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Good News

I heard on the news that we are expecting a REALLY BIG cold front by Friday. I stopped dead in my tracks, wiped the sweat from my upper lip, and hung on the weather meteorologist’s every single syllable.

Here in Florida, the seasons range from Hot to Africa Hot. Something I hadn’t taken into full consideration before agreeing to move here. Hot + Fiddledeedee = a lot of whining and complaining. Something Fiddledaddy didn’t take into full consideration before transplanting me to Florida. And as luck would have it, we’ve had a lot of outdoor activities lately. Involving physical activity. I’m a virtual joy to live with.

And with a change in temperature, comes a drop in humidity. Which is good news for my hair. The Rosanne Rosannadanna style I’m sporting is so, you know, 80’s. And while giving me the appearance of being taller than I actually am, having hair with it’s own zip code is a burden. What with the upkeep and maintenance.

The weather forecaster goes on to say that our temperatures, which have been hovering in the high 90’s of late, will only reach the mid 80’s. Which in Florida, my friends, is indeed a cold front. Hand me a sweater.

My feet will no longer stick to the asphalt when I trot out to fetch my mail.

I will not need to auction off body parts on e-bay to pay the electric bill.

I will no longer subject the general public to my sleeveless stylings.

This is all good news.

But best of all, come Friday morning, which I’ve heard I will wake up to temperatures in the high 50’s or low 60’s, depending upon which channel I’m viewing, I will be conducting the annual “underwear dance” on my back porch.

The children really look forward to this ritual every year.

The neighbors have been spared, with the installation of a 6 foot privacy fence.

Which is really the best news for everyone concerned.

27 Responses to Good News

  • I understand! Here in Louisiana, we have had temps in the 90’s with very high humidity! We are also looking forward to the little cool front! I hope it lasts a little longer this time. I mean, I have come to accept that we have no winter, but, please, go away summer!!!!!!

  • Is it true? For real? You’re not just messin’ with me, are you?

    I sat around in the HEAT yesterday, waiting for my daughter to come out of her art class. The thermometer said 90.

    I want so badly to open my windows to cool breezes!

  • I hear ya gal, heard the same thing. I was thinking “Wow below 80 degrees, time to get the sweaters out!!” As all the Northerns are laughing hysterically at us.

    Hey I love to wear jeans, and it has been too hot. Time to see if they still fit!

  • I will not torture you with the news that it will not get past 65* here today.

    I won’t. It just wouldn’t be nice of me, and I am such a nice person.

    Nope! ya just can’t make me!

  • Chocolatechic,
    Evil. That’s just evil. 🙂

    L.W. & Joanna,
    I know I can count on you to join me in the underwear dance.

  • I feel your pain! This morning in Texas we finally woke up to 60 degrees. I thought I’d died and moved to another state! It was wonderful!

  • We’ve been having spring type weather here. High of 65 today and yesterday was a day to end all days. It may not LOOK like fall with all our green grass and green leaves, but at least it’s starting to feel like it!

  • I could tell you how we are in the mid-60’s, how nice and cool it is, but really, who cares?;-)

    The truth is that in the middle of winter, when the rest of the country is freezing their butts off, you’ll be enjoying ABOVE freezing, no, make that balmy temperatures, NOT wearing Nanook of the North coats and possibly enjoying the great outdoors! We’ll be defrosting our toes with hair dryers and trying to keep the dog’s water dish from freezing!

    Sorry it’s so hot there….

  • Marmee,
    So true.

    I lived in Ohio for a number of years when I was a kid. I loved the snow. But my Dad reminds me that I never had to shovel it, or drive in it!

  • Our high today is 50 — which I’ve heard is the same temperature that calls for Floridians to seek emergency shelter.

    But it sounds nice right now, doesn’t it?

    We’ll talk again in January.

  • I’m in Georgia and it’s been Africa hot here too and Sahara Desert dry! We are supposed to have temps in the 70’s by Friday! Whoo-hoo! Bring on the fall! 🙂

  • Hair with its own zipcode! HA! So maybe big, Southern hair is just a practical way to deal with the humidity…work it, girl.

  • Girl- I hear ya! Here is SC it was 94 yesterday. I little cooler today. this weekend it is only supposed to be 72!! Whoo hoo!!

  • we hope to share that cold front with you as we swelter in texas!

  • It’s that hot STILL?! Oh, I feel for you. We had a very hot and humid summer here in Nebraska, for us– averages in the 90s. It started early in the season and just didn’t let up. It’s finally moderated now, which I’m hugely thankful for, but I still can empathize.

  • LOL It’s a good thing you built that fence. I can only imagine. 😛

    We had our first fall storm last night. It was great hearing rain pounding on our rooftops again.

  • Hmmm underwear dance…hubby might just for sure have me committed….hehehe

  • When you do your underwear dance, don’t forget your flowered organza cape! 🙂

  • Now I feel guilty for complaining that it’s been in the 80’s here in Alabama! I am SO ready for the 70’s…the temp…not the decade. I’ve found that my CHI flat iron really helps on the fro!!!!
    Happy panty dancing!
    (Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? My favorite scene ever is of Callie dancing in her panties!!!!)

  • I can’t wait for that cool air tomorrow! Happy Real Fall Ya’ll!!!!!

  • I guess you don’t want to hear about our weekend with highs in the 40’s then? 😉 Sorry, I love living in Colorado, even in the winter with the weekly blizzards last winter. It was AWESOME! Last night I went out in the hot tub and was FREEZING when I got out. Oh, wait, that’s mean. I’ll stop.

    And for that hair with its own zip code? One word – straightener!!!! I’ve had big hair for 40 plus years and when my teenage son with the ENORMOUS hair started using a straightener, I thought, why not try it? First time in my life I’ve EVER had straight hair and I’m LOVING it! 🙂

  • My *7 year old* said the other day that global warming must be true because “Mommy, it is summer all the time. I want some snow.” (no clue where she heard about global warming!)

    North Carolina is like the new Florida. We’ve had more 90+ days this year than ever before in the history books of the state. Lovely. Oh, and NO rain to boot. So everything is hot and dry and mis-er-a-ble.

  • I did not know that people outside of Texas had hair with its own zip code. You do have some Texas roots, though, right?!?!?
    I am SO looking forward to cooler temperatures, too! I am hoping we can wear real Halloween costumes in a few weeks without sweating profusely.

  • Oh my goodness! I literally laughed out loud! Only someone associated with the Corp would use the term “Africa Hot”! I caught that one right away!

  • I can soooo relate since I too live in Florida. Can’t wait for some cool weather. Yippee!

    I might just do the underwear dance too…except I have a golf course behind me and I really shouldn’t scare the golfers 🙂


  • ROFL.

    That’s all I have to say about that one.

  • Here it is Friday and I must admit I too did the happy dance this morning! I live South of you in a little place called Orlando.

    It is fantastic to finally be released from our self imposed hibernation!!!

    Ahh, Fall!

    Does the dance keep the weather gods happy so they don’t take away our cooler temps????? Please!!!!!