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A Christmas Makeover

Just a few days before Christmas I got a sassy new haircut. It’s a little bit shorter than I wanted. And has taken some getting use to. I’ve never had my hair this short. And I’ve never felt sassier. It’s the kind of haircut that requires one wear red lipstick. Even to Wal•Mart. And I’ve never been a red lipstick type of gal.

But all that’s changed.

my-makeover.jpgFor Christmas, Fiddledaddy bought me a new pair of sassy reading glasses. They are red. With rhinestones. It’s well documented that I abhor wearing my reading glasses. I find it easier to squint at my computer screen, and lean so far back in the chair to achieve focus that I topple backwards. Leaving me with a whole new set of problems. I blame my grammatical errors and spelling mishaps on my inability to place the glasses on my nose and over my largish ears.

Now you know.

But all that’s changed as well. I love my new red rhinestone glasses. Fiddledaddy also got me a pair of pink wire rimmed spectacles as well. I guess he has grown tired of collecting me from the floor.

I wish the photograph showed me wearing my new red rhinestone glasses. The picture was taken on Christmas Day at my SIL’s house. I wore the glasses in to the party so that all could get the full affect of my sassy new makeover. But alas, when one wears their reading glasses, that are only meant for reading, while walking, it tends to distort focus a smidge. I ended up in the shrubbery. So I 86ed the glasses before the photograph.

High fashion comes with a price tag.

And since I sort of have it goin’ on from the neck up, it should also be noted that I’m back at the gym. I’ve been reluctant to discuss it, for fear I would quit. And be left with egg on my face. And cellulite on my butt. When the going gets tough, I often curl up on the sofa with a pair of Hostess Cupcakes.

And that, my friends, has changed as well. For almost 2 months now, I’ve been hitting the gym at 5:15 AM, people, AM, 3 times a week. And now, it’s been bumped up to 4 times a week.

Because evidently, Rum Balls are fattening. And addictive. Who knew.

And hold onto your hats folks. I LIKE WORKING OUT NOW. I know. And it’s not the rum talking. I have always been a self-professed hater of anything exercise related. But something really odd is happening. I’m not losing weight. It’s not about the weight anymore. I’m getting stronger.


We do about 20 minutes of cardio (treadmill, bike, and stair climber) and 45 minutes or so of a DVD series called “P90X- Extreme Home Fitness”. After the first week, I prayed for death. But then, my stamina increased. And I started to ENJOY THE WORKOUT.

Color me shocked.

My makeover has done wonders for my self esteem. I was getting use to feeling all housewifey and frumpy. I’m sure none of y’all know anything about that! Finally. FINALLY, I’m taking steps to feel better. I know that if I feel good on the inside, everything else will fall into place.

The next thing I need to tackle is my closet. I have a moment of dread each time the doorbell rings, that it’s the folks from “What Not To Wear”.

And I’ll be wearing my pink Tigger overalls. On national TV.

But, I need to pace myself. My inability to part with old out of date clothes will be a post for another time.

Titled “I Have Underwear That Are Older Than My Children.”

Riveting, to be sure.

Well, I’m off to throw on some red lipstick so I can sashay out to the mailbox.  Y’all have a wonderful weekend!

39 Responses to A Christmas Makeover

  • Wow!! You work sassy very well! Can’t wait to see a picture with the rhinestones.
    Maybe that’s what I need to keep my face off the screen – new glasses.

    Kudos for keeping up with working out. Any chance you’ll do intercessory workouts? Hey, I need all the help I can get. 😉

  • Fantastic….and hot!!!

  • Great cut! Very, very sassay!

  • Isn’t it great to feel unfrumpified?

    Maybe I need a new hair cut and some sassy glasses…or maybe just red lip stick will do the trick?

  • Hot Tamale!

    Here’s hoping that love for working out will seep through my computer screen. Because I really WANT to work out. REALLY!

  • Work it, Mama! I like the new look 🙂

    And once I can off-load this little human inside in February, I’ll be heading back to the old treadmill myself.

  • Fiddledaddy is a very lucky guy! You look maaahvelous. Really you, do, I’m inspired. I don’t know about the getting up at 5:15 AM part, but the working out part I could deal with. Congrats on your hard work!

  • Wow your hair looks great. We must be kindred mommy spirits…I was thinking about cutting my hair the same length as motivation to lose the weight lol. I actually asked for a gym membership for christmas this year and my husband was brave enough to get one for me! As soon as I make time to use it I will start hopefully next week. I have a home daycare with extra kids this week. But in any case my poor husband looked absolutely terrified that I asked him for that for xmas…I think he thought I would club him on xmas morning lol.
    I love your blog…and wow it is awesome that you put on lipstick to go to walmart! I applaud you for that…I am still in my frumpy mom sweats. 🙂

    p.s. I want to see the red rhinestone glasses!

  • Fantastic haircut! I love it!

  • You look gorgeously sassy!! I am all sorts of inspired.

    Looks like a truly beautiful New Year is in store for the FiddleFamily.


  • Love the haircut! And you’ve also confirmed that it is time for me to do something other than eat. I need to do this workout thing that you speak of.

  • You look adorable! Love the new do. Way to go on the exercise front – I hope to get there one day…..

  • keep the changes coming, you look great! the closet thing-you can totally do it!

  • You look fantastic! And htat is awesome about the exercise. Funny how that happens, right? I actually miss running, and am looking forward to resuming it when I am done gestating. Have fun getting rid of the old clothes and finding new ones.

  • I am loving your sassy new haircut girl. I need a sassy new haircut. And red reading glasses. We sort of resemble. Seriously, I think we could be sisters. I don’t have a sister. Would you like to be my sister?

  • love the new hair cut. congratulations on learning to love exercise. i just know that having to get up at 5:45 each day would not convince me to love anything.

  • I’m into running…when the weather’s decent….which is rare in these parts. Lately I’ve been a slacker and it’s starting to show. Your post has inspired me to pull on my running clothes and get strong and healthy again!

    (just not at 5:45 a.m.)

    This, I think, is a much better solution for anyone than the treadmill-typing thing I mentioned at my blog.

    And you know, I almost wrote your name into the text of that post itself. I almost wrote, “I can just imagine FiddleDeeDee having a hey-day with this idea!” And then you commented! I about fell out of my chair with delight when I read your comment!

    Anyway, what with the sassy hair and the buff butt and all…you’re sizzlin’. No need for What Not to Wear, no sirree.

  • LOVE the new haircut! Any excuse to wear sassy red lipstick is a good one.

    I have consumed one to many rum balls myself…actually, mine were amaretto and I too hate to exercise. I’ve heard of the weird phenomenon you spoke of…actually liking exercise, but I still believe it is more of a myth. In the meantime, my treadmill sits collecting dust.

  • The haircut is indeed sassy. Add in the red glasses, and I bet you enter a whole new strata of sassy. Wow.

    And may your newfound enjoyment of exercise continue. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a workout I loved. It made all the difference. Fun is the key. For exercise. For life.

  • Love the sassy hair! I’m considering getting a little sassy myself in the next couple of weeks. My hair is as long as it has ever been, I think, and I’m ready to bite the bullet and get a bob. I understand that I’ll probably cry right afterwards, horrified at what I’ve done, but I also think I’ll eventually get used to it.

    As for the getting in shape part — I’m determined to lose the four pounds I’ve packed on in the last week, plus eight more. To that end, I have heavier weights and Santa brought me a Wii so I can be sporty. 😉

  • You go sassy girl! Good for you getting into the exercise routine BEFORE the holidays. Wish I had. Your hair looks darling. Love it. And I bet the red lipstick makes you even sassier!


  • Hi, I found your site from Rocks in my dryer. I really enjoy your writing, so I will stop again. keep up with your work out and the new you. you sound determined!!

    you go girl!!

    Happy New Year

  • Isn’t it amazing what a great haircut can do for you?!

    BTW, I was considering P90X. Does it really work? Is it really worth the dough? I want it, but I tend to get buyer’s remorse quickly. I’ve read all the reviews, but your opinion means more. Thanks.

  • Oh I am so glad you posted this. You look amazing. And the fact that you say you are feeling that way is even better. I have been hit over the head with the mommy frump stick for the last year and am starting to try to swim up for air. I actually dolled myself up for Christmas this year and even though I haven’t started on the lower 3/4 of me yet, just looking at the picture of me on my blog, looking a bit like a person I could maybe be again one day is inspiring. But like you, I am not ready to blog about that yet, I need some success behind (and in my behind) first. Looking forward to working out though…I am a long way from that.

  • Well,

    Aren’t you cute -makeover or not!

    This is my first time visiting you.

    How do it take me this long?

    I’ll be back tomorrow.

    Hey, I may come back again today!

    Sup-Fab blog.

    Love & Blessings, Alli

  • Amazing what a new ‘do will do for your outlook on life. It looks great. And yes I totally understand the work out at the gym thing, I actually enjoy a good workout, almost as much as I enjoy a good bar of dark chocolate.
    Oh and on another note, I enjoyed your blog….and have a unique understanding about your statement on having old undergarments!! Oh the stories I could tell!!!


  • you are to funny. I would for your input on this bible study i am doing over at my blog. check it out and tell me what you think. by the way i am still laughing. blessings

  • You look great! I can read that self-confidence in your writing, too! Happy for you. Maybe there’s hope for this self-proclaimed hater of exercise, too.

  • Sassy and GORGEOUS!!
    I’m hoping for a new sassy cut tomorrow myself.

    Sounds like you are feeling GOOD! I’m so happy for you. 🙂

  • If it would make my hair look that good, I’d be willing to wear PURPLE lipstick for crying out loud.

    Between your sassy new look and your enjoyment of your 5AM workouts, it really is going to be hard to remain friends with you.

    You are one HOT momma, and I’m not just referring to any fires your children may or may not have lit at your church.

  • Goodness! You are adorable! Very cute hair. Very cute.

  • My daughter cut her hair and donated it to locks of love a couple of days ago. Short and Sassy like yours, but without the bangs. She likes it, too.

    I can’t imagine liking the workouts, but you go, girl!

  • You look great. You know, they say some people never really enjoy working out, but they grow to miss it if they quit, sort of like not really loving to brush your teeth, but when you’re sick and you miss doing it, then you really want to. Congrats on everything.

  • Your blog is a joy to read! As soon as I stopped cracking up over your Tigger overalls I took a peek at your new do’ and how sassy you are! You look terrific 🙂

    Beware of enjoying your workouts…it’s fluff like that that leads to good health 😉

  • I agree, you look mahvelous. Love the haircut. I was on a roll with exercising until I got sick. After several weeks of continuing to walk 6 days a week and lift weights 3x a week, I went to the doctor and he told me to STOP exercising and get some rest. Then right before Christmas I fell on the ice and messed up my neck and back. It’s not been my month. Wish I had your talent for writing about it to make it sound hilarious! 😉

  • Giiirrrrllll do you have it goin’ on or what? Smokin’ hot! Or as my kids would say…Mad tight. From my understanding that means good! :o)

    Proud of you for getting pumped up. It does feel good to be strong and in control, doesn’t it?

    You Go Girl!

  • Oh, I was SO with you until you got to the part about tackling the closet. Sister, you are on your own there. And boy, I wish I lived closer. I still hate my workout – it’s nothing but pure, unadulterated duty. *sigh*

  • Awesome cut – it’s very flattering! I know what you mean about sassy. Back in October, I got mine cut short (3rd time in the past 5 years or so). While I still had long hair in my bio photo on the HSBA site, you can see my sassy, short “do” on my Heart of the Matter bio. No lipstick in the photo, but I have pulled out the old pink tube of Plum something. Can’t quite go red, though. 😀 http://heartofthematteronline.com/search/label/Dianne

  • I LOVE your look! You look darling!

    From a fellow WNTW candidate,