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Chi Baby

wfmwheader2.jpgLast week, I discussed at length my hair woes. And I asked you all for help. I asked, and you answered. In a nutshell, I was stuck in a rut, only using Suave Shampoo and Conditioner. My dry dull frizzy hair looked liked a small family of rats lived in it. Styling involved a flat iron, which sort of worked for about 5 minutes, then I would usually resort to a pony tail.

Bad hair days were my norm.

But no more. Most of you recommended that I jettison the Suave. Which I did. Threw it away. And it wasn’t even empty. Which is highly out of character for me. I was once so cheap thrifty that I bought two cans of shaving gel that smelled like vomit. I endured that smell until those cans were completely empty. Took nearly 6 weeks.

The shampoo and conditioner that I settled on was one that was recommended by you all, Sun Silk for Blondes. I thought long and hard about the Revlon, but the sticker shock was too great. And I’m sure I’ll be trying out some other brands that were suggested as well. I also used Infusium leave in spray on conditioner.

But here’s the hair miracle. I bit the bullet and bought a Chi straightening iron. Several of you really raved about that one. Even Brittani, who I know is as200.jpg thrifty as I am. I’m not going to lie. I spent nearly $135.00 for this thing at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. With my coupon. BUT IT’S WORTH IT. I straightened my hair, and didn’t have to do one other thing until I washed it 3 days later. Not even a pony tail. Merry Christmas to me!

I wish I had checked the price of the Chi at Drugstore.com (link on my left sidebar). They have the turbo style Chi (which was $175.00 at BB&Beyond) for only $112.00. And the shipping is free. There are some other models there as well.


This is my before and after. And it really only takes me about 5 minutes to straighten my hair.

With all that extra time on my hands I might just start exercising.

Just kidding.

With my hair looking so great, no one will even notice if I’m puffy. Anyhoo.

So, thanks to all of you who came to my aid last week, that’s my Works For Me Wednesday tip. For other helpful hints and suggestions head over to Rocks In My Dryer.

44 Responses to Chi Baby

  • Wow! Your hair looks GREAT! I recently bought, I mean ‘invested’ in a new flat iron too and I am so happy with it. I paid $119 at Costco and it does AMAZING things with my fluffy yet limp hair. I’m glad you found one that works for you too. (hint, I don’t need conditioner anymore. If you skip conditioner you may notice no steam. The steam is due to the conditioner drying out on the iron.)

  • If I could only have ONE beauty product, it would be the Chi iron. I promise you will get your money’s worth out of it! Going on three years using mine!

  • OK, you are too cute in these pics! I am all about hair and bad hair days and products and HELP!, so the next time you post about this–contact me! You look great. I have about three thin straggly blonde hairs on my head that I’m always trying to coax to do something. Anything! Anyway, you look great!

  • You are a beautiful “Erma Bombeck!”

    If you can help me keep a curl for more than five minutes in my super straight hair (without a permanent) I’d be every grateful!

  • What a beautiful sunshiny smile to find here this morning! Makes me want a straightener, although my hair is only 1″ long! I’m even phasing out the blond, just a couple of streaks across the front to camouflage the gray.

  • You are so lovely….even without the straightened hair.

  • Love the hair!! 🙂 You look a lot like I thought you would, very pretty. 😉

  • Oh, oh, oh!!! I went to a stylist for the first time in 8 years a month ago and I was amazed when she used a flat iron on my naturally wavy hair (I always use my giant curling iron to “flatten” it). She warned me that buying a cheap flat iron wouldn’t do the tirck, that her hair was like mine (thick, thick, thick, and frizzy when damp). She suggested I get a flatiron like the one she owned–which she only bought after buying 5 others, each in the next higher price range). I could not for the life of me remember what it was! I am almost positive this is it–the price is the same (talk about sticker shock)–I thknk I will be waiting until Christmas or if I get paid for some work. 🙂

  • Hey beautiful hottie!!! I will just start calling you Mrs. McHottie

    Mc – for the McDonalds coffee you love

    Hottie – for your good looks.


    LOVE IT!

  • I have a magic chi too…… Can’t live without it

  • You look great!

  • Wow, your hair looks great! I actually love my Suave shampoo, it’s the only stuff I’ve found that wards off the oil that plagues me. I have naturally wavy hair and have been drooling over straighteners for awhile, not sure which would be the best to get. Now I know what I’m putting on my wish list!

  • Donny says, “Hubba, hubba! You are one hot momma!” Watch out fiddledaddy!

    Looks very nice. What a difference it makes! Beautiful.

    Have fun tonight at Awana. Tonight will be my first time to go since it started! I can’t wait to meet our little group. Please pray for me. It’s still a little rough getting out and about, but so worth it!

  • Gosh..I envy your hair. Beautiful. Love it..I endure a curling iron every single day, but I love the look of the straight hair…I may have to invest in a striaghtening iron too.
    You look great!

  • It looks great! I am so glad you went for it!!!!

  • Ah, beautiful, silky hair. Isn’t it worth it? You look gorgeous and your hair looks like it will stand the test of your particular atmosphere. If not, use a little hairspray before you go out. Not the stiff sticky kind either.

    Glad it worked out for you. What a big difference.


  • You’re gorgeous! 🙂

    So I didn’t read all your zillions of comments, but do you know if the Chi Miracle Worker would work on wavy FINE hair? Or would it be too much and fry it? You are now the hair care expert, you know.

  • Love it! (And you are awfully pretty too. No one will notice puffiness at all!)

    You can always take your other one back to BBB. They do have a no-fuss return policy, you know…

  • I bought 4 flat irons before I bought my CHI and I will never go back. I have thick hard to straighten hair and it’s the only thing that works for me. Your hair looks fabulous by the way. Good for you for splurging on yourself.

  • i do love my straightener, even though i have not gone chi yet. hope to soon! one tip i just started doing; rub a SMALL amount a hair sheen product (i use Rusk Movement in a spray bottle) through ends of hair before straightening. love it! don’t touch upper part of hair or bangs so you won’t get the greasy look!

  • I used to have straight hair before I gave birth to my 3rd child. Now it’s curly and it took me almost 2 yrs to learn to control it. My MIL gave me a Chi and I LOVE it. Glad it worked so well for you too.

  • Chi flatiron = proof that God loves me and wants me to be well-groomed.

    And, Ms. DeeDee, May I say that you are cuter ‘n’ a bug’s ear? I may? Why thank you, Darlin’.

    Glad to see your hair woes are a thing of the past.

  • Girlfriend, you are simply gorgeous!!!

  • I think I need that one to help in between my “straightenings” as I have very thick curly hair naturally.

    I do also recommend, the Chi silk infusion stuff, it’s expensive but last forever for me. It really helps to smooth it and keep it smooth in high humidity. 😉 Plus it feels good on my hands.

  • it doesn’t get much better than a good flat iron…:)

  • Well look at you – that looks GREAT!!!! So smooth and shiny!! I’ve heard about that Chi iron. The best part – three whole days without having to style?!?!? That’s worth about any price. 🙂

  • Love your expressions in the photos. Your hair looks great – so smooth and pretty! And hallelujah for throwing out the cheap shampoo!

  • Well, my hair may be nice and sleek, but y’all are making my head big and fat!

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Your hair looks great – and so do you! And if you’re puffy – I must be the Pillsbury Dough Boy!

  • Looks fab-tabulous!

  • Wow, that is one great straightener. I might have to do a little shopping. The hair looks great!

  • Girl, you look GREAT!

    Merry Christmas AND Happy New Year to you courtesy of that beloved Chi.

    And not to worry, If Jensen ever decides to slam it on the floor or drop it in water, it will still hold up. Or so I’ve heard….

  • My hair will never be straight even with a straightening iron but do I have a line of products for you!! Aquage. It will turn frizzy, kinky hair into silky strands. You’d be amazed.

    You can read about it in my August archives if you like.

  • Looking good girlfriend!


  • Oh, god yes, the Chi.

    Glad you found your cure… you look great!

  • I just bought one too and it nearly killed me to spend that much. But I love it. And it works.

  • Gor-gee-ous!!

    Refresh my memory – did you get your hair chopped off or were you wearing a wig in your rock climbing picts? Gasp! Was that even you??! 😀

  • Looking great! Although I must say the before pic does NOT look like RoseanneRoseannadanna. Not at all. And I still couldn’t bring myself to spend more than $100 on a straightener, it’s giving me heart palpitations just THINKING about it. Too many other things I want! 😀 (Scrapbooking supplies, Weekenders clothing, books, books and more books!)

  • You look great. As an occasional reader, I’ve never seen a picture of you. I pictured you to be a brunette (well, a brunette with a green face mask and cucumbers on your eyes to be exact).

  • Wow! Grats on non-frizzy hair!

  • Gotta agree with Faerylandmom just above: you look lovely, and it’s great to see a picture of you!