repeated itself. “Mommy, can I watch that Donny and Marie show again?” I’m powerless to refuse. I understand. “Of course you can.”

Today she wandered again through the kitchen, picking up the case from the kitchen counter, where it once again resides. Dreamily she says, “Mom, this is the best singing group ever. I just love them.”

Yes. My girl has indeed inherited my highly refined musical taste. My heart overflows.

And oh boy, is she in for a treat. Since I have all the old 45’s and LPs. Just nothing to play them on. I suppose I could scour e-Bay for a vintage “Close And Play.” Oh yes, I had one of those in the 70’s, too.

And about that DVD. I may be accruing late fees that could reach the triple digits. Because I will be hanging onto it until the twelfth of never.

And that’s a long long time.


13 Responses to I’m a Little Bit Country, She’s a Little Bit Rock and Roll

  • I thought of ordering that last Christmas at Amazon. Maybe I’d do it this coming Christmas (or sooner 🙂

  • Too funny! Makes me wish for a TV in my bathroom!


  • Lucky ducky. I heart Marie. Especially her hair.

  • I heart Donny…what a dream boat!

    You have a TV in your bathroom?!?!?!?! You have a garden tub?!!?!?!?!?!

    I am so envious!!!

  • Well, this will come as no surprise to you, but I have that dvd along with the other dvd’s of the Donny & Marie show. I know….shocker!

    I just love watching that sweet, corny, wholesome show! I can’t help it. I only wish my kids were younger. Instead they roll their eyes each time I put it in the dvd player and head off to their own getaway with Josh Groban…which actually ain’t so bad either!

  • I had such a crush on Donny Osmond that when I met him in Alaska in the late 80’s, I was like a little schoolgirl again, only without the screaming. ahem.

  • You know what I’m thinking. You do, right?

    Should that “thing” happen in June, that better be in your suitcase.

    I’m just sayin.

  • A garden tub, a tv/dvd set up, and Donnie… sigh.

  • I have to clear something up here. The garden tub is the only amenity. 🙂 It comfortably seats 2 children, and 43 Polly Pockets.

    The DVD in question, is portable in nature. It goes with us in the mommy van (since our van is DVD-free). I do have a TV in the kitchen, though. Since I live there.

    My mom at one point had a phone in her bathroom. Which I thought handy.

  • I loved Donny and Marie. I still have my Marie Barbie Doll. She is missing her microphone but still has her dress.

    On an unrelated topic. I bought a Yoga video tonight. Am I gonna regret my $13 purchase? LOL

  • How sweet! Isn’t it a shame that there isn’t a ‘wholesome’ group today for our kids to idolize ? How sad the things that grab our children’s attention these days, and make them ask for more. I am sounding like an ‘old fogey’ here, I know, but I miss these big, corny, showy, shows that you could actually sing along with! Clean, fun dancing that you actually don’t mind the kids imitating.
    And cute Donny…well, he’s still got it…grandfather or not!

  • The Osmonds ROCK! I am going to order the DVD that has some of the favorites from their TV show. How cool is that? I asked for the DVD for Christmas but I guess they thought I was joking because I didn’t get it. How nice to know there are other Donny lovers out there. He is still as cute as ever! (I am still upset he married Debbie–he was suppose to marry me!)

  • We bought a record player just last year at Target. It looks like an old wood case radio and has a radio and CD player as well. I’ve also seen them at Sears and Best Buy. So maybe you can play those treasures after all.