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Face Up: A View From The Floor

Fiddledaddy received a package today. The Heelys arrived. In all of their size 10 glory. The children were dancing around him as he tried them on. With wheels locked firmly in place, he stood. And took a few tentative steps. When he wasn’t immediately zipping around the house, threatening the priceless family heirlooms, the children lost interest and wandered off.

He followed me out to the mailbox. Where he positioned himself at the top of the driveway between our two cars. And rolled down slowly. I lost sight of him for a moment, perhaps because I covered my eyes with my hands. But he remained righted. Later in the kitchen, he used me as his fulcrum as he glided deftly across the linoleum. Holding onto my arms. Which he nearly broke off. “The 8 year old who lives here makes it look easy, huh?”

A mid-life crisis usually involves something to do with wheels. Such as a fancy sports car convertible. Or as in the case of three of my brothers-in-law and one SIL, a motorcycle. I think I’m getting off easy. Not that we’re dealing with a mid-life crisis around here. No siree. I’m just speaking hypothetically. The only way we’re scoring a convertible is if Fiddledaddy takes a can opener to the Prius, and a motorcycle is completely and totally out of the question. Unless it has a sidecar. And airbags. And cupholders.

Secretly I love that my husband has gotten Heelys so that he can bond with his children. What an awesome Dad my children got. And I’m not all that worried about him. He’s agile. And fit. And just anal enough to practice until he gets the hang of it before taking them out for a public spin.

And besides, the insurance premium is all paid up.

The children started telling me how superior Heelys were to, say, roller skates. And I found myself pronouncing with confidence, “Sure pal, I tell you what, we’ll go to the roller skating rink and I’ll show you how it’s done.”

The words just hung there in the air, never to be retrieved. The gauntlet has just been thrown down. And run over by a pair of wheels. Now I have to put up, or shut up.

So, next week, it should come as no surprise to anyone in this house when the UPS guy delivers a package. A little something in a size 8 for mommy. And I won’t rest until I can find pink and white pompoms to decorate the laces.

To Be Continued…….

14 Responses to Face Up: A View From The Floor

  • Ah…the pom poms. My daughter is getting roller blades…well, she already got them, but we forgot them in KS so she has been separated from them for awhile. I should get a pair of old-fashioned skates and take her out for a spin.

    The baby would be safe strapped in her Snuggli with a helmet, right?

  • When my granddaughter was 10 and living with us, she wanted roller skates. Not to be outdone, I bought some for myself also. I tried them out on the kitchen floor. Wound up at the hospital with a severely sprained ankle and was on crutches for a week. Needless to say, the skates went back to the store. Grandmoms and roller skates do not mix.

  • My hubby ice skates pretty well. Unfortunately none of us do.Standing at the edge of the ice holding the barrier with both hands is not fun.Especially while hubby sails by calling ,come on just let go its easy. He does not have 2 kids holding on tight either side.I’d like to see him try sailing along then!
    Heelies are not looked upon with smiling eyes in shopping centres in the UK(except by the shops selling them).
    Someone elses children suddenly grabbing at you in an attempt to stop themselves falling is just not funny.
    I love your blog and the 100 things 🙂

  • I thought you were kidding about the heelys. I laughed so hard when I read this post this morning. Your children truly are blessed to have a father who cares enough to do that.

  • I thought I was the only one who looked for her own size when buying those for her kids…looks like I’m in good company.

    Blessings, Joanne

  • I was quite the skating queen in my day. Except I didn’t have a rink, I had to use the extra large parking lot at the campground where we lived.

    And I had a red and orange satin shortsuit that I appropriately wore with red wool tights. And my skates were red, white and blue. And my legs were the size of twigs. It was very attractive.

  • Nothing wheels off about your family, no sir.

    Because my hubby is a student pastor, he often suggests for parents to take interest in the things that interest their kids. You guys have taken this advice to a whole ‘nother level! (And I for one and proud to “know” the Fiddle Fam:)

    Skate on with your bad self.

  • You go girl! I’d kill myself.

  • Where is that “unsend” button, anyway? I’ll pray for you.

  • I love it! What great parents your kids have. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story.

  • I feel a flashback coming on! Many a Friday night was spent at the skating rink, hanging out with friends, and trying to learn to skate backwards. A feat I never accomplished. I can’t wait to hear if you find the pom poms.

  • Oh please wear some stretchy pants and fill them with Charmin or Cottonelle! I don’t need you needing new hips too. Actually I am quite jealous, those look like a whole lot of F.U.N.!

  • As clumsy as I am, I can’t imagine *anything* attached to the heels of my shoes that would make my feet move in unpredictable directions at varying rates of speed :::shudder::::

    But I’ll cheer you on!! 🙂

  • In order to be really cool, the pompoms must have little bells in them.