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Checking It Twice

A few weeks ago, I was attending the bridal shower for my niece. When I told my 6 year old daughter I was going to Katie’s shower, her eyes widened. “MOM, what about her (her voice then drops to a whisper as she cups her hand to her mouth) privacy?”

Sitting next to me was my SIL, Trish. We were at the gift opening portion of the festivities. The Bride-To-Be took great care not to break any ribbons. You know the old wives tale, for each ribbon that you break, that’s how many children you will have.

No one told me about that old wives tale. Because at my shower, I tore into each gift with all the excitement of a 6 year old at Christmas. If the tale held true, I would have 18 children. And live in a shoe.

Another interesting tradition is that as each gift is opened, it is then passed around for each shower guest to admire. Or in my case, covet. Trish and I lingered over each piece of cookware, and paid extra special attention to anything Pampered Chef in nature.

Trish sighed and said, “I want new stuff.” After 10 years of marriage and three children each, our cookware has seen better days. We reminded one another what it was like to “register” for new stuff before our respective weddings. What a thrill to point the gun at whatever our little bridal hearts desired, procure the typed list, and presto, have it appear beautifully wrapped, and in mint condition.

Dutifully, we handed the gifts back to the bride-to-be. It could have been such an ugly scene if she had to wrestle the pizza stone away from us. Even if we are related to the bride-to-be, everyone there knew we wouldn’t be above such inappropriate behavior.

And then in a flash of brilliance, which she’s known to have after a glass of Merlot, Trish had an idea. “Why not? Why can’t we go register for gifts. How fun would that be?” I began tracking with her. “YES! We register for things we really want, and give the lists to our husbands. Who are always asking what we want anyway.”

I have yet to complete my list. But, Trish ran with the idea and registered at Wal Mart and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Just the other day, her husband asked her what she wanted for her birthday. “Funny you should ask,” she said as she whipped out the file.

And now, with list in hand, he can purchase gifts for his wife year round. Gifts that she really wants. Because really, how many pairs of fuzzy house slippers does one need? (I’m using the example of the gifts my father gave my mother on this one.) This can encompass “Happy Birthday”, “Merry Christmas”, “I Love You and It’s Valentines Day”, “Happy Anniversary”, and “Thanks For Birthing All Of My Children.” Oh, and don’twfmwheader.jpg forget the occasional, “I’m Sorry, I Was Wrong Again” gift.

So, that’s my Works For Me Wednesday tip this week. An “I Wish, I Wish” list for the mommy. I’m getting started on mine, because I’ve been a very very good girl this year.

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19 Responses to Checking It Twice

  • Absolutely great idea and in time for Christmas too 🙂

  • I love him dearly but my husband gets me fuzzy slippers and/or a robe almost every year. We discussed Christmas the other day and I specifically requested “nothing practical”. I don’t know if he got the hint.

  • What a great idea. When we were newly married, I told my husband about a friend whose husband bought her practical, gadgety-type things that seemed more for him than her. Since then, I have my sights on practical things and he refuses to buy them. Sometimes they listen too well, our husbands.

  • I was thinking about that, you can make an Amazon wish list too. But I think it would be much more fun to run around Target with a scanner.

  • I’ve always thought that you really deserve all those presents after 10 years of marriage. I mean, what have you done, other than fall in love, to deserve them when you’re a newlywed? After 10 years, you’re a survivor.

    Of course, I didn’t feel that way when I was a newlywed with shiny, new cookware.

  • we do this… Every few months we update our Amazon.com wish lists with things we’ve seen around that we love. It then gets emailed out to our parents (Who seldom buy anything for us) but also to each other… It’s so handy and really simplifies a lot of things.

  • How clever! I love it. My Hubby is one of those Christmas Eve shoppers. A list like this would be very helpful for him. 🙂

  • What a great idea! I love it! Gotta run and get me registered!

  • BRILLIANT, I say! Absolutely brilliant.

  • I’ve done that. Last year. For my birthday. Which happens to be next week. DH STILL called me from Walmart the day before my birthday and asked me where he could find this or that and did I mean I wanted this color or that style and he just can’t find the exact thing I wanted so he will just get this other thing instead. Sigh. I tried.

  • Super idea!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • What a fabulous idea! Plus a fun way to spend a free evening! (whatever those are!)

  • You know you can make a wish list/register at Pampered Chef? I would be happy to help you with your Christmas wish list!


    Get what you REALLY want this Christmas!

  • I think this is a fab idea. My husband rolls his eyes every time I have brought it up in the past. I think I’ll do it anyway.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  • I leave hints on my blog 🙂 He reads it and he’s pretty smart, so we’ll see if it works. Of course, he also hates it when I give him hints because then he thinks it’s unoriginal. But I can’t seem to help myself!

  • My aunts and I discussed this very thing once, said we should have a “you made it 20 years” shower for each other.
    My husband shops Christmas eve. He says that way there isn’t a lot of choice. Most stores are about sold out and if they have one sweater in my size left thats what I will get. No worries about what color or style…there is usually only one.

  • I LOVE this idea! I’ve created Christmas lists for my girls at Target.com, but I just never thought about doing one for ME!

    GREAT idea.

  • Great idea for my birthday in january.
    When the day is near my mind gets blanc with ideas for presents.
    I now know plenty. LOL!


    Feel welcome to visit my tip ::here::

  • wishlist.com is my best friend. They give you a little button for your tool bar so when you find something online that you really want you can just click on the button and add it to your list.