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Coming To You Live, From The Ocean Bottom

It figures. As soon as I opened my mouth about not getting sick, and how if the Mommy were to get sick, the whole boat was sunk.

Well, there you have it.

All five of us are now quarantined. And it just goes against my nature not to whine and complain about it. Did you all know that you can get a hangover from Nyquil? Apparently yes. Yes, you can.

We had to miss our Homeschool co-op Thanksgiving feast. Which was really a shame. The girls can cook! Emme was particularly devastated. After throwing a suitable fit, she began the negotiating process. Which she is perfecting. She batted her blue eyes at me, “Mom, if we can’t go today, then I think we should order takeaway from Carrabbas tonight.”

I pause for dramatic effect. Heavy sigh, with hands on hips, “Well, all right then. Carrabbas for dinner it is.”

Because I’m just that selfless.

She’s really good, that 8 year old. And she’s had years of practice.  Just after her 4th birthday, she went to see the dentist for the first time. The dentist told us that she needed to give up her binky, or her teeth would be misaligned. Thoughts of my own adult orthodontia hell raced through my mind. That night, well before bedtime, we broke the bad news. Pink Binky had to go. It was heart wrenching. We took a very very long time tucking her in that night. Reassuring her. Letting her know without a doubt that we loved her, and everything would be okay.

Fiddledaddy stayed in her room a little longer. I noticed that the sobbing had ceased. He came into the kitchen where I was slaving over the dirty dishwater. “Well, we’re going to Disney World tomorrow.”

I stopped washing. “Whose idea was that?”

“Hers,” he admitted.

Impressed, I resumed with the scrubbing. Oh yes, she’s good.

The other night I was tucking my now 8 year old into bed. The same 8 year old who is nearly as tall as I am, but still holds my hand in public, and thinks nothing of climbing into my lap. Unexpectedly she looked up at me and said, “Mom, sometimes I still miss Pink Binky.”

I brushed the curls from her face, “Me too baby girl, me too.”

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