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Future Princess Brides

So far, no photographs have surfaced of my micro mini skirt worn at The Wedding last weekend. Imagine my disappointment. And since I forgot my own camera, I’ve had to rely on the cameras of relatives. And since I know where they all live, I think they’re a little afraid of me.cewedding.jpg



Trish sent me this picture of my girls at the Yacht Club, where the reception was held. We headed outdoors to watch the dolphins frolicking in the water, and to pick out the type of yacht we would like on our Christmas Wish List. So that when we apply for membership to The Yacht Club, we have an actual yacht to show for it. Because our hot pink blow up rafts probably won’t get by the membership committee. Just a guess.

By the way, I found these dresses at Ross. Ten whole dollars each. I had to alter them, but the staples hardly show against the black velveteen.

13 Responses to Future Princess Brides

  • If they don’t allow perfectly good pink rafts, who needs ’em!

  • You are cracking me up….please don’t allow your girls to turn into subjects for the “What Not to Wear” show at such an early age with staples in their dress !!!!

    (in case you don’t watch it, they had a girl on there one day who all her clothes were held together by safety pins or staples!)

    But the dresses are beautiful…..I’m sure as pretty as the girls were / are, no one noticed your micro mini!

  • I love the dresses, what a deal! I envy you watching the dolphins. One of the things I still miss most about living on the coast are the dolphins. We saw a pod of them playing in the water this summer when we went home for a visit. We watched them until they swam out of sight, it was incredible! Ah well, there’s always next summer.

  • Delurking to say how beautiful the dresses are, and that I have loved the wedding stories. I am betting we all have some of those tucked away. Just not brave enough to share them. 🙂

    P.S. Princess Bride: Best.Movie.Ever. !

  • Awww, how sweet is that!!

  • Those dresses are precious! The picture reminds me so much of me and my sister as little girls.

    BTW-the wedding stories covered my laugh quota for the entire month. I owe you.

  • Bargains galore at Ross! Everybody tells me such great deals at Ross….but I have boys, and they NEVER have anything good for them;((
    The dresses are beautiful!

  • The dresses are beautiful- can’t believe you got them for only $10!

  • That is the sweetest picture. I love their dresses, and the scenery around them is great. I want to go there and watch the dolphins too! That sounds fun. 🙂

  • You are hilarious AND thrify and can wear a mini. Does your husband know what a gem he married?

  • How cute.
    Have the net stripes on the skirt come off? Goober had a dress like that and the strips of netting came off. I returned the dress. So now we have lovely pictures of her at a piano recital in a dress we no longer own.

  • Beautiful! And thanks for the reminder – I’ll have to go check Ross for my girls’ Christmas attire.