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It Would Seem I Ramble When Self Medicated

I’ve been wanting to sit down and post something all day. But I find that when I sit, my muscles (and I use that term loosely) harden, making it impossible to rise again. And lifting my arms to type on the the keyboard has just been out of the question. It’s only after a Tylenol PM that I’ve had enough mobility to try it.

So, I’m not responsible for content.

Twice this week I’ve been up at 4:45 AM to arrive promptly at the gym by 5:15 AM. Twice. And it’s only Wednesday. This morning we did the yoga DVD. I thought “piece of cake,” a little deep breathing, a little stretching, I’m home free.

Yoga is dead to me now. First of all, it’s not natural to expect someone to be able to twist into a pretzel, and still exhale. And what is that “dying dog” pose about, anyway?

It’s just wrong.

And worse, I’ve gained a pound.

But, let’s call it muscle. Which weighs more than fat, so I’ve heard.

I am very muscular.

No, I’m not giving up. Because as bad as I feel, it feels good to do something positive by way of relieving stress. Not that a handful of Almond Joys won’t do the same. I’m just sayin’.

In other news, there’s a bit of controversy brewing over the Homeschool Blog Awards site. Nominations have begun this week, and the rules were posted on Monday. A few of the kids in the schoolyard don’t care for the rules. And they are throwing bricks to display their displeasure.


I’m rather vocal about how I avoid conflict. I’ve made it an art form. My favorite coping technique. Which is why God paired me up with Fiddledaddy, I suppose. We balance each other out nicely. He would be captain of the debate team. While I’m the timid hall monitor. Avoiding the bricks. It’s bad, y’all. If I see a girl scout selling cookies, I will cross the street to avoid saying “no.” Well, that may have more to do with my complete absence of will power. Bad example.

I really do forget how protected I feel in my little corner of the blogosphere. My commenters are both homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers, and both Christian and secular. We’ve all found a common ground in that we love our kids, and feel the absolute necessity to laugh at life. To keep from crying in the coffee. You guys are fun. And you keep it clean, in case little eyes are peering over my shoulder.

Because I had to go and teach them to read.

I so appreciate all of you who regularly stop by. You inspire me. And make me laugh. And no one throws any bricks around here. I consider It Coulda Been Worse to be a family friendly blog. Even though I’ve been known to leap over the bounds of good taste. Blogs are a lot about a forum for expressing yourself, wherever you are in your life. Next week I may become really insightful. But I doubt it.

I’ve been privy to some of the more hateful comments that have been lobbed at the gals who put the Homeschool Blog Awards Site together. It’s been eye opening, ot say the least. I’ve followed a few links out of morbid curiosity, and I now wished I hadn’t.

The blogs I regularly visit are ones that are uplifting and inspiring. And really really funny. It’s a personal choice for me. Not something I would even begin to dictate to someone else. As far as the blog awards site goes, I’m just a contributor once a month, so I’m not one of the ones that are putting in all of the time and effort. Those ladies are awesome. They put so much of themselves into the site, and not just to put the awards on, but to support and uplift homeschoolers throughout the rest of the year.

Even within the homeschool community, we have different factions. And we all homeschool for different reasons. I so hope the ugliness that I’ve seen stops. Because, I think we can find a common ground in that we are putting considerable time and effort into our children’s education. And it’s all about the kids.

Coincidentally, I had one of my worst homeschool days ever today. And I began looking into boarding school for my children.

I’m only half kidding.

Military school seems a much better solution.

And that’s as controversial as I’m going to get on Tylenol PM.

28 Responses to It Would Seem I Ramble When Self Medicated

  • I know nothing about homeschooling, both my kids went to public school. But I’m with you – you are fun to read, write about real things in real life and with the satisfying background that you are a believer. Keep it up and don’t let the negatives get you down.

  • Well said, girl!

    I have enough ick in my life; I have no need to spend my free time reading controversy and yucky stuff that in the grand scheme of eternity means squat.

    Blogging and my incredible circle of non-controversial bloggy friends have been wonderful blessings to me. And you are one who has blessed me, so thank you! 🙂

  • I took my first Advil PM on Sunday night and it was great 🙂 I slept from 8 pm until 6am. I’m assuming the baby slept too because I certainly didn’t hear him if he didn’t!

  • Just come sit with me and we’ll avoid conflict together. While we eat Girl Scout Cookies. It’ll be fun.

  • Girl Scout cookies??? What? Did I miss it again? Oh, man…..now I really want one!

    I too, am clueless to the home-schooling thing but my hat is off to ya! I go to work just to get AWAY from my children….was that just plain awful or what??? HAHA!

    What’s hilarious is that I’m going to school to be an elementary teacher but there is no way I would ever be disciplined enough to teach them at home.
    Well they might learn all about Bo and Hope on Days of Our Lives….does that count???? HA!
    I love your blog…even if you are medicated!

  • i agree. why bother blogging if it’s going to be as ugly as real life. hey, this is my escape and everyone is nice where i blog. i hope it stays that way. sorry you and the other award people are having this conflict right now.

  • I have been blatantly avoiding the comments on the hsba site for just that reason–I hate conflict. In fact, I haven’t even bothered nominating anyone because I hate to put them in the middle of that craziness. Plus the fact that little eyes that read VERY WELL are often peaking over my shoulder (I too often wonder why I taught them to read–it makes browsing through blogs and hitting the Stumbleupon button a dangerous habit.) I hate when people et all not child friendly on their blogs–because even though their language (which I find dull and unimaginative) doesn’t really offend me, I can’t allow myself to visit if it is a possibility for the sake of those little eyes–plus it makes their site dull and unimaginative, and sad. Plus I don’t really enjoy crude jokes and all that and often that is the sort of thing found over in those corners of the net. Sigh. Anyway, I avoid conflict because I am no good at arguing and it just makes me cranky–so does my husband–our arguments are rather silent and riddled with quietly doing nice things for each other to make up for being mad. We are pathetic. I hope no one ever takes us to court. Ick.

  • There is a homeschool blog award site?

    Cool…….or not.

    I’ll just stay here with my box of Thin Mints.

  • I feel you pain. Literally. I’ve recently joined the Y and no, you can’t take any more weight off the bicep curl machine. Pathetic. Keep your chin up (if you can) – my husband says the second day after a work-out is the worst. After that it gets better.

  • I haven’t been to the Homeschool Adwards sight thingy, but I totally feel you on the avoiding conflict problem! I can’t tell you how many charities I’m supposed to be mailing letters for, sending checks to, and ordering stuff from. It’s a disease, I tell you.

  • I just went and checked out the blog and comments you were talking about. I find it interesting that a couple of the comments were written anonymously. I am a teacher in the public schools. All teachers, and that includes homeschooling parents, have a difficult job, but the ones I have met and talked to do it because they love it. Keep up the good work ladies. My attitude about homeschooling has changed a lot since I began reading your blog.

  • I look forward to reading your posts everyday. Keep up the entertaining work!

  • It’s a shame some people have nothing better to do than lob grenades over the fence at people trying to do a good thing. I love coming to your blog to laugh and sympathize and be inspired. I don’t homeschool – but praying the Lord gives me a way to do so with my new little guy. I’m a little worried about how quick he’ll be smarter than me… My 15 year old passed me up in math about 5th grade! Right now I still work outside the home. Don’t let ’em get you down, girl! You do a great thing here!

  • Funny. I just wrote an entire post about a different internet brouhaha that’s brewing right now.

    I, too, tend to scream “Play nice!” at the screen. It doesn’t seem to help, does it.

  • I’ve always heard you can gain a little when you first start exercising…at least that was the excuse I always used.

    Thanks for your blog, I homeschool my twins and I can always laugh along with you! There are always those days! But after having some experience with other schools, I realized that they have days like that too!

  • Huh. I’ve missed out it seems on all the controversy. That is surprising. I usually find myself right smack dab in the middle of it. I guess hiding under my rock is helping. LOL

    Have no shame about crossing the street when faced with a girl scout. I hide in the kitchen, or on the living room floor…right in front of the door…when the Schwans’ man comes to call.

  • You are a sweetie, DeeDee. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope people won’t stay away from the Homeschool Blog Awards just because some kids are outside the playground fence throwing a few handfuls of gravel. That would be exactly what the trouble-makers are wanting… to keep others from enjoying the fun.

    I applaud you for being able to type on Tylenol PM. I also am nominating you for funniest HS blog.

    I can always expect a smile here. “I’m just sayin'”.

  • I so get the military school concept / desire. Some weeks I find myself looking online at the various military boarding schools. . .

  • I understand the need for Advil/Tylenol PM…. for the sake of info – Advil PM is not as bad on your liver as Tylenol is over the long haul…. 🙂

    rest well!! and good job on the yoga… i may try it soon….. or not:)

  • I didn’t even know there was a Homeschool Blog Awards. I’m using my blog(s) has therapy because I can’t afford it. And since I’ve proven I don’t have a backbone I’ve just been quivering in a corner called life.

    DeeDee, I’ve read some of your articles and big, puffy heart your blog. You are amazing on many levels. Keep going at it, encouage the gals that run the other blog, and remember the power of the delete button! 🙂

  • Oh, too funny! I hate saying no, and I also hate being told no, because I feel like if I’m being mean to put you in a place where you have to say the dreaded word. So, something must be wrong with me to have not realized ahead of time that you wouldn’t be able to do what I was asking 🙂 How’s that for whacky logic?

    People find something to lob bricks over about homeschool awards?!?!

  • I know nothing about the HS cite thingy…and glad I don’t. *sigh* but don’t make me sad just thinking about it.

    Reminds me of James 4:1 What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?

    anyway…. I certainly enjoy my time here! And BTW I’ve done it all, public school, Homeschool and private school…my poor children!!!

  • I read your blog daily, cuz.you.crack.me.up and sometimes I feel like I need a little “cracking”. Thanks for your “insitefulness”……

  • Y’all are AWESOME! Made me forget my aching muscles.

    Well, that’s not true. But your comments have certainly made me smile!

  • I am the Queen of Denial! I hate conflict and avoid it as much as possible. Which is not always good to tell you the truth. I am learning that. And it is a painful lesson at times. Sigh.

    I must leave you now because I’m going to watch Oprah! Do you know why? Cuz she’s gonna have like 100 Osmonds on her show today!! Double sigh.

  • Occasionally, I roam around unchaperoned in Blogdom, and I’m struck by how insulated we in certain circles are. I’m torn between putting myself out there more to make connections, or just staying “safe.” It’s very weird. I don’t like confrontation. I don’t like even mild swearing. But I don’t want to live in a bubble where everybody seems perfect, either.

  • Makes you wanna make a big fat snowball and smack ’em in the noggin doesn’t it? If they don’t like the rules they can start their own HS blog awards.I’ll bet they don’t once they realize how much hard work it takes to coordinate it all.

    I have been adding your blog here to my daily decompression time DeeDee. You help me relax and let my hair down. Although I have been losing so much hair I hope I keep it for a bit longer. ;O)

  • You managed to come up with a fascinating post here, F-D-D! Had no idea about the controversy in homeschooling-bloggie-ville, and I’m sorry that it’s happening. And I’m with you and conflict, well, except for conflicting with my debate-team-husband (sounds like we married similar guys). I’ve learned to fight quite well with him. (Sigh…)

    Keep it coming. Always!