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Big Brother

I sat on a blanket in the shade, near the dugout.  My two year old son was eating a cheese stick and wandered away from me to explore the perfectly manicured baseball field.  No need to race after him.  The park was completely fenced in, and I could keep my eye on him at the same time my two girls were practicing their soccer moves nearby.  Jensen looked very small standing alone between 1st and 2nd base.  Nibbling on a cheese stick.  A few moments later, his 3 year old cousin joined him on the field.  They faced one another.  And discussed whatever it is that a two and three year old talk about while standing in the middle of a lonely baseball field.

Then Jensen dropped his cheese stick in the dirt.  A small cloud of dust rose from the ground where the snack landed.  While still facing one another, both cousins stood completely still, gazing down at the cheese stick.  In the dirt.

Oh please God, don’t let either one of them pick up that cheese stick and eat it.  You know my sprint isn’t what it once was, and I’ll never make it out there in time.  And besides, it’s so nice here in the shade.”

After a minute or two, Jensen lost interest and walk away.  His cousin remained, still staring at the discarded cheese stick.  He took a step back, and kicked dirt over the offending mozzarella.  And walked away.  Only for a moment.  Then returned to the scene of the crime to kick more dirt over the evidence.  Not unlike Jimmy Hoffa, that cheese stick will never be found.

Satisfied, he turned to follow Jensen onto their next adventure.

16 Responses to Big Brother

  • Hee hee. Oh boys, I just love em. Very sweet post.

  • That might work with a cheesestick, but I have a feeling that were it an Oreo on the ground, it wouldn’t have stayed there long. At least that’s my experience. Ahem.

  • Oh yes ma’am Shalee, had it been an Oreo (assuming I EVER share my Oreos with the offspring), one might have seen a steak of lightening flash across the field to save said Oreo. That flash of lightening would be me. So the “5 second rule” would have been observed. And a little dirt never hurt anyone.

    That’s all I’m sayin’.

  • *snort*

    Are you sure one of them didn’t utter the words-

    “Now that chessestick can just go swim with the fishes”.

  • I LOVE the way you wrote this:)

  • I bet if it was an oreo your would have just transported yourself over there and caught it before it even reached the ground.
    Yeah right – like you’d let the kid even touch an oreo let alone wonder away with it you know, in case he was full or something like that. 😀

  • Great post! I would love to know what they were talking about out there!!!

    I was wondering if you have any AWANA tips? I have the Sparks class and after their lesson there is like 15 minutes left of class….what do ya’ll do to fill the time? (We’ve been tying them up but thats not working… :P)

  • Very cute.


  • That’s funny, I was thinking the same thing about it being a different scenario if it were a cookie. 🙂

  • Boys, gotta love ’em! Great blog!


  • Wouldn’t you LOVE to know what those boys were thinking as they comtemplated whether or not to retrieve that cheese stick? Even better – what made him go kick more dirt on it?

  • Forget the Oreo… my 6 year old would have eaten the cheesestick, dirt and all! But that is just my kid. ;o)

  • snort* too funny. Well God answers even those kinda prayers eh? lol My Gina woulda picked it up headed straight for the water fountain to clean it off. 😛

  • As a mother of a son who will eat anything off of the floor, I am glad to hear that someone’s child has some sense! Gives me hope for my little guy.

  • Ohhh, my four-yr-old would have totally dug into that sucker (after, of course, wiping the filthy dirt/mud off onto her shirt!). I mean, the kid has standards.

  • At least it was given a proper burial 🙂

    So what was their next adventure?

    I think one of the most amazing things about children, is everything, from cheesesticks and ball fields to breakfast at Maid-rite are adventures, done with gusto. I need to take a lesson.