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Christmas Cards On Display

For years, I simply taped our Christmas cards that we received to the wall. Granted, I used blue painters tape, wrapped so that it didn’t show, OR peel the paint off the wall.

The term you’re searching for is “poor white trash.”

And every year, the display was hideous.

A couple of years ago, I tried a new approach. I wanted to make my card display look nice. A new concept to me, to be sure.

I took two light weight pieces of styrofoam that I had used for insulation on my garage door. Again, you might be thinking, “pwt.” But to my credit, I had glued them to the interior of the garage door. And two happened to have fallen off. That’s when I had a flash of brilliance. A) I need to invest in better glue, and 2) since I hate to throw anything away, I’ll recycle the styrofoam.

I covered my two pieces in pretty wrapping paper. This last year I used gold. (I buy my paper the day after Christmas with all the other idiots who can’t resist one last good deal.)

Okay, idiot is too strong of a word. Especially since I’ve just lumped myself in with them. Thrifty. That’s much better.


After wrapping the boards, I attach a pretty fabric bow to the top (made from my amazing bow-dazzler) and hang the whole thing on the wall. Since it’s so light weight, I can use those easy remove adhesive clips. Then, as the cards pour in…okay, all four of them…I attach the cards to the papered board hanging on the wall. Using blue painters tape, of course. Because some habits are just hard to break.



You can have one, or add more papered boards, depending on how popular you are. Or aren’t. Whatever.

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20 Responses to Christmas Cards On Display

  • You are a genius. “Pwt” is a new one, so I did not think it at all. I thought, “heyyyy. that just might work!’

  • Yes, I’m a genius now, But before, what with the taping of the cards to the wall, well, “pwt.”

    Genius might be too strong of a word, though. I have momentary flashes of brilliance. Few and far between. 🙂

  • I thought taping cards to the wall was totally cool. Now I’ll have to fine something else to do with mine. Although this year I’m only getting two because I didn’t send out any…

  • This is a great idea – very green as well as practical

  • I am a newly wed – my first Christmas in my own home… and I could not come up with what to do with the Christmas cards! Taping to the wall seems good enough to me… maybe the door frame?

  • I LOVE your idea! It’s really cute! I personally have mine on the wall with thumbtacks right now..so you may be ahead of me on the hiding of the tape! LOL

  • Makes me want to send you one of our cards so we can have a “pwt on pwt” cardapalooza!

    I will be using this excellent, thrifty, better-than-looped-tape-stuck-to-the-wall idea. Many thanks!

  • I still tape mine to the wall. They don’t look TOO bad, do they?

  • Good idea! I always taped them with scotch tape to the door frame, especially if we had a double wide one between two rooms. So far this year we’ve gotten 4 Christmas cards, so they are still standing on top of the computer desk. 🙂

  • I don’t think you are PWT. I think you are brilliant! I do the tape to the wall thing, but your idea is so pretty!

  • Pretty good Idea….I usually stand them up on the book shelves or the TV or the mantle, but I really like this idea….too cute! Mine usually end up laying wherever they are…I guess they get tired of standing!

  • Adorable! Thanks for sharing your Chrismas cheer!

  • That’s a great idea! Last year we hung wide, wire-edged ribbon on the kitchen cabinet doors, and then attached the cards to the ribbons. Looked nice. 🙂

  • That’s a very clever idea, Deedee. I just use a small red woven basket. We gets lots of Christmas Letters (which I love) with no cards. Tacking them up in any form would look like a bulletin board.

    One of my DH’s business associates, who owns his own business, kicked up the Christmas Letter a notch this year and sent out a professionally printed embossed cover 16 page booklet. It has a page about each of their seven young adult adopted children, pictures with captions and their world wide activities and volunteer foundations they are involved with.

    Makes my two page letter with pictures look simple, which it is. 🙂 We don’t send anything to them anyway.

  • What a great idea! Thanks

  • Okay, up until last year I was doing the PWT tape cards to the wall thing right along with you, then I too felt like it was a bit of an eyesore in my otherwise immaculate home (snort!). Anyhoo, last year and this I was just putting them in a little sleigh basket but I miss being able to see them. Your idea is very clever. Too bad I am too lazy to do it. 🙂 Someone should make something for this & sell it.

  • What a cool card display idea! You could probably even hang it up with a loop of ribbon hanging from the back. I like it. I like it alot.

  • We punched holes in the corners of the cards with our newly purchased holepunch (we are still in the first blush of love with it) and hung them from the Christmas light wires on the inside of our window frame. I envision cards dangling across the whole span of the window. We have two cards already… wait, how many days left til Christmas?!