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Bloggy Christmas Tour of Homes

I’m late to the party, I know. I use to be punctual. Before giving birth. You could set a clock by me. Now you can’t even set your calendar. The minute my period was late because of my firstborn, it was all over. Punctuality wise. Punctuality. Period.

I crack myself up.

Welcome to my corner of the world. Armpit, Florida. At Christmas time.


This is not our house. It belongs to our neighbor. He decorates enough for the rest of the street. All we need to do is hang a simple wreath on the door. Anything more is overkill.


This is my wreath. I made it myself. Me and my fabulous bow-dazzler.


Behold my Christmas village. If it gets any larger, we’ll have to move. I spend the better part of my day cleaning hotwheel cars off the snow.


The church looks very much like the one Fiddledaddy and I were married in. That’s us standing in front. I’ve never looked more svelte.


I love our tree. We found it at a garage sale before we had kids. Set us back $40.00. These days, it is only adorned with non-breakable ornaments. I birthed a climber on the third try. This tree looks good laying on it’s side as well. Just sayin’.


My favorite non-breakable ornament. It’ a golden replica of the famed Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas. Much of my family is from there. The doors closed many years ago. It sits empty now. And is rumored to be haunted. A wonderful landmark. I spent many summer days there swimming in the pool when I was a kid. I don’t think it’s haunted. I think it’s just lonely.


The producer of this play, “A Christmas Carol”, made these ornaments for the cast. Fiddledaddy and I were both in it. A hundred years ago, when we first started dating. The first time. I did the play in roller skates. Fiddledaddy was forced to wear tights. He looked really good in tights. The attraction was immediate.


My precious mother-in-law made this for us right after we were married. I added the bow. Again, a bow-dazzler moment.

I would love to serve y’all my Rum Balls. As long as you’re planning to stay awhile. hic. And take a look here to check out my clever Christmas card display.


Thanks for stopping by. And thank you Boo Mama for hosting this bloggy tour.


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