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Roller Coasters and Rocking Chairs

I love amusement parks. I always have. In my wild impetuous youth, some might have said that I was a thrill seeker. As in, someone who repeatedly eats a plate of enchiladas and then gets on the tilt-a-whirl before they’ve settled. Threw up just outside the exit gate. Every. Single. Time.

Drove my mother crazy.

The amusement park attendants weren’t too happy with me either.

Fiddledaddy and I went to Disney World on our honeymoon. I married a fellow thrill seeker. Only he has the good fortune to have better intestinal fortitude. And the good sense not to eat Mexican food before climbing aboard the Tower of Terror.

I get seasick too. When we were living in Los Angeles, Fiddledaddy surprised me with a boat trip to Catalina Island for my birthday. And because he’s wise, he brought me Dramamine.

I, in turn, surprised him by being rendered unconscious the entire trip. Who knew Dramamine would have that entertaining side affect on me?

But still, I persist. Set me free in an amusement park and I’m going to seek out the ride that will make me the most sick in the shortest amount of time. Although, I must say, “Mission Space” at Epcot is now dead to me. And apparently to a few others who have actually died on it.


Since we’ve had three children, we haven’t been able to frequent our favorite thrill rides together. We have longed for the day when the children are old enough that they can tag along. Alas, we know for certain that Emme won’t be joining us. She’s the cautious child that sits in the back seat warning us not to go over the speed limit. And she won’t even ride “Peter Pan” at the Magic Kingdom. Which is really a sissy ride, for a maniac of my caliber.

While Cailey is fearless, she gets notoriously car sick. So, she’s out of the running. One family member barfing at the ride’s exit is enough.

All of our hopes have been pinned on Jensen. Until now. Today at the park, he was happily swinging in the baby swing. With me pushing. And pushing. And pushing. He giggled uproariously, with the wind in his hair. And then he got quiet. And a little green. “Ready to stop, buddy?” Weakly, he said “yeah mommy.” I pried him out of the rubber seat, since he has outgrown the baby swing by a good 15 pounds. We both picked ourselves off the ground, and then I heard “the sound.” The rumbling of the tumbling. He started heaving and threw up stuff that I’m quite sure I had not fed him.

Afterwards, he headed for the curly cue slide. And he went down a dozen or so more times. And I let him. Good thinking.

Finally we all piled into the van for a short drive home. And I gave Jensen a rolled up flour tortilla that was nicely buttered. Because I figured he was, you know, hungry.

When we got home, I noticed my little man was very lethargic. And tired. I dressed him in his favorite Einstein kids pjs and we settle into the rocker.

Where we rock. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and………hello flour tortilla.

It’s a good bet that Jensen won’t be joining us on the Rockin’ Roller at Disney MGM. I suppose Fiddledaddy and I will have to wait until they are all grown before we can once again frolic on the wild side.

Of course by then, those warning signs posted above all the really scary rides will apply directly to us. But on the bright side, at least I can partake of the enchiladas using my senior citizen discount.

There’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough.

19 Responses to Roller Coasters and Rocking Chairs

  • Hello fellow thrill seeker with children who will never live up to her standards … sigh.

    I will say, though, this post brought back awesome memories of my first job at Magic Mountain. I was on the crew of Colossus and got to ride every morning during brake check, over and over. What a way to start the day!

  • My oldest daughter is the dare-devil of the family (at least the oldest one). She thinks bungee jumping would be a hoot (my word, not hers). I told her she can’t tell me what she’s going to be when she grows up because surely my heart won’t take it.

  • My hubby and I are also thrill seekers (at least at amusement parks) especially the roller coasters!! (Not the spinning, spinning, spinning – for me at least)

    On our trip to Disney last year, our then 8yo daughter made us proud by going on every ride. And then our 4yo son rode the Tower of Terror with us. We weren’t going to take him on, but we saw others with kids as young or younger. We might not qualify for parents of the year, but, by George, he loved it!!!! Then he was mad because he couldn’t go on the Rockin’ Roller or Space Mountain because he was too short!! In a few years, we’re going to be a family of riders!!!

  • First with the sassy haircut, now with the roller coasters. You are just such a cool mom.

    I do NOT do rides. I like the train. And the merry-go-round.

    My oldest backseat driver (who used to get car sick and was always the cautious one) surprised me by loving roller coasters. He also likes my friend to take him out on her boat and go as fast as the lake allows. While I curl into a fetal position.

    All that to say, “Don’t give up on Cailey and Emme, yet!”

    Tell you what, if I ever get to the House of Mouse, I will call you. You can take mine on the rides (definitely tall enough for all of them) and I will keep Jensen for you. How’s that?

  • Pre-kids, I loved roller coasters. Loved ’em. That’s why after two pregnancies and three kids, I was so excited when my husband’s company paid for a trip to Six Flags. We got a baby-sitter and we were FREE. The first ride we rode was on our stomachs. I screamed like a girl the whole way. Petrified. Apparently, having children has lessened my thrill-seeking. I rode other rides and enjoyed them, but in the back of my mind was always the thought, “I have children at home who would be so embarrassed if their mother died on a roller coaster.”

  • Do you all get migraines as well as the motion sickness?

    I am asking because my family has very similar reactions, as well as the food and enzyme issues, and we later learned that seizures often go hand in hand with those symptoms. May I suggest being extra careful with flashes and crt tv’s with him (LCD tv’s should be fine.) We find that by avoiding those things and putting sunglasses on when it is extra bright and flashy out that a lot of the motion sickness and headaches go away and everyone is MUCH calmer.

    Just thought I should mention it since Jensen is so similar in his reactions to Rachel at that age (and she used throw up almost everytime she ate before riding in a car.)

  • Or, maybe, by the time your kids are grown, a rocking chair will qualify as a thrill ride for you.

  • so funny. i find that i am less tolerant of thrill rides now after birthing 3 children. maybe i know if i die there’s no one left to clean up the vomit.

  • Hi Dee Dee,

    I’ve been haunting your blog for the last month or so and thought I’d leave a comment.

    I’m actually kellieann’s SIL and stumbled onto your blog while checking out her competition for HSBA’s funniest blog award. (Let’s just say it’s good for her that she already had my vote… I have laughed so hard reading back through your archives!!)

    Anyway, wanted you to know we made your pancakes this morning. The ingredients list grossed me out but I figured, what the heck, it’s worth a try. Fantastic!! We added some cinnamon and walnuts and liked that, but even without, the core recipe is great. My one yr. old cleaned her plate! (And I got rid of some unused baby food in the pantry!!)

    As for today’s post, I’ve always loved roller coaster’s, swinging etc. until I was the nurse accompanying my patient in an ambulance to a big hospital about an hour from us. I had to ride backwards to whole way and half-way there the pt. got cold so they blasted the heat. Needless to say, I’m not sure who was more ill by the time we arrived in Atlanta!! (I’ve been banned my EMS to get into an ambulance again… they’re way too sensitive about the help puking!!) Since then I can’t even swing without getting nauseated… such a sadness!

    Anyway, thanks for adding some sparkle to my days!!

  • I am the major thrill seeker in the family. DH loves roller coasters, too, but he is gracious enough to allow me the freedom to go on any ride I want & he will sit back in the kiddy area. I did a tandem skydive when I was 19, and I would bunjee jump if I had the chance. Our oldest seemed to be going the way of the meek, until we took her to Cedar Point last summer. We got in an hour before the masses & I took her on the Millennium Force. She’s 8, and was only 2 inches taller than the minimum requirement. That one will not win be “Mother of the Year”, lol. She didn’t know what I was getting her in to. Her only stipulations were that it didn’t go fast (oops) and didn’t go upside-down (which it didn’t). For those not in the know, the first drop in the Millennium Force is an 85 degree drop from over 350 ft. She didn’t disown me, and she kept going on some of the smaller coasters, so maybe it ended up being a good thing!!

  • Oh no! I have to admit, I love my kids, but cleaning up puke ranks right up there with my least favorite things in the world. Hope you’re both sufficiently recovered.

    Camden (9) gets car-sick, but is not bothered by amusement park rides. (At least, he hasn’t been so far… I’m sure I just jinxed it.) Anyway, chewable Dramamine is our friend. He likes to say to me, “Remember when I threw up that whole Steak ‘n Shake meal in the car on our way home from vacation?” Yes dear, how could I possibly forget…

  • Hey, Dave and I went to Disneyland for our honeymoon! Loved every minute of it. Now my thrill ride of choice is the Drop Zone! As I climbed higher and higher to my creator I asked Him to take me home before plunging to my almost near death experience…lol! Never been on it since. :o)

  • You may be one of the few couples who can go alone to an amusement park without your children and they will not be upset about. I used to love roller coasters but married a man who likes both feet on the ground….and the older I get the more I agree.

  • Since having children at the ripe old age of…well never mind that, my thrills come much closer to home. Much much closer.

    Like the front yard. Playing Ring around the Rosey. Or just spinning a girlie around once. I’m heaving and the world is spinning crazily out of control.

  • I knew I liked you—-we went to Disney on our honeymoon too. We even splurged and did a week on the Disney cruise.

    Most of our friends think we’re nutso for doing disney without kids, but well, we’re just nutsy kids at heart anyway.

  • I’m feeling a little sick just thinking of the swinging and car riding oh the rocking rocking ….
    My husband is such a thrill seeker and I get sick just watching the roller coaster.
    Enjoy your ride…
    I am designated child watcher while the adults ride

  • You poor woman!

    I was one of those car sick people. I am not in any of the vacation photos family took, because I am asleep in the car. (thank you Dramamine) Who leaves their kid in the car? In Europe?

    I am amazed lived to grow up.

    We are going to Disney in February and I guess I will find out if Sissy and Coder can do rides. 🙂

  • I, too, was born a thrill-seeker. I couldn’t get enough of roller coasters. Then we went to Disney. Ben and I on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (the teacup thing that you spin as fast as you can) ruined me for life. Now I get dizzy when I roll over in bed. And I’m not kidding. Isn’t that the saddest?

  • Had some friends…one thrill seeker and one pilot…whose 8 month old threw up in the baby swings at the park.

    They mourned for a while.