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In Training

I’ve begun a new exercise regime. Y’all are going to be so proud of me. I started with weight training, and have worked my way up to 40 lbs. I began with approximately a 7.7 pound weight, and it has grown to 40 pounds in less than 2.5 years. Every time I lift that weight in/out of the crib, high chair, car seat, and off the chandelier, I am building muscle.

Next I took up Karate. Unwittingly. Emme is in a Karate class with her homeschool co-op, and I am a volunteer parent. The karate instructor encourages the volunteer moms to participate. And since I’m certain she could kick my sagging derriere from here to next week, I comply. So, I stretch, kick, punch, lunge and perform intricate karate moves with the rest of the class. Even though I have at least 35 years on them. I’m fast becoming a weapon of my own mass destruction.

For endurance, I thought I’d try running. Without the added incentive of being chased. After our co-op of classes, we all head to the playground for some of that all-important socialization. We moms need a little adult conversation every now and again. Only, I’m never able to complete a thought. Much less a sentence. I’m too busy doing the 50 yard dash to stop a runaway freight train named Jensen from playing with the “real” cars in the busy parking lot. Or sprinting across the playground when Jensen spied his sister swinging high up in the air on the swing and he decided he’d like hug from her. Mid-swing. I yelled like a mad woman to get her to come to a full and complete stop while at the same time tackling Junior just inches from a sure collision.

And people, I should never run in public. I have the most uncoordinated run known to man. Or woman. I resemble a broken windmill, arms and legs heading in all different directions. If you ever saw the episode of “Friends” where Phoebe tries to run, well, then you get the picture. And it isn’t pretty.

That afternoon, just for grins, I popped my abs tape into the VCR machine. Because I’m technologically ahead of my time. It’s from the early 90’s, I believe. The fashion of the day was headbands and leg warmers. But, a sit-up is a sit-up. My girls even joined me on the floor, while Junior scurried around near by. At one point, mid-cruch, I looked to my left and no sooner were the words, “Where is Jensen?” out of my mouth, when he surprised me with a full body slam from my right. Completely knocking the wind out of me.soccer_playerwoman.gif

And then, on Tuesday we joined Sports Camp. It’s for homeschoolers to earn their President’s Physical Fitness Award, and learn a new sport every month. AND, here’s the fun part, THE MOMS ARE ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE!


So, the next time Fiddledaddy suggests, “Why don’t you just exercise?” I’m going to karate chop him in the adams apple.

And then run like a bat out of a hot place.

15 Responses to In Training

  • Next time I feel the guilt for not exercising I’m going to remember this post because I think our lives might be a bit similar.

  • i have long held to the conviction that i exercise everyday with these two! go girl!

  • So true about the playground! I can’t remember the last time I had an entire conversation without running off, coming back, and saying, “Now, what were you saying again?”

  • Maybe you should trade places with FiddleDaddy for a week!

  • this made me smile… amazing all of the things we mom “specialize/take interest” in 🙂

  • So, the next time Fiddledaddy suggests, “Why don’t you just exercise?” I’m going to karate chop him in the adams apple.

    Oh my gosh, I just spit the hot chocolate I was drinking out my nose because this cracked me up!

    Great post! Maybe I’m also getting more excerise than I imagined, keeping up with my 2 1/2 year old!

  • love your routine! Mine is similar…I just wish it worked better!

  • LOL Today, I went to my first HS Field trip with a group I know and after reading your entry today I feel as though you were at our field trip. Moms dashing after their children, before they try to kiss the cows and goats. We went to the pumpkin patch farm and went on a wonderful tour. I really enjoyed myself. Sure is great being a HSing family!

  • As the beginning of your paragraph about your running, I was already picturing Phoebe running through the park. I laughed out loud as I read on to see you mention that! Great minds……ahh……..
    Can’t wait to hear about all the new sports you’ll be trying. 🙂

  • Oh my word…I can always count on you for a laugh…next time put a drink warning…I almost spewed my diet coke!

  • I can’t tell you how hard I laughed at this! My favorite part was the body slam from Jensen, mainly because it was what most resembled my own life:) I’ve often told hubby that I needed a brother to prepare me for a son!

  • Now I’m cracking up that I just posted my own name as “Brittabi”. Obviously I’ve been karate chopped in the head one too many times:)

  • BWAAAHAAAHAAA I can totally picture the Phoebe run right now!! I also have no need for the gym as I am constantly chasing my boys up and down stairs and grabbing and lifting my “weights” all day long! Although I did do some Tae Bo today and I laughed through most of it watching my Train Junkie try his hardest to follow along, while Little Guy RAN circles around me the entire time! Baby Girl watched from her swing and giggled 🙂

  • Oh my – I’ve been pondering this myself this summer and posted last night my minimal therory… I hope you don’t mind but I’ve modified my post this morning and linked back to your more indepth research…

    It’s nice to know I wasn’t completely off base in my ponderings.

    I can see I’m going to enjoy looking back through your blog today.

  • ROFLOL. I’m crying, I laughed so hard.