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Croc Hunter

It’s been nearly two years since I acquired my first pair of Crocs. I completely wore out the treads. Around that time I posted a picture of my little family in their nicely be-crocked feet. All neatly filed.


This is the scene as you enter our front door today:


Multiple choice:

A) Those Crocs engaged in a little hanky panky and were fruitful and multiplied!

B) Since the addition of another little Croc-wearer, my housekeeping skills have gone straight to a hot place.

C) I live with a bunch of slobs.

D) All of the above.

If you chose D), you win the prize. That is, if I had a prize to award you.

And please note, the junior Croc wearers of the family are relegated to Croc Noc-offs. (Not a real brand name, although I may have just invented it.)

Just please, for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t ever wear black socs and crocs.

This from middle-aged broad who wears her hot pink crocs with Tigger overalls. I’m just fashion forward like that.

G’day y’all!

21 Responses to Croc Hunter

  • Are you kidding? That heap-o-shoes all fits on ONE small rug. In my book that’s organized.

    You should see that mad shoe hanky-panky at our house. Sometimes I can barely climb over the heap of shoes/boots/skates on the top garage step to get into our house!

    Mary, mom to 10

  • We are a croc loving group as well. I love the picture!

  • After watching The Emperor’s New Groove we now call the croc noc offs “cronks”. And we all love them very much. And it is about 7 degrees below zero outside so we are very sad we cannot just pop on our cronks and head out.

  • It was 13° outside yesterday — my kiddos wore socks and air-walks. (Not crocs). Silly kids… they prefer them.

    I just discovered you can hit alt and a “1” to get a ☺. How nice.

    So — when are you going to start bejeweling them? ::insert rolling of eyes here:: Someone started my kiddos on that for their birthdays — don’t start it — it’s insane!

  • Ok, I have to ask – and this is the place to do it. I’ve only ever had the nerve to ask some of my very young keyboard students – and they just look at me like I’ve grown a second head. Here goes…..Don’t your feet get all sweaty and gross and nasty in those shoes?

  • I love that Crocs are washable too. Gina has a pair and she LOVES them. They’re Hello Kitty, in pink, and it’s so nice to be able to toss them in the washer on gentle. Clean as a whistle! No smelly feet. I personally want a pair of the ballerina style in pink. But I’ve only seen them online and I want to try them on first. 😛

  • I think we will become some of the croc wearing masses this spring has well…loved the picture! I too consider you organized…they are all in one location, right? So…you are organized!

  • I love Croc noc-offs 🙂 My kiddos love them, too . . . so easy to throw on for the pool or whatever. And even though I think they are some of the goofiest looking shoes on the planet, they are SOOOOO comfy!

    We’ll definitely be getting some more Croc noc-offs this spring 🙂

  • Could you call’em Croc-offs? They are really neat pieces of foot wear.

    Okay, so no black socks. What about navy socks? Or is this a ban on dress and casual socks in general?

    Can they still be worn with Bermuda shorts? I am almost 40 and whatever fashion sense I once had has diminished – along with my hair!

  • We like crocs in our house sheerly because they do not require me to help put them on.

    For that alone, they are worth every cent.

  • I bet they are the perfect Florida shoe!! We love ours in the summer and for camping, especially. But now in the winter I’m wanting some Mammoth Crocs. Have you even seen those since you’d never need them down there?

  • Very comfortable shoes I do agree!

  • I love crocs too. Wear them all the time and make no apologies. Just be careful on escalators.

  • Drama Queen will have to have new crocs this spring, her old ones from last summer are no longer fit to be worn in public. She loves them! After your post, I just may have to break down and buy some for myself.

  • I’m telling you all. These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I wear them to the Homeschool convention, and my back never hurts. And no, your feet don’t get all yucky and stinky. At least no one has had the nerve to tell me that! 🙂

  • Hee hee…..My hubby’s favorite way to wear sandals is with socks! White socks, black socks….doesn’t really matter. Now he has crocs and has avoided the black socks with them so far but has ventured into white tube socks (pushed down) and his black crocs.

    He’s a sweetie, so I guess I’ll have to overlook that little (?) design flaw…:)

  • Love crocs. However it is currently 16 degrees outside and the temperature has dropped 6 degrees since I woke up.

    Longing for the croc wearing days again instead of the steady stream of snow and slush that is daily coming into the house. There is no way to control that!

  • I tend to avoid trends until they are on the way out, then I suddenly like them. So I won’t like crocs for some years yet, I’m sure.

  • I am to be sure the last great American holdout. I do not own a pair of crocs. In fact I have never in my life purchased a pair. I would say there are none in my house, but that would be like a lie..because I happen to know the girlies were given some in a bag of hand-me-downs and they are languishing down stairs waiting for our 10 inches of snow and 4 inches of ice to melt before venturing out in them.

  • I totally remember when you posted that first picture – it’s so cute. I think it was one of the first posts I read of yours. Long, long ago. 🙂
    We’re hooked on crocs, too. They’re just so easy to slide on and to clean. And they go with everything!

  • You NEED fuzzy Crocs. I live in mine; they’re on my warm little tootsies right now. : )