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Striking Below The Belt

If you’re not a television viewer, you’ll want to move on to another blog right about now.

I’m sure you’ve all heard in the news about the Writers Strike. Especially if you’re a fan of late night television. Let me tell you right up front that I am pro union. Especially the entertainment unions. I was a member of the Screennews.jpg Actors Guild for many years. And before that, I worked as a nonunion performer for a number of years. So, believe me, I’m behind the union.

I have a number of people close to me who are affected by any performer’s strike. So, I keep informed. And in the entertainment industry, if one faction strikes, it affects everyone. We’re seeing this with the Writer’s Strike.

The same thing happened nearly 20 years ago. Right when I was a youngish doe-eyed ingenue moving my scared self and my already angry cat into the throws of Los Angeles. That strike lasted 5 months. And forced me to become a Legal Secretary for a year.

On the bright side, my typing skills improved dramatically. Greatly enhancing my blogging skills some 20 odd years later.

But, I’m left with more than a few reservations about the legal system.

Friends and family are bracing for the long haul in this one. And I support them. Although, the thought of more reality television programming is enough to make me want to read more books. As well I should.

But, recently, a tidbit of news made me choke on my morning oatmeal. My beloved shows such as “24”, “Jericho”, and “Lost” may not be airing as expected come January and February.

That’s hitting below the belt, people.

It was bad enough to make us wait until the start of the new year, but to prolong the agony? I can’t even remember what Locke looked like? Or if he died. Or if I cared if he died.

I think there will be some serious backlash in the blogging community. We’re accustomed to airing our dirty linens, and we’ll let those tightwad producers know that we’re watching them.

Do the right thing! Pay those writers for all of the computer downloads of shows they’ve written. You’re getting advertising on them, for the love of pete.

How is this strike affecting you? Or how will it potentially affect you?

And if you say that you don’t watch any television, I’ll know that you’ve never watched Jack Bauer torture a terrorist, while wearing a smokin’ tight t-shirt.

And you’re really missing out. I’m just sayin’.

31 Responses to Striking Below The Belt

  • Well, sad to say but true – it doesn’t effect me. I do like “24” but only when I can watch the entire season on DVD without the commercials and without waiting a week for the next episode. Of course, we haven’t watched it since the President shook the lady’s hand and collapsed in the street so I guess we’re due to rent the next season – I think that would be Season 3?

    Pay em people! Those writers are worth every penny – and I “heart” syndication. And Frasier reruns.

  • I am the only member of the “fam” not in SAG or AFTRA or some related behind the screen union and boy, do I remember the 80’s strike.

    On this one, I stand with the Writer’s Guild as well.

    On the flip side, if they do get a share, I’m sure it will be passed along in fees charged by the network heads through franchise fees to cable and satellite customers.

    It always rolls downhill.

    Fortunately, when I heard Janeane Garfolo (sp) will be joining the cast of 24 as a President, I started weaning myself from the thought of watching it anymore.

  • The only TV that I watch is what I can get on the internet.

    To many raunchy commercials for the men in my family. Gotta’ protect the purity of the men.

  • I am so mad about Lost!! And for 24, they can delay it a month or so. DH and I are still trying to catch up on past seasons. lol

    This strike is crazy… CRAZY!

  • NO!!! If Lost doesn’t come back on, I just might lose my left eyeball. I can’t handle this kind of stress. It’s the only thing I even watch on TV, besides Smallville. Which my mother tapes for me. But you didn’t really need to know that, right?

    I think my coffee is kicking in.

  • I think that it is completely pathetic that there are studio “big wigs” out there profiting off of the very thing which makes the show “sell” in the first place. It’s so sad that it’s gone this far…

    How is it affecting our lives? (other than our depression due to Lost…) we are doing a Black out. We are DVRing the few shows we do watch, until they run dry and then we are tuning out television until the strike is over. I am not going to allow my “need” for lame entertainment to put even more money in their pockets, rather than pay the heart behind their true successes.

  • Well, other than the loss of a season of 24 I really won’t be affected that much. I just see it as maybe God’s way of telling me, “Hey. Why don’t you pick up a book?”

  • What? No “LOST”? Haven’t the episodes already been written and filmed? I obviously don’t understand the implications of a union stirke, and should therefore set down the remote and find out. Thanks for the heads up, though!

  • I think I’ll just return to my book now. If you need some suggestions, just let me know.

  • Carrie: LOL! – that cracked me up!

  • The hubby and I rarely watch anything other than a Disney movie every now and then and the news, to see the weather. BUT, approximately 18 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, and 5 hours ago some friends borrowed us Season 3 of 24. I can only guess it’s like what happens when someone “borrows” you a little crack – you’re IMMEDIATELY hooked. So we finished season 3 and HAD to go get seasons 1 and 2 – and now we’re on season 5. Totally hooked. And I’m with you – anyone who hasn’t seen Jack Bauer torture someone while wearing that smokin’ tight t-shirt is totally missin’ out!

    Pay the writers!

  • Go union.

    I only watch things on dvd or online, so I won’t notice so much. But of course, it’s because of folks like me that this strike is necessary – writers still deserve their fair share for online shows.

  • Love “Lost.”
    (sounds like a book title)

    pay the writers! pay the writers!

  • I hadn’t really been paying attention to the writers strike until I found out that Heroes & our new favorite Chuck were going to be affected – waaaah! They need to resolve this now LOL

  • NOOOOOOOO!!! Say it isn’t so!? (sniff, sniff) 🙁 I can’t wait any longer for Jericho. ….. 🙁

    I’m with you. Give them the money!!

  • If I can’t have my 24 IN JANUARY when it has been ordained by all that is good and holy as being the perfect month for the debut of 24 . . . well, my arms just might fall off.

    (Probably they won’t really, but my friend’s five year old son introduced me to that expression over the weekend and I have been dying to use it. Seems appropriate here.)

  • Hello there…
    I am on the HSBA team so I kinda know you. lol

    I saw your cute banner on HSG and had to tell you. ; )


  • Until the strike starts to cancel new episodes of “Super Why” and “Blue’s Clues,” it won’t affect my daily life.

    But seeing as I also have friends in the union, I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. Most entertainment writers do so much grunt work for such little security. They should get what they are asking for.

  • I don’t see why the powers that be won’t pay the writers – without them they just have a bunch of nice looking people standing around saying nothing.

    I saw a sneak peek of 24 before the strike and ohmyword it looks good. I think Lost is losing people because I’m drawing a blank on who/what/where and why do I care. This is just cruel and unusual punishment.

  • I am SOOO put out about 24! But this is probably retribution because I was making fun of all the people who would soon be missing their soap operas…

  • LOST will only be airing 8 eps this season, which disturbs me to no end because I was already miffed at having to wait until FEBRUARY!!!!!

    My other faves, Scrubs & The Office have stopped taping and will be going to reruns when the eps run out. Sniff, sniff.

    Yes, we watch tv at our house.

  • oh and for the LOST fans like me who can’t get enough:



    🙂 I have issues, I know.

  • No! You know how much I am looking forward to the return of my Tony. Now I’ll have to wait even longer…ugh!!

  • This is very frustrating, pay the writers and get on with the show.:O)
    ~Anxiously waiting 24

  • I could care less about any of this. That was until you said there might no LOST! i am a good Christian woman, but pay the *#%* writers. I need my Lost

  • I’m too busy blogging to watch TV. Seriously!
    Your blog rocks. Glad I came by!

  • Yes, this really bites. I thought Lost already had plenty in the can, so I’m so sad right now. The Office is the one that really hits me where it hurts. 🙁 Jiiiiiiiiiim!

  • I have to admit that last year at this time I was languishing away on the sofa swallowed up in the misery of morning sickness. I needed some seriously good TV but there was nothing that could make me ‘zone out’ and forget I was alive… until, my brother – who is a dyed in the wool ’24’ fanatic – talked me into watching season one of ’24’ which he has on DVD. (He actually has all the seasons on DVD… this man needs a life!)

    I was mesmerized by Jack Bauer! I watched the entire season in two days. Then season two, then three… well, you get the idea. I am forever grateful to Jack Bauer and his smokin’ tight t-shirts! They gave me a reason to go on living!

  • My dd just started whining about the strike today, and I’m like “who’s striking?” No, I did sort of hear about it, I just didn’t pay attention because I watch whats on when its on, IF I ever watch tv. And usually it is on the computer. If it isn’t on, then I don’t watch. I prefer to blog or read. Not that Jack Bauer isn’t the awsomest terrorist interogator!

  • My husband posted this and I thought you might be interested. http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=1421

  • Hi DeeDee,

    Just wanted to say that your blog is the highlight of my day! You always make me laugh!!! There’s so much gloom and doom in everything else I read! Thanks for being a light in the dark!! I have recommended your blog to lots of my friends. You are becoming famous here in Columbia, SC!!!! And, I too am wearing my black as I mourn for the loss of Jack Bauer. My husband and I will have to figure out another activity for date night. That’s the one show we both LOVE and so we dvr it and watch it together commercial free after our boys are in bed! We got hooked when we rented the first series from Blockbuster. We watched the entire first series in one sitting, staying up all night!! Ok, ‘nuf said! Thanks again for your blog!!!