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Parenting By Deception

wfmwsmall.jpgThis is the Backwards Edition of Works For Me Wednesday. In other words, after some lengthy diatribe, I will seek information from ye readers.

This parenting business ain’t for sissies. I’ve used some pretty sneaky and underhanded tricks as a parent, but I think I’ve achieved my personal best in parental trickery.

My 2 year old son won’t be caught in the same room with a vegetable. His older sisters love them, but so far, he’s broken every standard rule I so carefully established with the siblings prior to him. I should not be surprised.

For he is a rebel.

When he was an infant, I could get a jar of carrots in him. If I had first carefully hidden them underneath his oatmeal. And then darkened the room. Soft music didn’t hurt either, in setting the tone for the vegetable wooing.

When he began feeding himself, the party was over. I had nearly given up, and began crushing up a multivitamin and hiding it in his applesauce. Hoping for the best.

But then, visions of rickets danced in my head.

Now, you who have never dealt with Jensen, might say, “JUST MAKE HIM.”

Have you ever tried to make a 2 year old eat a vegetable? I have. And that’s two hours of my life that I’ll never get back. And one stubborn green bean that’s never coming down off the ceiling.

Just sayin’.

But then I discovered something wonderful. Jessica Seinfeld wrote a cookbook called, Deceptively Delicious. It’s about hiding pureed vegetables in many recipes geared to children. I’ve tried a few of her recipes, and have even branched out to include purees in some of my own. Last weekend, I made my whole wheat pancakes with mashed bananas, and some pureed carrots thrown in for good measure. The recipe also included a little wheat germ and a scoop of protein powder.

They flew off the table.

In a good way.

And the young boy in question would have licked his plate clean if I hadn’t intervened.

Now for my question. If you’re still with me and your eyes haven’t crossed and rolled back into your head.

vita-mix.jpgSince I’m now all about the puree, and all, I have my eye on a kitchen gadget called the Vita-Mix. This is a high end machine that purees, makes soups, ice cream (with vegetables and the kids won’t even know), kneads bread, and more. It’s like a blender/food processor on steroids.

And it’s pricey. Anywhere from $350.00 to $500.00, I’ve heard. And you have to buy it from a dealer. (Not that kind of dealer.) But, a specialized Vita-Mix dealer. And sometimes, they’re sold at Sams. But, never when I happen to be there.

Have you all had any experience with this contraption? Is it worth it? And where did you find yours? Do you prefer paper or plastic? (Just kidding) Seriously, I appreciate any and all information. I liken it to purchasing a car. I’ve got to kick all the tires. I don’t know why. I just do.

I’m beginning to save my pennies for maybe next Christmas. So, I’m doing my research now. Because there are only 355 more shopping days, you know.

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30 Responses to Parenting By Deception

  • De-lurking ‘cuz you asked a question near and dear to my heart:
    YES. YES. YES!! To your question re: are they worth it? I personally have a K-tec. I researched both the Vita-Mix and K-tec. They are fairly equal in quality with the K-tec having just a mini edge. I have friends that have the Vita-Mix. We all LOVE our choices. You can’t go wrong with either choice. They grind grains, puree frozen anything among other things, and you don’t even have to de-core anything! (Well, except for apples for the ground seeds exposes you to some poisons in the seeds.) I even throw a handful of greens in my smoothies and my kids don’t even notice because the greens get mooshed to oblivion! Since I use my blender almost everyday; it has paid for itself more than twice over! I’ve had it for about two years and can’t imagine cooking without it. Yes! Get a Vita-mix….or a K-tec.

    Many Blessings,

  • I don’t have any experience in with the new ones, but about a hundred and eleventy years ago, when these first came out my folks bought one at the LA County Fair. They bought it from a guy who hawked them in a tent next to, I don’t know, the big life size cow made of 100% real butter or something.

    My mom used it to death, and honestly, I think still has it- or sent it to me and it’s in the garage or something.

    She loved it.

  • I have one that I traded for help moving a friend many many years ago…and have had to buy some replacement parts over the years. I have used it to grind grain and make bread, grind coffee beans, make soups and purees etc etc. I covet a newer one, because they have all sorts of cool features mine doesn’t, but now the kids are grown and it’s just the two of us at home I am having a hard time justifying the expense (same with the Kitchenaid pro mixer that I have always lusted after in my heart!).

  • I have heard nothing but good about these machines.

    Have you looked on e-bay?

  • I don’t have one, but a friend does. She uses it for everything, including grinding grain. Veggies, fruits, meat, whatever. You could lose all your teeth and still eat great with this machine. Hers is a million years old and still going strong. I recommend them based on what I’ve seen hers do. Good luck with the veggies. 🙂

  • Never heard of the gadget. But, I wanted to tell you something that I learned last night after having 4 kiddos myself. There are three things you cannot MAKE a kid do. Eat. Sleep. Poop. So, if someone tells you to just make J eat his veggies, you can pull that one out for them! 😉

  • I don’t know anything about those particular blenders, but another one you might want to research is the home version of the BlendTec blender. The home version is $400, and you can buy directly from them, although you have to call.

    I don’t know about the durability, but check the “Will It Blend” section to see just how powerful the blender is.

    Oh, and, don’t let Jensen see that section – he might get ideas. 😉


  • Never saw one before–I have a Bosch food processor which does all that stuff and I love it to pieces.

  • I have an ancient Vita Mix that I got off of ebay. Love that baby! It’ll blend anything! I definitely think it is worth the money.

  • I have friends who love their vita-mix.

  • I’ve never bought one, but we want to. We watched at Costco while the man made four different smoothies and we tried all of them. We were very impressed, although ome of the recipes were not to our liking, but we make up our own mixtures. ;O) Maybe we should contact the company and see if they’ll let us post about it in exchange for getting it for free. LOL

  • We have at least three family member’s with these mixers. They are amazing and great and wonderful. But they are so pricy. So my thought is to keep doing what you’re doing the cheap frugal way until you can easily pay cash for it OR find a super sweet deal off someone who paid full price and then never used it iand is now selling it. Check out craigslist and the classifieds too.

  • I just got that cookbook at Christmas from my co-worker, after she saw me eating meatloaf with chopped carrots in it. I haven’t ever used that vitamix thingamajig. I just make a conscious decision to put disquise veggies in things.

    I have four children and I try to get veggies in them, any way I can. Seriously, I have noticed that when they are veggied up and sugared down, they don’t get sick as often at all. Actually, they haven’t been sick yet this winter/fall. Praise God!

    BTW, I had already posted a picture on my website today that showed my daughter eating broccoli from a few years ago. I know you have seen this in your home too!

    Blessings, Joanne

  • I’ve not heard of the Vita–whatchamajiggy but I’m interested. Just call me a large Jensen….

  • My mom had one and used it all the time. Sometimes after long days she would make us smoothies for dinner which were milk or yogurt and frozen fruits (and probably some hidden veggies but I was oblivious). I have a basic blender and tried to do the same thing but it just can’t handle it.

  • I had a Vita Mix and we just didn’t use it that much. I have the same book as you and I just use my food processor to make the purees. I don’t have a lot of kitchen space and I used the processor for more stuff than the Vita Mix. Having said that we never had any problems and my grandma has one and uses it everyday. We sold ours on craigslist so I’d look there and ebay to see if you can get a good deal.

  • I got a vita-mix as a gift, so I’m not sure of the best place to get one. At least 4 people in my family have them, and we love ’em. Now, I *think* at one point, one went all funky, but the company repairs them for free (you may want to double-check that), you just have to pay for shipping. They are great for blending whole foods – peels and all.

  • The best 350.00 we ever spent!!! We LOVE IT! Use it every day, twice a day. It is the same used in Jamba Juice. Our smoothies are great! I have made nut butters, soups, all sorts of things. WE LOVE IT!!!! I have recommended it to everyone that will listen in my life.

    You can look up on Samsclub and down at the bottom choose Road Shows. It will show you by state what road shows are coming to a Sam’s near you. I bought mine there and it was the best price anywhere!

  • If you get a Vitamix, I have created my own smoothie recipe that my teenagers and husband love! It is healthy (soy milk) and full of vitamins and nutrients. Easy to make and I make it each and every morning.

  • Parents of children with feeding tubes LOVE this blender. They are able to grind the food thin enough, small enough that it will actually go down the child’s feeding tube without getting stuck, and because it has an industrial motor it won’t whimp out like a regular one.

  • No experience with vita-mix – not experience with Magic Bullet either for that matter – http://www.buythebullet.com/howitworks.php – but Jessica does recommend this little beauty too – didn’t she say Jerry bought it off one of those tv informercials or something? Costco has them and I’m thinking of trying one of these. I *heart* that book.

  • I left a comment earlier from work and it must not have posted. We LOVE our Vitamix and it was the best 350.00 we ever spent. Look at Sam’s Club website and find out when the road show comes to a Sam’s near you. You can also go to discountjuicers.com and buy one from there. I am sorry we waited so long to buy one. I have made up some great soup and smoothie recipes.
    p.s. we use it twice a day!

  • Must it ONLY do healthy stuff? What about frappucinos and shakes and margaritas and such? Wheat germ schmeat germ.

  • I was transfixed by a person demo-ing one of these at Costco. Holy Moly I coveted one. Well not coveted cause that is one of the top 10 baddies, but wanted one really, really bad.

  • Get a Vita Mixer. I have had one for about 10 years & absolutely love it. Used it with my toddlers for fun smoothie drinks. Used if for myself for my carrot drinks phase. Now teenagers use it for a huge variety of protein shakes. Use it to make waffle batter. You can even get the dry blade to grind oats or wheat bran – never did that though. 10 years it is still going strong, so a great investment. Also makes yummy margaritas, after you have had the healthy stuff of course!

  • I would recommend a mini blender which is multifunctional and easy to use and clean. Have been using it for my kids for the past 4 years daily with no problems. It is small enough to pack away and do individual portions for feeds. It is also more affordable and does not take up a lot of counter space.
    It looks like this http://www.buythebullet.com/

  • I got that cookbook for Christmas! Love it! I feel so sneaky!

  • My husband bought me one for mother’s day years ago, and I lOVE it. We make nutritious smoothies at a fraction of the cost, homemade fresh salsa, soups, and also grind wheat berries for fresh bread and other grains for flour. Also some fabulous blended coffee drinks:) Little pricey, but worth it’s weight in gold. With 6 kids, we’ve saved 10 times that amount in smoothies alone. After 6 years of use, it works like it’s brand new. I highly recommend it!

  • I have no useful advice for you, but wanted to chime in nonetheless. My 19-month-old Logan loves his vegetables, but won’t eat any meat (or many other forms of protein), so I feel your pain. I have that J. Seinfeld cookbook too, and absolutely love the idea. I just haven’t organized myself enough to purchase the required vegetables and make the sneaky puree. One of these days, though…

  • I went to Google and typed in Vitamix, you should see all of the web sites, good luck.