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Someone To Watch Over Me

This week our homeschool group was meeting at the playground for a little of that all important socialization. The kids are all different ages and sizes, and usually play really well together. At one point in the afternoon, Cailey came up to me and collapsed in my arms. Large crocodile tears trailing down her red and sweaty face. I asked her what was wrong, and finally she was able to tell me that an older boy she was playing tag with, said to her, “I hate you.” I held her tight, stroking her hair. I bit my lip in an effort to keep from unleashing the MOMMY SMACK DOWN on the boy who just hurt my daughter’s heart.

“Hate” is a word we’re not allowed to use in our home. Because of the likelihood it can and will be misused. So, it being a forbidden word in her 6 year old vocabulary, is the worse kind of insult a sweet princess-like girl can receive.

Now when Cailey cries, she can be heard for miles, so all the mothers came to check on her to see if an ambulance needed to be dispatched. Because her wailing sounded like she was surely dying.

The mother of the boy in question caught wind of the slight and she benched her son nearby. Cailey’s 6 year old cousin, Simon, came up to her and said, “Cailey, what happened?” Now Simon and Cailey are tight. Two peas in a pod. They get each other. Both being the middle child, and all. Through heaving sobs she got the whole sordid story out. “Who said that to you?” he demanded. She told him. His eyes grew wide, he shook his head, and kicked at the dirt. Knowing the boy was not only older, but BIGGER, I watched him wrestle with what he should do. After a moment or two, he sighed heavily, and marched over to the accused. “What did you say to my cousin?” Without waiting for an answer, he lowered his voice to an impressive octave and followed with “Don’t ever say anything bad to my cousin again.” And he turned and walked away. A little taller.

Blood really is thicker than water. And the desire to look out for the ones we love wins out over fear any day of the week.

Especially on the playground.

When Cailey starts dating, I’m sending Simon as a chaperone.  If Fiddledaddy can’t make it, that is.

21 Responses to Someone To Watch Over Me

  • Way to go, Simon! I’m not even her mother, but I was ready to do a little mama-bear blogging for your daughter!

  • Go Simon! That is so adorable!

  • Go Simon! His Mama is raising quite a gentleman.

  • What a wonderful story! I hope someone gave Simon the big high-5 for being so chivalrous!

  • Aww that is so sweet! I hope all my daughters have a Simon to stand up for them! 🙂

    Oh and I think that’s a great idea – not saying the word “hate” in your household. I’ll have to do that too when we have kids.

  • what a great story… I love it when kids really step up and show the world how great they are being raised… We parents need to see that from time to time!

  • Okay, I have no idea why, but this actually made me cry. The way he obvioiusly loves her and his outrage and protections, even in the face of an older child, just tugged on my heartstrings hard. How wonderful it is that she has a cousin who loves her like that.

  • No one messes with his girl!

    I love that chivalry is not dead, and young men still stand up for their ladies and for what is right.

    There’s hope for this crazy, mixed up world after all. Of course, it doesn’t all lie in the hands of a young boy on the playground; rather, in the hands of an empowering God.

    May He continue to embolden His followers to take courage and do what is right, no matter how big or small that follower is, nor how young or old.

  • My sister’s daughter has a friend she grew up with (the son of my sister’s bff) who is just as protective as your Simon. Those two are cut from the same cloth, despite not being blood-related. It’s funny to see.

  • that is the sweetest thing. don’t we all wish we had such a brave little cousin.

  • I dont like that word either

    Im sori this happened to Cailey

    Oh bless Simon what a wonderful cousin and boy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Awwww….the very reason I wished for a boy first! LOL But, that’s OK. Pojke is growing at such a rate he’ll be bigger than most of Flicka’s dates anyway! LOL

  • Oh DeeDee, I have tears in my eyeballs. Isn’t that simply the sweetest thing you ever saw!

    My Beanie is a wailer too. She can be heard for miles. I am sure she is screaming as loudly as she can in hopes someone will feel horribly sorry for her because her Momma sure doesn’t. LOL

    (not that I don’t feel sorry for her, usually though it is because of a consequence that she is wailing)

  • “Mommy Smack Down!” what a great picture that conjures up!

  • Every little girl needs a protector like that!

  • Well. That is just the most tender thing ever. I love it.

  • What a gentleman! And THATs exactly what I’m trying to train my sons to be like. Kudos to his mamma.

  • This made me cry, too. Reading about that little boy being so brave and loyal just really touched me. My oldest is six and he does stuff like this for his sister and would totally stand up for his friends.

    We don’t allow the word “hate” in our house either (although I’m probably the worst culprit!).

  • I agree Simon needed a huge HOORAY!


    His mommy and daddy need a bigger one!!!


  • That was a great story – I want a Simon for my little girl!!