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The Thank You Note

When you receive a nice gift for your birthday, good manners dictate that a prompt thank you note follow. At least this is what I’m trying to instill in my children. After Cailey’s birthday bash a week ago, we sat down to write the notes of gratitude for such wonderful gifts. And happily, it doubled as our handwriting practice for the day. Since Cailey can only read short vowel words at present, and her spelling is limited, we composed the notes together, I wrote them out on index cards to copy, and she wrote the actual note.

It was a good plan.

The following is what I wrote out for her to copy for the gift that her devoutly Catholic grandparents gave to her.

“Dear Nana and PopPop,

Thank you for coming to my party. And thanks for my cute shirt!


This is what actually made it onto the thank you note:

“Dear Nana and PoPop,

Thank you for coming to my cute sh**!”


Yes, she spelled it out. I did not so that I would continue to be a family friendly blog.

No, she has never heard “that word” before in her short little life. Only because she can’t read my mind.

No, I didn’t have her correct it. I sealed it in the envelope and off it went in the mail. I told my MIL that her thank you note would be forthcoming.

I suspect I’ll be getting a phone call when her mail arrives Monday.

This will surely propel me to my rightful place as “favorite daughter-in-law.”

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