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Date Night

Fiddledaddy and I celebrated our anniversary last week. We’ve been married for ten hundred years. Quite an accomplishment. To celebrate, we decided to go out to dinner. And leave the three products of our union behind. I asked Aunt Trish if we could dump leave them at her house. I never worry about the two girls, but Jensen is my wild card. I was concerned that he would have a meltdown. From missing us so much. He raced up to Aunt Trish’s door. As soon as he entered, he went in search of her sons’ stash of hotwheels. Instinctively he knows that this particular house is heavily testosterone laden. There are cars, robots, and superheroes at every turn. And not a Barbie in the bunch. He squealed with glee. These are his people.

The children didn’t even look back for one last peek at us. As if to say, “Don’t let the door hit you on the fanny!” We walked to the now empty and silent van. SUCKERS! Fiddledaddy peeled out. Okay, he didn’t exactly peel out. But I’m sure he thought about it. We didn’t get 50 yards before I started crying. It was clear that I was going to need a cocktail. He looked at me, “You’ve got to be kidding me?” He promptly called Aunt Trish to let her assure me that everything was fine. And that the sliding glass door to the pool was securely locked. And the smoke detectors were fully functioning.

We arrived at the restaurant and Fiddledaddy asked for a quiet booth, off in a dark corner. Very romantic. Also practical. In case, you know, I should deem the meal exceptionally good and attempt to lick my plate. At some point he mentioned to our server that it was our anniversary. Demurely I ordered a Pomegranate Margarita. Which when it arrived, was so large that I had to hold it with two hands. Come to mama.

We enjoyed a wonderfully quiet and romantic dinner. That is until our server, and 4 of her friends serenaded us with song. They forgot to inform one performer that it was an anniversary and not a birthday, so we had a rousing rendition of a tune that was completely unintelligible. In the end it was worth it because with the song came a complementary dessert.  I was awfully glad that I had the good sense to wear my stretchypants.

After dinner, we walked around the open air mall. And found ourselves in Kohl’s Department Store. A favorite of mine. It was fun to shop without three children pulling me in different directions. Although, we did end up in the toy section. Old habits are hard to break. In the end we bought really nice new sheets for ourselves. While Fiddledaddy was paying, I wandered over to women’s clothing.

Where I was appalled. Appalled at the apparel.

My eyes were assaulted by the sea of multi-print tunic blouses in polyester. 258763_black_white.jpg WHEN DID THESE COME BACK IN STYLE? AND WHY? This whole new fashion craze, that I have evidently slept through, just seems very flammable to me. And that’s just wrong. It was wrong back in 1976, and it’s just as wrong today.

And yet, I was strangely drawn to them.

Our date night was such a success with the children that Aunt Trish and I were on the phone over the weekend planning once a month getaway date nights for each of us. Gives us something to live for.

Do you all plan date nights? If so, how often, and where is your favorite place to “get away?” This is a completely new concept for me, and any fresh, new, and frugally practical ideas would be greatly appreciated.

39 Responses to Date Night

  • Oh DeeDee, I’m so glad you got to go out! My husband and I date WEEKLY. It was harder when the kids were little, we would have to budget for a sitter or swap with another family. But we love to go to dinner, then to Barnes and Noble. They have a Starbuck’s ;O)
    We both love to read and this is our fav date! Occasionally we go somewhere different. Last month we went to the Rodeo. Very fun! One month we went out of town for a night out for dinner and the time in the car was so nice and quiet. We got to talk uninterrupted. We sometimes go to a movie as well.

  • What a great night for you two!!

    “Come to mama”. That cracked me up.

    Until the evil warden doctor put me on house arrest, we used to try and go to lunch once a week. Just get out and talk.

    Now, it’s been a month of Sundays since we did that, so we are schemeing to pawn the kids off on grandma and Aunt sandy for an afternoon this week while they are in town, then run like mad to someplace they would never go.


    Yeah. It’s all about me.

    Well, and John, too.

  • Gluten intolerance and too many food allergies to list have eliminated eating out for us. Since we’ve been married thirty hundred years we enjoy just having a quiet house on the rare occasions when both teenage boys are out of the house at the same time.

    Our fave cheap date is actually FREE, except for the gas to drive. We drive three miles to my husbands favorite fishing lake (where no motorized boats are allowed). DH gets the rowboat in the water…he fishes, I read, and we talk. There is rarely anyone else on the lake, the scenery is gorgeous (Rocky Mtns in background) and it is very quiet. We have often picniked there.

    Congrats on your Anniversary and keep up the date nights!

  • Yoo hooo! Date nights are THE BEST! Insanely Gorgrous Hubby and I have a standing arrangement for Thursday evenings. He drives me to a restaurant of my choice and stands me to dinner. (Granted, since we moved to the middle of nowhere, our choices are between a fast-food joint and another fast-food joint, which makes for rather ew food!) And seeing as we dont have any kiddos, we pretty much have quiet evenings at home together all the time. If not for the cows and chickens chomping at the plants in our garden. Oh the joys of farm life.

  • Happy Anniversary! So glad you had a great night together.

    I really think a regular date night is a gift you give your kids, as well as your man. It’s that whole solid marriage being the single best thing you can do for your children line of thought… So you go for it!

    We don’t have family in town and it is rare we can afford a sitter, so about once a month we swap with friends. I wish it could be more often. Our dates take us to places where I don’t have to order at a counter, Barnes and Noble for a quiet evening of looking at travel books, movies, even Target can be a great date when there are no little people! 🙂

    Looking forward to many stories of your future date nights. 😉

  • We are simple. Shopping and dinner(even at Chick-fil-A sometimes) without the kids is nice enough for us. We love to go to the bookstore and browse in the quiet. Glad you enjoyed your date. Oh, yeah Lowe’s is also a place we end up on our date!

  • We had date night for years. Every Wed. night it was dinner and a movie. In our small times we’d often have the theatre completely to ourselves on Wed. night. Sometimes, we’d go to the park and walk, shopping for the kids without the kids, the bookstore was a favorite. Our move to NOVA has put a damper on date night, but I know we’ll get back to it.

  • We occasionally plan a date night and allow Nana and Papaw to have the joy of babysitting, but we hate to overuse them and can’t really afford to do anything else if we pay a sitter. On these nights we usually do what you did and go out to eat and then go shopping without children…sometimes just to Target (it is the without children part that is important).

    We do, however have an “in-house” date every Thursday night. The kids are put to bed at 8:00, no exceptions. Sometimes they are allowed to read in bed but they are brushed, prayed and tucked by 8:00. We then have an hour to blog, clean, whatever and at 9:00 we pop popcorn, turn on HGTV and watch House Hunters and drink a Coke/Diet Coke. This also MUST be followed up with peanut M&M’s. I feel certain this is the cause of a tremendous weight gain in 12 1/2 years of marriage but we just can’t give it up. I look forward to Thursday nights every week!

  • Hmmm. A date. What is that? 🙂

  • I am so glad that you were able to go out. I have been utterly resistant to polyester. Maybe that is why I haven’t had a date in well over a year. The husband works 2 jobs, so we don’t really see each other.

  • Stretchypants? Like Nacho Libre?? I thought only grown men wore those…

  • “Come to Mama. . .” ROFL!

    Date nights are great – even if it is just a walk around the neighborhood or out for an ice cream cone.

    Our pastor told us a long time ago (ten hundred years ago) that we should “date” at least once a week and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

    Glad you enjoyed your night out!

  • We had our monthly date night Saturday courtesy of my parents. Their Christmas gift to us each year is once-a-month date nights. Since we have 4 children, we certainly can’t afford a babysitter to do this. We figured out that we didn’t pay a thing for this date night since we used gift cards earned from our credit card usage and movie tickets that were mother’s day/father’s day gifts. Gotta love it! Glad your anniversary was fun =)

  • We did by weekly date nights but I have always loved the idea of co-opping child care. It’s smart and saves a ton of money!
    your night sounds lovely… sans the tunics. I agree, it is charmingly terrifying to see them all there, hanging new and shiny as though it isn’t quite possible they were unpacked after 2 decades of storage!
    Just look what we have to look forward to in 2027! (so hold on to any tunics you buy… they WILL be back!)

  • Date nights are the only way I have any hair left at all. We try to do them monthly.

  • Oh, I could use a “come to mama” drink sometime soon…

    We do plan our date nights because I told Mr. Right that if we wind up at Barnes and Noble one more time because we “couldn’t think of anything better to do”, I would refuse to put out for him after said date. Now we do all sorts of fun stuff (which sometimes includes B&N – but only because we WANT to.) But sometimes our date nights are just that the kids go to bed and stay in their rooms at 8PM and we get time to hold each other, snuggle, watch a movie, watch football, talk or basically be alone with each other for a time.


  • Happy Anniversary! Ten years really is an accomplishment, my guy and I are coming up on 5 years in Feb.

    As for date nights . . . we just had one the other night, the first since our first son was born. It was nice, but I´m like you, worrying about the kids the whole time!

  • Happy Anniversary! This may sound boring to some, but we love our art museum. It is quiet and sometimes dark so you can sneak in a kiss or two ;o)

    And I agree on the clothing. My daughter has been bringing home articles of clothing that I wore back in the ’80s and never dreamed they would come back to haunt me! It’s just wrong.

  • we co-op with 2 other couples each month. we take our kids twice and keep once each month. 4-9pm/5 hours. sometimes we go out or run errands, or clean house; whatever.

  • Date night in our house happens every other Wednesday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. I’m lucky enough that I can take Wednesday off when my hubby isn’t going flying . . . so we spend the entire day together. We may golf, shop, run errands, watch a movie, work on our own stuff at home, whatever . . . but that day is ours to do with what we want and we LOVE it!

  • We don’t do date nights all year. But every fall we make plans to tailgate at every UNT home game. We get sitters for the kids (usually two b/c we are gone about six hours) and it is tons of fun. But not very cheap when paying the sitter and buying food for tailgating. But worth it.

    Enjoy your date nights!

  • This isn’t frugal at all, but if you have a PF Chang’s near you, go, go go! It is upscale, very metro type Chinese food. We did it recently for our date night and had a blast. It isn’t horribly expensive, but not cheap either. 🙂

    I finally got my laptop and I can check back in on your blog again!!!

  • We love to go eat dinner and then hit Half Price Books! We’ll be in the book store for 2 hours sometimes! Somehow we usually wind up at the grocery store too. That’s kinda sad, but it’s just us and that’s what counts!

  • We finally just got a new system. We drop my younger 2 at my mom’s house and my son at Awana and we have about 1 1/2 hours before we have to pick him up. We also trade off once a month with another couple so we can have a night date. We usually end up at Target (should be a “free” date, but it never is).

  • Your story sounds way too similar to ours. We always end up wandering around the mall–my big birthday treat being that I got to go where I liked going instead of only to the comic book store and the game store like we usually do. 🙂

  • When we only had little kids in the house we made an arrangement for weekly child care, we paid her a monthly fee whether we used her or not or if we had 5 Thursdays that month or not, it was always the same amount, so it was easy to budget. Smetimes we just shared a cheap soda, sometimes we could eat a little burger. But getting out, talking, doing something together helped us a great deal.
    Now we don’t go out as often, but since we have teens, we are able to leave the little ones more for things like grocery shopping and such, so we don’t need it as badly. Now we go out less than once a month most of the time.
    If I were you and the kids were at your aunt’s house, I’d head back HOME! Peace and quiet in your own house……… nothing beats it!

  • You are too funny! We get a date night on Friday nights each week. We usually eat dinner somewhere and hit up the Barnes & Noble to read books we’ll never buy. And drink loads of coffee. It rocks.

    By the way, I have this theory that we like these wacky fashion trends because “they” tell us to. Because, polyester tunics? Seriously?

    Happy anniversary!

  • I loved that you owned both the hideousness of these polyester tent-like creations and the reality of being drawn to own one….to quote my 3 year old “what the heck mom?” Hilarious.

    My husband and I like to find a great restaurant with a “happy hour” and we park ourselves in the bar area (not for the those plagued by legalism) and enjoy cheap appetizers and something to drink…yes occasionally a glass of wine. Usually we can enjoy the atmosphere, the food and the feeling of having gotten away for less that $20.00.

  • we’ve talked about it for years but never have actually accomplished a regular schedule for dates. We usually go out for our anniversary and then we go out a couple of times a month as a family, which is usually a bigger pain than it is worth but I like the pain, I guess cuz we keep doing it trying to get our little guy to actually SIT during a meal…..

  • A pomgranate margarita? Now I’m going to have to insist on one during our next date night! We have yet to perfect the art of date nights, sorry to say. But I do consistently check the paper and ad mailers for specials or coupons to a yummy restaurant. We rarely use them, but every once in awhile it gives us the little kick in the butt we need to try some place new.

  • Our date nights have changed now that our oldest (13) is our babysitter. We only go out if she isn’t babysitting someone else and none of the kids have activities. I thought nights out would increase when the kids got older, but unfortunately they decreased!! We tend to go out for a Starbucks, a short day…or is that a tall?

  • How I dream of date nights but with a husband dear who manages a pub not much in the line of date nights for the two of us even if my mom moved to town (and country) and would babysit at any time. Even Riley things we should go out on a date and then I should wear a dress. So, enjoy every moment of them!

  • Oh y’all, I know how fortunate I am to have family close by! I’ve never left them with anyone other than family.

    They keep changing their phone numbers, but I keep tracking them down. 🙂

  • My parents keep telling us they’ll come watch the kids once a week, but it’s more like once a quarter. In fact, now that i think of it, WE’RE DUE, dang it.

    We’ve also talked with friends about trading out; we’ll see if it ever happens.

    On our “date nights,” we’ve gone to eat by ourselves or with friends, to the movies, and just Target sometimes. It’s so quiet, and we get to hold hands with each other instead of three kids!

  • Sounds like a blast! Although you really need to catch up on all your fashion news at BooMama’s place. Both in her posts and the Big Boo Cast. You’ll have a good laugh in the process.

    Glad you had such a sweet night out! We get out when we can – sometimes it’s a wonderful dinner together, other times it’s cruising the aisles of Home Depot or Borders. Regardless, it’s just the getting to hang out without the kiddos, to have a complete conversation without being interrupted 20 times, and not breaking up various skirmishes. 😀

  • Date nights = essential. Glad you had a night out. 🙂

  • Before we had THREE kids and became business owners, we dated weekly. Now, we date once or twice a month. The cost of the babysitter (although usually it’s grandma) is well worth it for that time of reconnection. One of our favorite dates is dinner and then to Books-a-Million (alas, we have no Barnes & Noble here), where we each get a coffee of our choosing and spend a couple of hours browsing books and talking quietly. Occasionally, we will go to a movie, but it has to be REALLY good for us to spend that kind of money – many times, we’ll just rent one to watch after the kids are in bed.

    We have only been married 6 years, but I think we have both realized the importance of having something to talk about other than our kids and business. Date nights are a wonderful foray back into the “grown-up” world…but we are always happy to see our kids when it’s over. 🙂

  • Ahhhh….Happy Anniversary!!! Ten hundred years. Wow. That’s a really long time. 🙂
    Glad you had a great night out!

  • I found your site through another site I read, I must tell you I have enjoyed reading all of your archives over the past few days. You are truly a gifted writer/story teller….anyway, my husband and I have a date night every other Saturday, we have been together 5 1/2 years, this has been tradition since the day we met…keeps a relationship strong.