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Card Display, The Prequel

I’ve gotten a number of e-mails from y’all asking about the particulars of making the Christmas Card Display I wrote about last week. Also, I’ve noticed a considerable number people landing on my blog after googling “Christmas Card Display” by my search string. Welcome to you all.

I also noticed a good number of you finding me using the search “popping zits.” Welcome as well. And I’m sorry for your plight. The particular post you would be looking for can be found here. But a word of wisdom. Don’t pop ’em. Otherwise you’ll end up wearing a flesh colored bandage on you face when you meet your future in-laws. Just sayin’.

Moving on. I needed to make my yearly Christmas Card display, so I captured the moment using MY NEW PINK SONY CYBER-SHOT that Fiddledaddy got me for Christmas. He gave it to me early. When he saw me attempting to post pictures from my dinosaur camera. He’s also hinted at giving me photography lessons. So, hang in there with me, I’m sure I’ll improve. With age. Like a fine wine.

dsc00143.jpgThis is the styrofoam board I use. You can find sheets of this stuff at any home improvement store. It’s very thin and light weight. You can also cut it to any size you wish. Mine are long and thin, because they were purchased to use as insulation for the interior of our garage door.

dsc00145.jpgNext, take a roll of wrapping paper, and pretend like you’re wrapping an over-sized piece of gum. Using a stapler. My trusty assistant, Carol Merrill (also known as Emme) demonstates.

Behold. A giant wrapped, stick of gum. You know, it occurred to me that you can also use fabric.


Embellish it as you wish. I use a simple fabric bow. Also, I use a length of fabric stapled to the back to hang it. Since I don’t want to make holes in the wall, I use removable Command Adhesive Mini Hooks. I keep a stash of these for emergency decorating projects. What constitutes an emergency decorating project? For example, hypothetically speaking of course, you’re having company, and you want to disguise an unsightly stain on the wall.

dsc00158.jpgYou can make as few or as many of these as you need. Depending on how many cards you typically receive. To date, I only need one. I suppose I could use some of last years cards to feel more popular. But, if my friends are anything like me, and I know many of them are, I’ll be getting Christmas cards long past New Years. And perhaps closer to Valentines Day. An excellent way to prolong the season.

Happy decorating, my friends.

6 Responses to Card Display, The Prequel

  • Oh — I’m so glad you went into more detail.

    I’m going the lazy route this year and I’m sticking them in a box. It is a cute box — none the less — but definitely not as festive as your neat o’ idea.

    So — popping zits huh? I think I need to go do some reading. Seeing as I’ve got a HUGE one on my nose — just in time for all those holiday random photos. ::sigh:: Calling me Rudolph is NOT even funny.

  • this is very cool way to display cards – you will see me stealing this idea next year. 🙂

  • What a clever idea! I’m so doing this next year.

    Glad to know I’m not the only one whose Christmas cards are still sitting on the kitchen counter and will probably go out after Christmas. I plan to cross out Merry Christmas and write in Happy Easter. LOL

  • Wow! Very Crafty!!!! I will have to try that next Christmas!!!!

  • I made a version of these years ago for my daughter’s bedroom using fabric matching her sheets and she uses them as bulletin boards. I also took a large old frame and cut the board to fit inside and covered it. Paint the frame to match the fabric. Teens love them. Cheap decoration for kids rooms or a dorm room.

  • Oh that is such a fabulous idea, I only wish I’d have seen in 3 weeks ago!