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Black Friday

This morning I grabbed my vat o’ coffee and bolted out of the door at 6AM. mbe0003.jpgWhich was late by my estimation. I’ve never done the whole “shop on Black Friday thing.” I KNOW! How did I make it to my mid-to-late 40’s without this experience. I mean, I had heard about it. But was too chicken to try it.

Until today.

My only planned stop was Bed, Bath, and Beyond, to take advantage of their “20% off your entire purchase extravaganza.” Because Fiddlemama’s cookware was looking rather sad. And I’m a new Calphalon believer. So, I was all “Merry Christmas to Mama!” Ho, ho, ho.

I didn’t feel the least bit guilt ridden, as the rest of the people in this house benefit GREATLY from my cooking. And a good cook needs good tools.

I can justify nearly anything.

It’s a gift.

I did end up in A.C. Moore’s with a 50% off coupon (plus my 10% Teacher Card) to pick up a little something for the kids. Because I’m not heartless. And then I sauntered into Wal Mart to see what the fuss was about. I walked out of there with two cartons of milk. And my dignity. Regular price.

I plan on making this a yearly event. Any tips? Ideas? What kind of finds did you all score?

20 Responses to Black Friday

  • I got to the mall at 2:40am, fought the crowds at the Disney store and noticed that the princess castle we bought a few weeks ago for the 3-year-old was now 1/2 price, so I snatched up another one and will be returning the first one. *And* I scored a free (tiny) snowglobe. What more could one ask?

  • The mere thought of leaving my house on Black Friday makes me want to scream.

    Plus, I don’t get up early unless someone is standing over me with a cattle prod.

    I’m more than happy to shop online on a day like this.

  • Don’t actually “do” Black Friday, but I do love hearing about everyone else’s great deals. Most of us here are still in our jammies. Is that sad?

  • The DH and I just got home from”looking” at cookware sets for our son who is single, and buying his first house. This will be his fifth move in a year. Up to now, all of his kitchen stuff fit in ONE box. Two dinner plates, 2 bowls, a couple drinking glasses, some silverware, a tiny saucepan, a big pot, and spatula and big spoon. His job keeps him on the road for 6 to 9 months a year, and he didn’t want to bother with anything non-essential.

    We only left the house at 11A , shopped at the Great Indoors, an upscale housewares store (not busy), another local specialty kitchen store (not busy), and Kohl’s, where the checkout wrapped half way around the main aisles of the store at 1 pm!

    We found a noticable difference in quaility in the Caphalon line between the Great Indoors and Kohl’s. I didn’t even know they had different lines, thought Caphalon was Caphalon. The specialty store had Emeril’s line and All Clad. All Clad is for serious chefs at $100 and up per piece. We didn’t buy a thing today.

    The DH said there was nothing that would make him stand in a line like the one at Kohl’s, but I bet he would if there were some stinkin’ deals on fishing equipment!

    This is only about the third time I’ve ever ventured out on Black Friday and I’m older than you. I prefer to shop Kohl’s late night sales when I’m one of only five customers in the store.

  • You are braver than I am…I would rather gnaw my left arm off than to go shopping on Black Friday. I think I would have to take a gun or at least a big stick.

  • Well, I had a few ideas and high hopes of getting out the door at 4AM, but needless to say, chose sleep over shopping. I’m not a morning person, I love a good deal, but didn’t see any reason to run out the door that early…spent the day relaxing, sipping coffee in my pj’s and watching a Law & Order marathon….pathetic I know….but I enjoyed it.

  • oh my word. we went to a midnight sale at Schottensteins… crazy madness. my mom (whole lives in another state) went to Wal-Mart late today (10:00) and found that whoever had set up the computer scan programs had made a major boo-boo… laptops that where on sale for $249.00 had rung up for $2.49!!!!

  • I go every year, and this year I took my mom. We waited until close to 7 when all the “crazy” people had already moved on. We went to WalMart and Target, both close to my house and nowhere near the mall. I’m not even brave enough to try the mall. It was not crowded, the clerks were friendly, and I got almost all of the kids’ toys for close to half off, so I’m happy.

  • LOL Welcome to Black Friday Shopping DeeDee!! We were up at 3:25 and at Mervyn’s at 4am. We only went there for the CUTE hooded towels for Timmy and Gina.

    Then we picked up two friends who came with us to Khol’s where my husband got some watches for the grandpa’s in the famly. After that we were off to Toys R Us where they had those fun school books with CD-ROMS to match for 50% off, as well as their flash cards, which I knew was a geat deal for Timmy.

    We also picked up three other gifts for 50% off, but I can’t say what they are since my daughter is watching me type. (as I stick out my tongue at her) neener neener 😛

    After that we met with our friend, and Fire Inspector of our City, who heads up the Adopt-a-child program every Christmas. We adopt 100 children for Christmas and give them a special holiday that they won’t normally be able to have.

    So we braved the crowds at Wal-Mart where we were given a GREAT deal there for the program. (Thanks Wal-Mart) 3 hours later we were checking out via the Sports Dept and walked out with 20 carts of gifts. The cashier offered to help wrap the gifts over the next few weeks, anyone want to come to a wrapping party?

    Then off to IHOP for breakfast and coffee. I tried to take a nap when I got home, but the kids wouldn’t have it. So I’m surfing the blogs.

    Glad you had fun DeeDee!!! We do this every year!

  • You’re a braver woman than I am. The last time I went shopping on Black Friday, I was a teenager and my mother made me. There’s no way I’d go anywhere with that many people milling about. I just stayed home and wore my new fuzzy jammies all day. 🙂

  • My advice…stay in bed until 6 and then go. Once the first waves go in it isn’t that bad. I quit going to black friday when I figured out I was saving such a small percentage that it wasn’t worth it.

  • This was my first experience with *early* shopping on Black Friday, since my husband had to work and I had little opportunity to shop kid-free. So, I took the opportunity and was up at 4:15 – in the Toys R Us parking lot at 4:50. My advice? Avoid Toys R Us on Black Friday. Yikes. I had no chance of getting what I went for, as the 200+ people in front of me in line were there for the same item. I gave up and went to Wal-Mart where, surprisingly, it was organized and well-stocked. The crazy thing is, I’ll do it again next year. I can’t resist a bargain!

  • I contemplated trying Best Buy, but saw people camping out at 11:00 on Thursday morning and said forget it.

    I did go to Michael’s (a craft store) at 6:30 Friday morning, when everything in the store was 25% off. I’m hoping to make most of the gifts we give this year!

    That was the extent of my Black Friday shopping; I might have done more if we weren’t budgeting over the next few paychecks. :>)

  • My sister and I go every year. Why pay all of that money for the kid’s presents when you can get them for so much less and do it all in ONE DAY? Besides, it is not as bad as it seems. It is actually fun!

    My greatest prize this year was a Operation Rescue Game which is the Cadillac version of the Operation game. We play lots of games in our home and the boys have wanted this one for a while. These are regularly priced for $18.99. We got it at Wal-Mart for $5.88 during the early bird sale!!

  • We had a mall here in the Dallas area open up at 1am. Not me…I slept in.

  • I find that paying full price more than outweighs being surrounded by crazy people willing to hurt you for a toy that’s half price! I’m just wondering where Amy lives that it’s actually fun!

  • I went shopping on Black Friday. A thing I swore I would never do. I managed to snag a huge, I mean huge coffee cup. No kidding, my face fits inside.

  • i don’t know if your cookware fits into the regular 20% off coupons but you must know that you can use as many coupons as items in your cart. I bought 5 candles last year and they accepted 5 coupons. They even take expired ones. check the fine print. hopefully this will let you catch a few more winks next time.
    I love reading your blog. Thanks for all the laughs!!

  • I look forward to Black Friday all year and got a late start this year at 5 am. I really didn’t find that many great deals around here, but got a couple when we were at the mall. I always go through all the flyers in the mail, circle what I am going for and then take it with me when I get to the store. This keeps me from buying something “because it was a really good sale” and keeps me focused on where I need to go. I absolutely love the Christmas music blaring and people laden down with packages. It puts me in the spirit of Christmas first thing!!! Congrats on surviving your first Black Friday shopping spree.

  • ok girls…first black friday tip


    second tip be prepared, have a game plan and a budget and stick to it.

    have all the ads w/ you @ all stores, target and wal mart will price match many of the other stores.

    i slept late this year and didnt leave the house till 5 30 and still got all but ICE AGE from my list.

    if you are looking for the big ticket stuff tvs, puters, etc the % you save is totally worth the wait overnight. ive gone as early as 11 the night before. i missed my laptop by 3 minutes year before last.

    have a shopping partner and either cells or 2 way radios to keep tabs on each other. malls arent nearly as crazy as the electronic type stores on BF
    my general rule is go early and finish first.